If there existed facial hair hall of fame, Tom Selleck’s mustache would certainly have a special place in it.

Some would argue that Selleck’s ‘stache are more famous than their owner.

A few producers even banned him to shave them off while acting in their movies and TV shows.

Does it come as a surprise then that more and more man nowadays want to copy this mustache style?

Not for us.

Tom Selleck’s thick mustache are neat, well-groomed, classy and just look amazing.

The fact they’re simple to maintain once you grow them is a nice bonus, too.

Keep reading for hottest tips on how to copy Tom Selleck’s mustache style and wear it with pride.

How to Get a Tom Selleck ‘Stache

Unlike some other famous mustaches which seem to change shapes now and again, Tom Selleck’s ‘stache always seems to sport the same classic thick and mop-like style. It’s thick, horizontal shape makes a striking contrast against his otherwise bare face, leaving a nice little caterpillar to cover his upper lip.

Those interested in pulling off this classic look can do so much more easily if they can naturally grow a nice bushy ‘stach. As Tom Selleck himself admitted, part of it is genetic, and going through puberty certainly helps.

However, if you’re set on this cool thick look but have a tendency toward a patch mustache – fear not! With the right tools and grooming/maintenance techniques you can check the Tom Selleck ‘stache off your bucket list.

Tools You Will Need

To get this look you will need:

How to Style

Step 1: This look involves pairing a nice and thick mustache with an otherwise clean shaven face. To get this look, you will want to start by shaving away any facial hair on your chin and sideburn area.

Step 2: Next, you’ll need to comb your mustache hairs flat and use your electric trimmers to even out the bottom edge of your mustache so that the hairs end in a perfectly flat straight line.

Step 3: Using some beard balm for styling can ensure that the edges remain crisp and that you get the perfect triangle shape extending from the corners of your mouth up to the top of your mustache.

Step 4: If your mustache looks a bit patchy, you can even use an eyebrow pencil that matches your natural hair color to fill in any gaps and create the appearance of greater volume and thickness.

Grooming and Maintenance

To prevent your Tom Selleck look from getting messy or losing its form, it is important that you regularly shave your face and trim the edges of your mustache so that you can maintain the sharp contrast that the style is known for.

Regularly combing your mustache hairs with a proper beard comb is also important to get a nice even edge, and using beard oil and beard balm can promote health facial hair growth – which is essential for this full look.

What the Tom Selleck Mustaches Says About Its Owner

Having a Tom Selleck mustache means more than just having a really cool look, it means paying tribute to not only one of the most celebrated facial hair styles of Hollywood, but also an entire era of 80’s macho-ness.

In a way, the mustache acts as a nostalgic time machine take you back in time and filling you with the American spirit. Whether you’re a fan of Tom Selleck himself or simply love his retro ‘stache, you can’t go wrong with this bold and unique look.

Photos from: s_bukley / depositphotos.com, Jean_Nelson / depositphotos.com, and wolterke / depositphotos.com.

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