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  • A wooden bamboo handle and 100% boar hair bristles.
  • Detangles, smoothes and catches loose hairs.
  • For all beard types and sizes.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.


Keep Your Beard Clean, Groomed and Well-Conditioned!

Despite what people think, not all brushes were created equal. Synthetic bristles may be fine for your head hair, but facial hair is much coarser and requires different care.

Using the wrong brush can lead to dryness, breakage and even skin irritation.

Show your facial hair some TLC with a Boar Hair Bristle Brush by Beardoholic! Why is regular grooming so important in the first place?

Brushing your beard detangles unruly growth, prevents ingrown hairs and removes any crumbs around the mouth. And because our bristles are long and soft, they remove dead skin without irritation!

Our brush is also great because it helps evenly distribute your beard’s natural oils!

That means it conditions, moisturizes and leaves you with facial hair that’s soft, stronger and easier to manage without the use of heavy oils or styling products.

With a compact, lightweight design, it makes a thoughtful gift for the bearded man who loves practical convenience!

Skip damaging synthetic bristles and discover the difference of 100% boar hair!

It’s soft, gentle and is as good for your skin as it is for your beard. Paired with a wooden bamboo handle, we’re bringing professional quality tools home.

Why Choose Our Boar Hair Brush?

– Grooms and detangles

– Helps moisturize facial hair

– Lightweight and portable

– Ergonomic design

– Made with 100% boar hair

The Best Beard Brush for Men: Boar Bristle & Wooden Handle

Choosing the Perfect Beard Brush

Beard care is of utmost importance to any man wanting to achieve a smooth, healthy beard. A beard brush is an essential tool in maintaining beard health by ensuring a well-groomed appearance free of snags, tangles, and debris. Most men make their choice based on brand names, but beyond that, there’s much more to consider when it comes to selecting the perfect brush.

Factors to Consider: Materials and Types

When choosing the right type of beard brush, it’s important to consider materials and types.The most commonly used materials for beard brushes are synthetic fibers and boar bristles. Boar bristle brushes are considered superior because they are softer than synthetic fibers and minimize discomfort while styling your beard. The material also helps redistribute natural oils throughout the beard while removing dirt and debris.

It’s like running your fingers through your hair from root to tip, where the natural oils in your scalp remain oily at the base while getting distributed as you move down towards the ends.

Synthetic fiber brushes, on the other hand, are often cheaper than boar bristle ones and can be easier to find in stores. They’re also often more durable than natural hair brushes since they don’t break down as quickly.

Nevertheless, some experts argue that synthetic options may irritate sensitive skin types prone to breakouts due to coarse or stiff bristles. But, if you need more time or find synthetic easier to use, this should encourage you to purchase them.

Materials Benefits Drawbacks
Boar Bristle Soft bristles; Redistribute natural oils; Smooth grooming experience More expensive;Not vegan friendly
Synthetic Fibers Affordable; Durable; Easier to clean Coarse bristles, Irritates sensitive skin types; May not redistribute natural oils

Once you’ve selected the right material, there are several types of brushes to consider. A simple straight-sided brush is one of the most popular options and is relatively affordable. Round-sided brushes or brushes with a combination of both – round and straight bristles are designed for more precision and offer greater control when styling.

It’s worth noting that a beard brush with stiffer bristles will be better suited for longer, thicker beards as they provide more depth to their grooming requirements. Similarly, shorter haired brushes with softer bristles glide smoothly through shorter, more delicate strands.

By understanding these materials and types, you’ll have an easier time choosing what works best for your needs – whether it’s a mix of synthetic and boar hair bristles or a simply designed straight-sided brush that fits your budget.

Now that we’ve covered materials and types let’s look at how Boar bristle compares to Synthetic fiber when making the final choice.

Boar Bristle vs Synthetic: A Comparison

When it comes to selecting the best beard brush for your grooming routine, two materials are typically considered: boar bristle and synthetic. Boar bristle brushes are made from natural boar hair, while synthetic brushes utilize man-made materials like nylon or plastic. Here’s how they compare:

Boar bristle brushes tend to be more durable and long-lasting than synthetic ones, making them a sound investment in the long run. They also absorb sebum – the natural oils produced by the skin – and redistribute it throughout the beard evenly. This process helps to moisturize facial hair, which is essential for maintaining healthy hair strands. Boar bristle brushes can also massage the face, improve blood circulation to hair follicles, and mitigate ingrown hairs.

On the other hand, synthetic brushes can be more affordable upfront and may be an ideal option for those with allergies or ethical concerns about animal products. However, because they don’t absorb sebum like boar bristle brushes do, they may be less effective at spreading oil throughout the beard.

If you’re looking for maximum benefit and luxurious feel on your beard but are concerned about ethics or animal products, don’t fret! There have been new advancements in synthetic products that come closer to natural bristles’ effectiveness.

Advantages of Using a Beard Brush

Using a high-quality beard brush as part of your daily grooming routine has many advantages that go beyond aesthetics. Here are some reasons why investing in one is worth considering:

  1. Distributes natural oils: As mentioned earlier, beard brushes – especially those made using boar bristles – help distribute sebum throughout your facial hair. By doing so, they moisturize your beard and reduce the chances of hair breakage or damage. Regular brushing also stimulates blood flow to the follicles, promoting healthier hair growth.
  2. Tames unruly beards: Brushing your beard several times a day can help train it into shape. It’s especially useful if you’re growing out your facial hair and dealing with an awkward stage or patchy growth.
  3. Keeps your beard clean: A well-maintained brush will remove loose hairs and debris from your beard, keeping it clean and smooth.
  4. Exfoliates dead skin cells: The act of brushing also acts as a natural exfoliant for your skin underneath the beard, eliminating dead skin cells that cause itching or flakiness.
  5. Easy to use: Using a beard brush is simple – all you need to do is brush through your facial hair in a motion that feels comfortable for you.

While some men prefer to use combs, the advantages of using a quality beard brush are undoubtedly compelling!

Impact on Hair and Skin Health

Using a beard brush is an essential grooming tool that can keep your beard looking great, but its benefits can go beyond aesthetics. Using the right beard brush can improve hair and skin health. The bristles of the brush work by redistributing natural oils through the beard’s hairs, improving their texture and making them shinier. Brushing also helps exfoliate any dead skin cells, which can help promote healthy beard growth. The proper use of a beard brush can even alleviate dryness or itchiness caused by improperly groomed beards.

It’s important to choose the right type of beard brush for your specific hair and skin needs. Boar bristle brushes are particularly effective at distributing oils and are perfect if you have a thick or coarse beard. Wooden handles are also a popular choice because they do not create static electricity like plastic ones, which can sometimes lead to frizzing.

For those with sensitive skin, avoiding synthetic bristles is recommended as it could cause irritation or allergic reactions. It’s best to choose softer bristles such as horsehair instead.

It’s also important to maintain your beard brush hygiene by cleaning it regularly as any buildup of dirt or oil on the brush could potentially transfer onto your skin and facial hair causing acne or dull appearance.

Let’s take a look now at how you can set up an essential grooming routine that involves using a beard brush.

Essential Beard Brush Grooming Routine

Maintaining impeccable facial hair takes time, patience, and effort – taking advantage of all vital steps could compromise the health of your facial hair. A primary step towards having an enviable beard is instituting an effective grooming routine involving brushing with high-quality Boar Bristle & Wooden Handle Beard Brush, whose effectiveness in revitalizing your facial hair must be considered.

Start by washing your facial hair with organic products; regular shampoos strip away natural oils that keep your hair and skin healthy, so investing in a formulated beard wash shampoo is recommended.

Afterward, apply beard conditioner to soften your locks. Leave the product in for 1-2 minutes before rinsing off with cool water which helps seal cuticles keeping your facial hair’s texture smooth and manageable.

Next, pat dry using a clean towel and apply few drops of beard oil or balm for some extra undone texture, shine and volume. This process will stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles and protect the strands from the harsh environmental conditions like wind or extreme cold. Using a brush comb, style as desired, starting from the ends working through to the roots – this will help to distribute oils evenly

Make it a daily routine to comb out any knots and debris since they tend to create entanglements with hair follicles, leading to hair breakage, make sure you use a brush with softened bristles suitable for your skin type.

Think of it as tending to a garden – regular weeding (brushing) and planting (conditioning and nourishment) lead to healthier plants (beard).

By following these basic grooming steps consistently, you’ll not only have a better-looking beard but also promote healthy skin while maintaining its overall health.

Effective Brushing Techniques and Oils

While finding the perfect beard brush can work wonders for your facial hair, utilizing effective brushing techniques is also crucial. Understanding your beard type will help me figure out the necessary techniques to apply when grooming. For instance, if you have a longer beard, you’ll require extra attention to maintain its shape.

Let’s say you have a short beard. In that case, you should brush it downwards with gentle pressure towards your neck. Start by working on one side of the beard and then move over to the other side.

If you have a medium or long beard, use circular motions while brushing downwards until the hair aligns itself. This method can help achieve uniformity in terms of hair length and shape.

In addition to proper brushing techniques, selecting the right oil products can help improve the quality of your facial hair and ensure maximum growth potential. Some oils like jojoba or argan are specifically designed for hydration purposes as they replicate natural oils in hair follicles. Other naturally occurring oils like eucalyptus oil contain antimicrobial properties that keep your skin underneath healthy.

It’s essential to note that oils and proper brushing techniques go hand-in-hand when it comes to maintaining healthy beards.

Additional information


• No-Hassle Grooming: Its soft bristles gently pass through your beard to detangle, smooth and catch loose hairs. It’s even gentle on the skin, removing dandruff, crumbs and debris without irritation.

• Smooth and Style: By providing gentle moisture, your facial hair will be strong, healthy and easier to style and shape.

• Designed for Convenience: Its ergonomic design offers you complete control while you’re brushing, and because it’s compact and lightweight, it’s great for grooming on the go.

• Premium Quality: A wooden bamboo handle and 100% boar hair bristles. It stimulates the skin, promoting healthier growth.

• Satisfaction Guarantee: We’ll refund your purchase using our full, 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

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19 reviews for Beard Brush

  1. MCE072166 ‏

    One of those things where you think the hype can’t possibly be justified; it’s just a brush, right? Well yes, but… it’s awesome.

    It’s the perfect size. The bristles are strong and effective without making your face sore.

    If you have a beard, you should buy one of these. Go on, do it, do it now.

  2. Anthony Morgan

    Great quality brush for my beard. A company that has earned my trust. I have since invested in their oil too! But this brush will do the job and keep your beard nice and tidy. I typically brush once in the morning when I have applied oil to get an even spread and then once again just before bed.

  3. Momin

    Since using this brush I have found my beard to be more manageable and softer. My face is not so itchy. An essential for any beard.

  4. bbass1984 ‏

    Awesome beard brush, very well made and reeks of quality. Just the right amount of stiffness to the bristles whilst also being soft enough. This has transformed my beard grooming and I would not hesitate to recommend.

  5. LINAA

    I decided to get this for my partner after the comb just wasn’t doing the job. I highly recommend this product and so does he, it’s amazing quality and overall very happy. Thank you beardoholic ☺️

  6. Waifu

    Great brush. Solid design, good quality perfect for a thick beard. I liked this so much I got a second one for downstairs and travel. Can’t brush the beard enough. Keeps the hairs trained and in line. Highly recommended.

  7. Lukiluk

    The wooden handle is a nice size and shape fits in the hand which makes it comfortable when combing, the bristles are soft to the skin yet firm enough to comb my beard well. I use this in combination with the Beardoholic beard oil, and I find this combo leaves my beard looking feeling and smelling good.

  8. we$ley

    Great brush, my face has never felt so groomed! Thanks

  9. sebastian002gh

    I bought a whole set of beard maintenance products from beardoholics

    The brush is my favorite item … it’s just so nice to give the beard a good brush!

    Nice quality item

  10. Joe Ro

    Great brush.
    After I shower I use it in combination with a comb to get out tangled hair, then put in Beardoholic beard oil (which also is awesome) and then brush my beard for a bit with this wonder. It straightens my beard and pushes hair that is sticking out back into line.

  11. BoB

    If anyone is looking for a high-quality beard brush then look no further than this one from Beardoholic. I’ve been using it now for the past 3-4 weeks after my morning shower to help drag my beard and tash back into shape before waxing and have been really impressed with the effect. It takes a little getting used to the brush on your top lip but bear with it 😉

    Service and Quality both 10/10!

  12. matt_for_prez zz

    I’ve only been using this for a couple of weeks but I’ve already seen and felt a marked improvement. My beard is definitely softer and more manageable as a result of using this brush. For a while my beard was almost hurting because it was getting wiry, and any movement against the grain was uncomfortable. But a couple of weeks of this (and a touch of beard oil) and it’s really sorted things out.

  13. blade81

    Having been used to a good quality comb for some years, I thought it was about time I tried a Beardoholic brush as the longer my beard gets, the harder it has become to control. The Beardoholic brush is perfect in weight, size and brilliant quality that you can instantly see is beautifully made. I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks and have noticed that my beard stays ‘shaped’ for the entire day which I wasn’t expecting plus delivery was quick. All in all a definite 5/5.

  14. MontanaPeppy

    Best bit of beard kit ever. Forget the rest; this is superb. I’ve got a curly unruly beard and this tames it comfortably and swiftly. Nice handle, nice quality, nice weight, nice product, nice supplier. Would buy again if it ever wore out, which I doubt.

  15. tonni tonni

    What a great product, soft enough to be gentle on the skin yet firm enough to shape that beard. This product has lived up to its description in every way, and I would highly recommend it to any beard groomers out there.

  16. V J Bold

    I’ve literally fallen in love with this brush!! I didn’t even know/think about them! I always used a comb but it was sometimes a little harsh on my skin… Until a friend of mine showed me his and I was instantly jealous… It makes a massive difference, beard feels softer and smarter. I brush 2x a day. Once in the morning and once before I go to sleep whilst watching Netlix… The other half laughs at me 🙁

  17. Bipolarius0000

    This is the perfect gift or indeed the perfect item to purchase for your use for getting the beard tidied. The bristles are soft but firm, it’s great to use with beard balm or with beard oil, there is something sensual about gently massaging the beard with this marvelous tool.

  18. casi

    I dont have big beard and i worried if this brush will work. but for sure it gives the beard a beautiful finish. thank you

  19. Max35

    Great for removing bits and pieces from your beard and styling. I no longer have my beard as it was a pain in the backside for many reasons including gathering food, but this brush made the experience a little more tolerable.

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