Thomas Rhett Without His Beard

Have you ever wondered how Thomas Rhett would look without his legendary beard?

Well now you can because he decided to shave it for the first time in five years.

The famous singer-songwriter came into prominence not only because of having a famous dad.

He captured the hearts of his fans by creating stellar music.

What defined his look was a very sharp beard.

He did change styles a few times but mostly kept it full and bushy.

Now that beard is gone and Rhett has decided to shave it and go with a clean-shaven look for a while.

What do you think? Does it make him look cool?

Here is a breakdown of Thomas Rhett’s career and the development of his beard styles before the shave.

Who Is Thomas Rhett

Born on March 30, 1990, Thomas Rhett Atkins Jr. is a famous songwriter and country singer. Among the hit songs he became known for are Marry Me, Die a Happy Man, and Craving You. He also gained more recognition when he released his third album entitled Life Changes last 2017. It debuted at number one across every music genre. Rhett’s music represents a great combination of various genres, including hip-hop, rock, and country.

Early Life and Rise to Fame

Thomas Rhett was from Valdosta, Georgia. He was born in 1990 to parents Rhett Atkins and Paige Braswell. His father is also a known singer and songwriter. Since he was always called Thomas Rhett, he decided not to use his father’s last name to introduce himself to the public. He has a younger sister and two half-brothers younger than him – one from each side of his father and mother, who divorced and now remarried.

Among the singers he knew were Brooks and Dunn and Tim McGraw, who also became part of his musical inspirations. His love for music was already prominent ever since he was young. He even learned to play drums when he was still in junior high school. Upon mastering that instrument, he would often go with his singer and songwriter father on stage to play. Both also composed songs – one of which was entitled Start of the Show and topped the charts in 2017.

He also gained some musical experience during high school when he became a High Heeled Flip Flops band member. He decided to enroll in Lipscomb University, a college in Tennessee and studied communications. However, he dropped out as soon as he hit 20 as he tried to continue his love for music and establish a name in the industry. He started rising to fame after accepting an offer to write and compose songs at Big Machine Label Group.

His Famous Quotes

Rhett became so famous that it is not only his songs and style, including some ideas on how to style your beard, that people got from him. Many also often remember and live by some of his famous quotes – among which are the following:

“I hate negativity in general. We, as artists, we pour so much into our music and put out something we believe in… it sucks that people tear you down.”

“I’m ever-changing and always evolving, always trying new things.”

Rhett’s Famous Quotes

“You have to live today. And I think one of my New Year’s resolutions is trying to stop and live in the moment and cherish it.”

“You definitely get the answer ‘no’ more times in this business than you do ‘yes.’ It’s what you do with those ‘nos’ that makes your success either great or not.”

“I would say that all the singles that I have put out are collectively just a small piece of the artist that Thomas Rhett wants to be.”

Thomas Rhett’s Different Beard Styles

Thomas Rhett had always sported a full and bushy beard from when he became known by the public. It looks so good on him that many are also inspired to grow a full beard while keeping the outline perfectly trimmed with the help of the world’s best straight razor.

To care for and maintain his full beard style, he made it a point to invest in a premium shaving kit that allows him to groom quickly, only up to ten minutes, especially when he is preparing for a show. His short preparation time only requires a bit of grooming, which also involves applying beard balm and oil to hydrate his facial hair and keep it looking fresh.

When it’s time to clean or tidy up his beard, he makes it a point to use clippers with a built-in guard for proper trimming. If you want, you can use a professional beard trimmer for this purpose, too. With his wife, who openly admits of her admiration for his beard, he never fails to keep it trimmed and well-kempt, rather than turning into a grizzly bear, as it is what his wife prefers.

The way his full beard looks good on him makes it no longer surprising to see him becoming a style icon. Many also sported his full beard style. If you want to have this style for your facial hair, ensure that you also have combs made specifically for your beard to keep it as organized and well-groomed as possible.

Reasons Rhett Shaved His Beard

Note, though, that Thomas Rhett decided to make a huge change in his looks during the pandemic. Many of his fans and colleagues were surprised to witness his great transformation after he decided to shave off his beard. One reason he decided to shave off is to change his look and it seemed to earn positive reactions as it also positively changed his appearance and image.

He also sighted his interest to make himself look several years younger to decide to shave off his beard. With his clean-shaven look, he was able to achieve the goal of looking young, which is proof that all the beard can say about you is how you also want to appear in public.


FAQ About Rhett’s New Look

Does Thomas Rhett look more attractive without a beard?

Yes, many of those who know Rhett agree that this look is very attractive to him. It gave him a more youthful vibe. It is as if he was several years younger than he is.

How does Rhett’s new look affect his music career?

The new, clean-shaven look sported by Rhett is good for his career. He looks good with this unique style, which is why many people talked about this change that he made. The youthful vibe that he now brings can be carried on to his music, giving it more fun and exciting flavor.

How do I get my hair like Thomas Rhett?

You can always get the full beard that Thomas Rhett had always sported before he shaved it off recently. It also looks amazing and you can get such a style by letting your facial hair grow.

Once it reaches its full thickness, do not forget to trim it now and then to make it look even more impressive. Using hair cream for men is also advisable to keep it looking fresh and hydrating. Avoid using a hairdryer, though, as it may damage beard growth and follicles.


Thomas Rhett is not only a great singer and songwriter. Many were also in awe of his ability to maintain his full-bearded appearance for years and make a significant change recently. His success in the music industry is also worth gaining inspiration from. 

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