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If you’re struggling with a receding hairline or want a cute hairstyle without the commitment of braiding your natural hair, you can sample crotchet hairstyles.

Crotchet hairstyles are created by crocheting hair extensions into your natural hair.

The technique is mainly used to create braids, but many styling possibilities exist.

Crochet hair is popular because it is a protective hairstyle that guides your hair from the elements and minimizes damage.

It is also one of the easiest ways to get locks or braids without putting your hair through so much stress.

This is especially true for hairstyles like box braids which are highly stressful on natural hair.

Crochet hair is an excellent choice for afro-texture hair since it helps you maintain your hair’s natural texture.

Styling your hair this way is one of the best ways to optimize its long-term health.

22 Most Popular Crochet Hairstyles

Crochet hairstyles are cute and defined and result in gorgeous locks that you can style any way you like. African women tend to sport crochet hair most since it helps show off their natural curly texture. 

If versatility is what you’re looking for, crochet styles are the way to go. You can pair these protective styles with a ponytail, ombre and faux locs. Besides that, nothing says confidence like crochet braids hairstyles.

If you wish to learn more about crochet hairstyles, here is a collection of 22 of the most popular ones you can try, along with the tutorial on how to style each haircut, no matter the length and type of your hair.

Crochet Short Bob

Need a fancy hairdo for a formal event? A crotchet short bob will give you that distinctive look and help you stand out as you ought to. You just have to pick the right braid or weave for your hairdo.

Side Part Crochet Hair

Show off your makeup while sporting a defined, dramatic side part. You’ll look like a style icon and a true diva. The hair can be parted on whichever side you prefer.

Big Curls

Thanks to crocheted hair, creating these big, loose curls is incredibly simple and a great way to achieve highly textured, volumized hair. It’s a cute, adaptable look that works for almost anything.

Young Girl With a Curly Hairstyle For Long Hair

Relaxed Curls

Another option for a curly twist style with crochet hair is wearing relaxed curls. Because these curls are big and loose, you can achieve high volume and texture without sacrificing the time and effort necessary to achieve them naturally.

Multiple Textures

Rather than getting just one texture, you can get several. Here, some side twists are a little messier, while others are tighter and more twisted. The ends loosely spiral out to add a finishing touch and produce yet another texture.

Dyed Crochet Hair

Whether you choose a weave or braids to crotchet on your hair, why settle for one color when you could have all the fun with dyed hair? Choose the best color to suit your lifestyle.

If you like, you can even experiment with different colors. You can look up new hair color ideas and see which style looks good on you.

Beaded Braids

You can highlight the ornaments and the hair with crochet braids. The numerous beads adorn the hair are highlighted in this particular look, but it is impossible to miss the enormous twisted braids that give this look its true originality.

You can also try out a variety of with-band hairstyles.

Textured Crochet Hair

Give this a try if you want to try crochet hair, and texture is your top priority when it comes to your hair. These thick, textured braids are made like the Ghana weave, an old African technique resembling cornrows.

However, they have a distinctive appearance. You can achieve this texture by cropping the extensions into the hair, eliminating the need to let your hair grow out entirely and braid it.

Black Girl With a Textured Crochet Hair

Gold Pleated Cornrows

Crochet hair can also be braided into cornrows. In this hairdo, the cornrows are thick and noticeable, and the braids extend past the shoulders from the front of the head. The splash of color adds a playful element and stands out from the hair’s dark color.

Rope Crochet Braids

Do you like long braids? You might find exactly what you’re looking for in this style. The hairstyle is visually captivating due to the thick braids and distinctive weave pattern. They hang dramatically well below the shoulders, creating a striking effect.

Butterfly Locs Hairstyle

The curly loops that make up the hair strands give rise to the distinctive dreadlocks known as butterfly locs. Butterfly locs can be challenging, so why not use crocheted extensions? They take much less time and effort, but you still get the same special outcome.

Bound Crochet Hair

Binding the hair with thread is another enjoyable crochet braid styling technique. Alternatively, you could select crochet extensions with highlights to twist the braid’s color.

In either case, adding some beads on top can achieve a great hairdo. And there’s no debate: Nothing looks as good as black hair with highlights.

Casual Crochet Curls

Here is yet another loose curly crochet option that emphasizes a relaxed vibe. Due to the hair’s relaxed and free-flowing nature, this crochet hairstyle has one of the most natural looks. The understated highlights give the appearance another dimension while enhancing the style.

Color Contrast Crochet

Crochet hair can also be braided into cornrows. In this hairdo, the cornrows are thick and noticeable, and the braids extend past the shoulders from the front of the head. The splash of color adds a playful element and stands out from the hair’s dark color.

Knotless Box Braids

The crochet hair technique can create the popular braided box look. Here is one way to create box braids, with a top looped section and thinner side braids hanging down. This one is for you if you want to flaunt your braids.

Crochet Mohawk

This naturally occurring mohawk style has highly textured hair and is very springy. The hair is shaped into a loose mohawk and embellished with three beads on the side of the head, despite having a looser, curlier texture.

Of course, you can decide which texture most closely resembles your own natural texture.

Crochet Dreadlocks 

If you want the look of dreadlocks without making a significant commitment, try crocheting them instead because they require a lot of time to grow and maintain.

Woman of Color Wearing Crochet Dreadlocks Hairstyle

Voluminous Waves

Here’s another version of a crocheted hairstyle with wavy waves that are seriously supersized. There is a lot of hair, so there are a lot of volume, but this style also depends on the hair’s extremely wavy texture. This is a fantastic casual outfit that is sure to be popular.

Twisted Crochet Bun

You can also be very inventive with how you style your hair when you have crocheted hair. This updo demonstrates what can be done with extra-long braids that have lots of styling options.

Tight Braids

Using crocheted extensions is a huge advantage when wearing these types of hairstyles because tightly braided styles can be damaging to the hair if done naturally.

Although the hair is under much less strain, you still get a similar outcome. Add a few beads to the end, and you’re all set.

Crochet Peekaboo Highlights

Long, wavy hair is just one of the many hairstyles that can be created using the crochet technique. These undulating extensions offer a texture that would require a lot of time to develop naturally.

Even so, you wouldn’t be able to detect that it isn’t natural. Another aspect that crochet hair makes simple is that there are subtle highlights. You can try a peekaboo hairstyle and see how it works for you.

Decorated Crochet Braids

You can create long, textured braids in various styles using crochet hair. These braids and twists make perfect canvases for beading and jewelry decoration.

How to Style and Maintain Crochet Haircuts 

Getting a crotchet hairdo is simple, but do you know how to style and maintain your hair?

Here are a few actionable tips to guide you:

Step 1 – Choose the right hairstyle

The first thing you need to do is to choose a that suits your personality, preferences, and age. Some crochet hairstyles look better on older women, while others look dashing on younger women.

You need to rock a hairstyle that brings out the best version of yourself.

So, go through the list of breathtaking crochet box braids we handpicked for you first to inspire yourself a bit, browse through the pictures and choose the crochet style that’ll showcase your beauty (you’ll love the crochet look, especially if you’re a blonde). Next stop, your favorite salon!

Step 2 – Crucial styling tips

You can’t crochet your hair at home. It requires a lot of skills that you may not have. Go to your hairstylist with a picture of the style you’re looking for.

When you are done, ask your hairstylist for tips on styling your hair moving forward. You can also visit the stylist regularly to have your hair styled.

Step 3 – Maintain your chosen style

Keep your hair clean and moisturized to reduce dandruff. Use hair oils and spray to keep your hair looking shiny and lustrous. You need to know what products to use and the cleaning interval when cleaning.

Crochet braids tend to gradually tangle especially curly crochet braids. When that happens, run your fingers through the hair to separate the curls before cutting the tangled parts with scissors.

If the tangles are at the end of the curls, be careful not to cut too much that you end up with an uneven trim.

Step 4 – Best products to use 

You will need to keep your crochet braids looking good. We recommend investing in quality leave-in conditioning spray or styling mousse. Hair conditioner gives your hair moisture, helping keep it soft and manageable.

This doesn’t just apply to natural hair only but to weaves, wigs, and curly crochet braids. Frequently applying leave-in conditioner or styling mousse will help make the curls easy to manage, less tangly, and more popping.


What are the benefits of crochet hairstyles?

They are versatile and easy to achieve.

How long does a crochet hairstyle last?

It can last up to 4 weeks, but you can change your hairstyle as regularly as you like.

What are crochet hairstyles for?

For all women who fancy nice hairdos. Don’t believe us? Just check Instagram or Pinterest and you’ll see that crochet hair styles are all the rage among stylish ladies. They shine and scream freedom and power.

All eyes will be on you and everyone will notice you when you rock them. These hairstyles are something different and the next level for sure.

Who should avoid crochet hairstyles?

Women with weak hair because some crochet hairstyles are bulky and might cause hair breakage.

Do crochet braids damage the hair?

If you get a professional to fix your crotchet braids, they won’t damage the hair.

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