Chris Pratt’s Career and His Beard Style

After making us laugh to tears in Parks and Rec, Chris Pratt tugged at our heartstrings as Star-Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy.

What people mostly talk about is Chris’ amazing transformation into a total beefcake, but somewhat forget that a lot of the things that make him attractive go into his beard.

A Chris Pratt beard is actually very simple, but highly effective.

It is able to bring out the best in Chris and turn out his charm to eleven.

Not everyone is able to do with facial hair what Chris Pratt does so effectively.

Luckily, we know exactly what one needs to do to grow a perfect Chris Pratt beard.

We poured all the necessary secrets into this article.

In no time, you will start to be as loveable and handsome as Chris Pratt is.

Chris Pratt’s Beard Style

Chris Pratt’s style can be described as the five o’clock shadow; a short stubble look that appears on the face some hours after shaving in the morning. Maintaining this look for 24 hours is somehow difficult, but Chris manages to pull it off with relative ease.

Chris Pratt’s Beard Style

The fact that his skin is not sensitive gives him an edge when it comes to styling his beard to any style that perfectly frames his face.

He complements his beard style by allowing his mustache to grow to a considerable size, just enough to bring out the look that he desires.

His grooming has been exceptional, and his good looks coupled with his well-trimmed beard have endeared him to many female fans, especially now that he’s single.

What’s so special about Chris Pratt’s Style?

Every time Chris Pratt steps out in public, everything comes to a standstill as the world adores his good stylish look. From casual outfits to sharp tailor-made suits, Chris is the type of guy who looks good in any kind of attire.

He has crafted his own style that truly reflects his character. Nevertheless, what stands out the most is his scruffy beard. The fact that he can maintain this look all day long makes it more special.

Any professional stylist will tell you that achieving a five o’clock shadow and maintaining it for that long is not easy.

That is why Pratt’s name deserves a special mention when describing the best beards in Hollywood. In fact, he once proclaimed on set that his beard was “the greatest beard in the history of Hollywood.”

How to Grow Your Beard like Chris Pratt’s

To achieve a beard like Chris Pratt’s, you may first have to grow a thicker beard, longer than the normal length you are used to.

This certainly requires some patience as it may take up to 8 weeks to grow your beard to the desired length.

However, you may use various beard care products such as beard butters, natural beard shampoos, and conditioners to help grow your beard faster.

Natural beard oils are also recommended as they protect your facial hair from getting dry and bristle. Always go for the ones that are made of pure organic oils to help stop beard itch or any allergic reactions on your skin.

Styling and Maintaining Your Beard like Chris Pratt

Styling your beard to look like Chris’ is the trickiest part, especially if you are planning to do it yourself. Trimming your beard far too deep may render all your efforts futile.

To style your beard, you will need the following tools:

  • High quality beard trimmer
  • Natural beard oil
  • Boar bristle beard brush
  • Mirror
  • Beard scissors
  • Beard bib/catcher (optional)

First of all, use a beard trimmer to trim your manly beard to about half an inch on the sides of your face and chin. Your sideburns should meet your hair in a fade, right next to the bottom of your ear.

After your sideburns are properly aligned, use the two-finger method to measure your neckline by putting your index and middle finger above your Adam’s apple.

Clip the hair above your Adam’s apple with the beard trimmer until it’s about half an inch in length.

Once your neckline has been carved, use a beard brush to brush down your mustache and make it pliable. Proceed to cut the hair covering your lower lip using a pair of scissors until the strands of hair are one centimeter long.

Finally, apply beard oil on your beard and brush it to spread the oil throughout your mane. This will give your beard a healthy and clean finish.

It’s not easy growing and maintaining a beard like Chris Pratt’s. That is why seeking professional advice is always recommended.

With the right tools at your disposal, coupled with a little bit of patience, achieving the ultimate beard that you desire will just be a step away!

Michele Antunes

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