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7 Most Popular Roman Reigns Haircuts

Slick Back Long Waves

If you want to emulate WWE wrestler Roman Reigns’ hairstyles, you need to have shoulder-length wavy hair, which is the minimum requirement for long hairstyles for men.

For slicked-back hairstyles, use many hair products, preferably extra glossy. Apply the product to your hair and brush your hair back, leaving the back of your hair loose but the front sticking to the scalp.

Proper Man Bun

Reigns is also a big fan of the trendy man bun. As the name suggests, you must gather your hair on top of your head. Using an elastic hair band, style your hair into a tight bun.

Roman Reigns Loose Bun Hairstyle

This is your typical man bun, but you must loop your hair and tie it off at the base. This will provide you with a bun that is a bit more comfortable to wear compared to a tight bun.

If you want to emulate Reign’s look, use your choice of hair styling product to keep your hair flat on your head.

Roman’s Ponytail

This is the hairstyle that Roman Reigns sometimes wears for press cons and interviews. Use some hair products that will give your hair a wet and slick look, and then tie your hair back to one of the men’s ponytail hairstyles.

Mid-Parted Waves

To get this look, follow the steps for the long messy waves. However, instead of letting your hair down, use your fingers to roughly part your hair down the middle.

Roman’s Messy Long Waves

You will still need to apply quite a lot of your choice of glossy hair products and then separate your hair into sections before letting them fall on the sides of your head. Messy hairstyles usually look low-maintenance, but they still require a bit of styling.

wwe's roman reigns With a Long Straight Hair

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Slightly Side Part Waves

Similar to the mid-parted waves, to achieve side part haircuts that Reigns wears, use your fingers to make a crude side part. You can let some of your hair hang over one side of your face.

How to Get and Maintain Roman Reigns Hairstyles

Step 1 – Grow your hair long enough

As you already know, Roman Reigns has long hair, so you need to let your hair grow to at least shoulder length. This is the minimum length to style your hair into a man bun.

Step 2 – Style your hair like Reigns

The thing that you need to remember about Roman Reigns’ hair is that he does not just let his hair grow out normally. The sides of Reigns’ head are cropped to a medium taper, but sometimes, he styles it into a high fade.

Step 3 – Learn how to maintain the hair properly

One thing about Roman Reigns’ hair is that he keeps it very moisturized, which you can see by how shiny his hair looks every time he steps into the ring.

This means you will need to use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. However, avoid shampooing your hair more than three times a week to keep your hair from drying.

Step 4 – Use a leave-on conditioner

According to Roman Reigns, the only product that he uses on his hair is a leave-on hair conditioner, a whole lot of it to give it a perpetually wet look. He does not even stick to just one brand. If you dislike leave-on conditioners, you can use hair pomade instead.


Can Roman Reigns get a haircut?

Yes, he can get a haircut whenever he wants to. He returned to the ring this November 2022 with a new haircut. The sides of his head are now undercut with a high fade.

Does Roman Reigns dye his hair?

Not at all. His hair is naturally brunette and he is still young enough that gray hairs have started taking over.

What does Roman Reigns do to take care of and maintain his hair?

He does not do anything particularly special to his hair. He washes it periodically, and before he enters the ring, he applies a good amount of heavy leave-on conditioner to keep it looking wet.

Why does Roman Reigns keep his hair wet?

This is not just a practice that Reigns does exclusively. All WWE wrestlers generally do this. Reigns does it so that his hair would still look good after a 30-minute match.

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