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Are you planning to visit your favorite salon to get a fresh haircut but still unsure how much to tip a hairdresser?

Use the information in this article to get an idea about the tipping range for hairdressers in most salons to avoid the guessing game.

By learning about the usual tips given to hairdressers and stylists, you will have a guide on how much money you should give them as a token of appreciation for their hardwork.

Average Tips for Hairdressers

If you are still unsure about how much you should be giving your hairdresser as a tip for their services, whether it is deciding between balayage vs. foil highlightsapplying solutions to lighten hair without bleach, or any other hair service, consider sticking to the 20% golden rule. This is the usual tip given to hairdressers.

To further understand the average tips for hairdressers and hair experts, here are the usual percentages given to them by any client who had a wonderful and satisfying experience during their hair appointment at the salon:

  • 15 to 20 percent – Use this percentage or range as it is considered by many as the minimum when tipping hairdressers. The 15% tip is also ideal if you get the service from a new hairdresser or stylist and are still unsure if you will revisit their salon. If you are one hundred percent satisfied, it would be better to tip near the 20% mark.
  • 20 to 25 percent – The 20% mark is the usual tip for hairdressers. You can also tip between 20% to 25% if you are already a regular in the salon or if you genuinely love the result of the hair service or your haircut. This can help strengthen your relationship and bond with your hairdresser or stylist.
  • Over 25 percent – You can tip more than 25% if you want and are truly satisfied with the service you got from the salon. This is a good amount if you feel your hairdresser truly deserves it and know you can afford to give them more.

How Much Should You Tip

In general, the ideal tip for hairdressers is at least 20%. This is the standard if you are happy with every aspect of the service you get.

This means that whether you get a haircut or trim, pick a new hair color and go through a dramatic color change, or undergo a keratin or blowout treatment, you should stick to the 20% rule.

However, in terms of hair color, you also have to consider the number of hours your hairdresser spends on your hair. This also means how long you stayed in the salon should matter when identifying the right tip for your stylist.

Note, though, that in most cases, salons charge their clients appropriately if the hair service takes longer, which means that sticking to the 20% rule is often enough. Still, you must also gauge how much effort and time your hairdresser spent on your desired service.

For instance, if your stylist spent over 3 to 4 hours on your hair as they have to add highlights, bleach and dye your hair, not to mention that salons wash your hair after coloring, which also adds to the total amount of time spent caring for you, it is advisable to tip up to 25%.

This is advisable, especially if you are satisfied with the result.

You should also try to give your hairdresser a tip of over 20% in the following scenarios:

  • Your hair is difficult to manage, but your stylist can handle it well.
  • You caused minor inconveniences – ex. being late for the appointment, rescheduling the appointment or any other inconveniences that the salon and hairdresser still tried to accommodate.
  • The cost of the actual hair service is lower than other salons, and you feel your hairdresser deserves to receive more for their effort.
  • Your chosen hair service or treatment takes a long time to finish – Your stylist even spent more than three hours on things like highlighting, dyeing and bleaching your hair.
  • It’s the holiday season and you want your stylist to feel good by giving them extra.

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Whom to Tip

It is given to tip the hairstylist who attended to you and gave you the service you are asking for. Note, though, that there may also be other people you have to tip, specifically those who helped your hairdresser during the entire appointment.

It could be your hairdresser, hairstylist’s assistant, and the staff who shampooed and washed your hair. Pay attention to everyone who attended to you so you can give them even a small tip for their efforts, especially if you are genuinely happy with the result.

When Not to Tip

Although rare, there are cases when you do not have to tip your hairstylist or hairdresser.

Here are the usual scenarios that no longer warrant a tip:

  • Your chosen hairdresser already told you that they could not accept tips.
  • They ignored or went beyond what you wanted and ended up with a poor, irreparable or unfixable result – Ex. your stylist trimmed off three inches from your hair when you only requested an inch.
  • Your hair was seriously damaged due to heat or chemicals and is irreparable.
  • You just went back to the salon because of the fix promised by the stylist for his past mistake.

There are also instances when the manager or another hairdresser has to rescue your chosen stylist because the latter made a mistake. Once your hair is fixed, you may skip tipping the stylist who made a mistake and give it to the one who set it instead.

Tipping the Salon Owner

If you are wondering whether or not you should also tip the salon owner, the answer is it is unnecessary, as most of these salon owners do not expect to receive a tip from their clients.

You do not need to tip the owner even if they are around during your visit, especially if they did not do anything for your hair. However, if the owner helped treat your hair, you may want to ask whether they also accept a tip.

It is at the owner’s discretion to accept the tip, share it with the other hairstylists, or reject it.

Other Salon Etiquette Tips

Don’t Be Late For Your Scheduled Appointment

You have to set an appointment in advance and make sure that you stick to the given schedule. Remember that the daily work of most hairstylists and hairdressers revolves around their appointments, so make sure that you are on time.

If you will be late or can’t attend your appointment, inform them immediately so they can make some adjustments to their schedule.

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Show Respect

Ensure that you show your best behavior during your salon visit. Avoid bringing in snacks and eating during your treatment, as it will only make it hard for your stylist to work on your hair.

Avoid talking to your phone loudly, too. Respect everyone in the salon, like the stylist, staff, owner and other customers or clients.

Be Realistic

This means you have to remember that your hairstylist is not a magician, so you also have to do your part by researching what style and cut works best for you.

Do not come to the salon and expect your significantly damaged and thin hair to turn into thick and healthy locks magically.

Know what works for your hair type or ask for professional advice to determine the best style. Also, commit to doing after-care for your treated hair – for instance, you have to protect your hair during sleep.

Pay Based on the Rendered Service

Do not forget the most important rule of tipping your hairstylist or hairdresser.


Is it rude if you do not tip your hairdresser or stylist?

Though not mandatory, not tipping your hairdresser can be a bit rude, especially if you are one hundred percent satisfied with the result.
It is highly recommended and it is a standard practice in the industry.

Should you tip for a free trim appointment?

There is no strict rule as far as tipping is concerned if you are only getting a free service, like a trim. However, it would still be better to give your stylist even just a small amount for a tip.

It could be between $5 and $10 since your stylist still takes a few minutes to give you the service.

Should I give my hairdresser a holiday tip?

Yes, giving your hairdresser or stylist a tip would be much better during the holidays. Look at it as a form of a gift and a sign of your gratitude for their efforts in making you look good. You may even want to give them bigger than the usual tip, especially if you are a regular.

It would be a grand gesture to give them around 30% rather than the usual 20% tip. While most do not expect a holiday tip, it is still the season of giving, so it would be much better to make them feel special by giving them more.

How much should you tip a hairdresser’s assistant?

If the assistant helps in shampooing, conditioning and smoothing your color glaze or gloss, among many other services, you can offer them a tip. Ensure that those who assist during the appointment receive a cut.

Alternatively, you can offer around $5 to $10 tips for every assistant who helped during your appointment.

Is there a way to tip my stylist that is not in cash?

You can pay for the tip using your debit or credit card. However, it would still be much better to carry cash with you before you visit the salon, as some don’t accept cards. Find out first whether cards are accepted, so you know what to bring beforehand.

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