how to make yarn beard child

When you are a child, you want to copy the adults.

How many times have you found your kid wearing your oversized shoes?

So, if you have a beard, chances are that your boy will also want one.

Now, since we don’t have advice on how to get your kid a beard before it’s time, we can help you with how to make a yarn beard real fast.

It looks like a real deal, trust us.

Your child will soon become the happiest kid in the world when you get him a very long gnome or a dwarf beard.

You will be playing Lord of the Rings with him in no time.

Step 1 – Making the braided base

Start by cutting three pieces of the brown yarn approximately 36 inches long. Knot them together on one end, then braid the tree, then knot the other end. This braid is the anchor for building the beard upon.

Step 2 – Creating the chin strap

Take one end of the braid and loop around one ear, sew it closely with matching thread so it fits comfortably on the ear. Stretch the braid so it crosses the face right under the lips.

Pull to the other ear and loop then sew. After it has been looped around the second ear, cut off any excess braid.

Step 3 – Making mustache base

Attach the base to your two ears, take the excess you cut off and place where the mustache would go. Pin in place to get right look, then sew it in place when you find the right location.

Step 4 – Making the mustache

Cut about 20 pieces of yarn approximately 50 inches long. gather all the pieces together and double it over then sew in the middle to hold in place. Once the center is gathered, gather the sides and sew each side to the chin strap.

Keep trying things on along the way to ensure it is coming along perfectly.

Step 5 – Braid mustache ends

Now that the two ends of the mustache that meet the chin strap is sewn, you want to braid the remaining hanging mustache ends. Once braided, sew in place and do not trim the ends just yet.

Step 6 – Beard length

Decide on the beard length, and begin cutting a bunch of yarn. Whatever length you decide, you need to cut the yarn to be twice that long. The yarn will be doubled over that chin base so it looks and feels comfortable to wear.

Ideally, cut each piece 36 inches in length, you will need about 120 pieces to make a full beard.

Step 7 – Attaching the beard

Use two pieces for each beard addition on the sides and then three pieces for near the middle. Take the lengths of yarn and double them over. Hold in the middle and position them under that braid with middle on the side of the braid that is opposite you.

Bring up a middle loop, feed ends through, keep pulling ends through until they begin to tighten. Flip around so that the loop is on back of beard, then tighten. Pull each new addition tight and then crunch them up as you add more. That will allow the beard to appear thicker.

Step 8 – Attaching beard sides

Start attaching the beard o the sides near the loop around the ears first. Start near mustache braid and work up to the ear. Use eight bundles of two pieces of the yarn on each side. This will flow down around the side of your face and fill in the beard.

Step 9 – Attach Middle of beard

Repeat the process for the side beard in the middle. As you keep adding pieces, keep trying on the beard to see how things are progressing.

Step 10 – Fixing droopy beards

When the added weight of all that yarn begin to give you a droopy beard, fold the lower braid on itself and sew together. That will pick up on the slack. Do this on both sides so that the beard tightens evenly.

Keep cramming in as much yarn to get a fuller and thicker beard and continue until the desired look is achieved.

Now that you know how to make a yarn beard, get out there and enjoy yourself!

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