Best beard combs for your beard grooming routines

Beard combs. Yes, they’re a real thing, and yes, they are good for your beard. There are many different kinds, sizes, shapes, and prices.

Some men prefer a wooden comb over a plastic one, it’s all a matter of what you want out of your beard comb.

A question I’m seeing a lot is, “Why should I use a comb and not my significant other’s hair brush?” even though you may think the hair on your face is the same as it is on your head, it’s not.

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Long, short, pick like, rounded, these combs all serve the same purpose, to help make beard grooming more simple.

Most are made with wide teeth for longer beards, to help clear tangles and knots. Others are made more fine-toothed for a shorter or more fine haired beard.

Most combs I’ve seen are hand made and are usually made out of wood, but others are made from plastic, metal or even bone or horns.

Just like with any products you buy, the more you pay for it the better it’s going to be and work for you, it’s the same with your comb.

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Some are on the more expensive side, but they are worth it, you wouldn’t be too happy if your beard was always tangled, would you?

There is a big debate on which comb is better, the wooden, metal, plastic, bone or horn. I’ve asked some friends what they prefer and most of them are partial to the wooden comb but, the bone or horn ones are also popular.

Most of these kinds of combs are for the longer, fuller beard, having the longer and wider teeth. These are awesome for your beard because they help to distribute beard oil, and as most of you know, I love beard oil!


The combs also hold small amounts of oil, because of your previous combing after applying beard oil on your beard, leaving your beard smelling and looking great! The plastic and metal combs are good too, but they can pull out your precious hairs out.

Hair brushes. Yes it’s a “hair” brush, but not the hair on your face silly! The problem with using them is they aren’t made to accommodate beards, while they are made to get tangles and knots out of hair, just not for your beard.

They don’t have wide teeth and will cause more damage to your beard, it can pull hairs out or even cause breakage in it, not cool!

Hair brush for your beard - BAD

There are so many different styles of beard combs, which are made out of several materials and come at various prices.

You get what you pay for when it comes to this beard care product, most companies have oil, balm and comb combos.

The most common comb I see is the wooden one, and they are usually hand made, and some are even hand painted. Beard combs are made for a reason, to help with the grooming of your beard, hair brushes are not!


My dad is the worst at this, he’s always using a hair brush on his beard, even after I’ve told him how bad it is.

The type of comb you end up with really depends on your beard, some beards can hold up to the metal and plastic, while others need the wide teeth of the wooden or bone combs.

Right now there is beard shaping tool with comb that is taking over the market.

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