Hairstyle for Men Over 50

Once we get to the ripe old age of 50, our metabolism starts giving up on us. So, it is not something abstract if we begin to gain weight at that age. But it also does not mean we can’t look good at 50 and overweight.

Many hairstyles for fat guys can help slim down the face and enable you to forget about your age. You can wear them with pride and not be worried the next time you go out in public.

But which are the best styles to try out? We answer that question and provide help in the lines that follow.

10 Most Popular Hairstyles for Men Over 50 Years Old

If you are aiming for a sexy short haircut at 50, chances are that it will not look good on you. However, several alternatives are going to provide the same effect.


Adding braids can be refreshing on a guy who has put on more pounds than he would like. An Afro-inspired look with short locks can make you look cheery and enhance your look, even if you are over 50.

Thick Haircut With Beard 

Covering up your chubby facial features with a beard is one of the best ways to go. If you have thick hair that you can grow and brush back, you can also grow a suitable beard to go along with it. You might need to look for some of the stubble trimmers for this one.

Salt and Pepper Hairstyle for Men Over 50

Salt and pepper hairstyles for men over 50 are precisely what they need. You don’t have to hide your age; you should wear it with pride. If your beard has grays in it, grow it as well. It will look very lavishing on you.

Short Hairstyle for Men Over 50 and Overweight

A short one might be a minimal look, but it is also precisely what you need at 50. Besides shaving a few years from your bottom line, it also helps remove a few inches from your face. You will look and feel a lot slimmer with a suitable haircut.

Man With a Short Salt and Pepper Beard

Long Curly 

Long hair is sexy, and it becomes even hotter if you have some curls. This style can make you look younger if you can style it right. But a lot of hair requires more maintenance, so be ready to put more effort into it than other shorter hairstyles.

Quiff With Light Fade

Adding a fade on the slides and going with a quiff at the top will slim down your face and add more length to it. A low fade haircut for men is perfect for a guy with a chubby face, as it will eliminate the added volume. Plus, it is straightforward to maintain.

Mohawk With a Beard

You might think that going for a mohawk at 50 is too much. It doesn’t have to be if you style everything correctly. It is perfect for overweight people and pairs well with a beard.

Balancing things out is what matters here and it will shave off a few inches making your face seem much less fuller.

Medium Length Hair for Men Over 50

Having a rectangular or triangular face with chubby parts will require you to grow out some medium-length hair. If you have gained some weight at 50, you can cover it up by growing some wavy medium-length hair.

It is very appropriate for your age and looks exceptionally well.

Professional Hairstyle for Men Over 50

If you need a haircut for formal occasions, there is no better way than going for a professional look. It will hide away your chubby face, but it will help you look serious and act your age on a formal occasion. You should pair it with professional beard styles as well.

Older Man With a Professional Hairstyle in a Black Suit With Blue Tie

How to Style and Maintain Hair for Men Over 50

Step 1 – Pick the hairstyle

Depending on which style you wish you achieve, you will have to pick the hairstyle first. We suggest taking a look at the list we’ve provided and choosing one of those. That way, you already know how things might turn out.

Step 2 – Visit your hairstylist

 Show them a picture of the style you want to go for and explain what you want to achieve. You will have a look ready faster than you think.

Step 3 – Maintain

You can’t just leave your new hairstyle and not take care of it. You will need to maintain it by shampooing your hair a few times a week and using some product to keep it still. Depending on the type of hair you are going for, you might need more balm for your hair.

Depending on the style, you can either get some men’s hair clippers and add touch-ups yourself or go to a barber regularly to fix it up a bit for you. But do not let it grow out too much.


What hairstyle is the best for the overweight?

The best hairstyle for overweight people does not add volume to your face, especially to the sides.

What haircut makes you less fat?

A fade or style that adds length to your head is the best option.

What is the best haircut for a 55-year-old man?

A classic tapper look is probably the most suitable for people over 50.

What haircut will make you look younger?

Medium-length styles or longer hair can make a person look younger, especially if you have curly or wavy hair.

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