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Can You Grow a Beard at 16

It will depend mostly on your genes. If the men on both sides of your family have full, thick beards, then yes, there is a good chance that you will be able to grow a beard even when you are still 16.

However, since facial hair is the last thing to come in when young men hit puberty, there is no telling when or if you can grow a beard in your teenage years.

How Much Should It Be

Some 16-year-olds could grow a semblance of a full beard before their next birthday. However, a young man usually gets a wispy mustache and some peach fuzz on the chin. There is usually not enough facial hair to justify shaving, but enough to make it visible.

How to Grow it as a Teenager

If you are a 16-year-old who is dead set on trying out teenage beard styles, there are a couple of things that you can do. Here are some tips to help you grow facial hair at 16:

Step 1 – Get enough rest

Young men don’t know nor appreciate the value of a good night’s sleep. You may think getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep is enough to function, but your body says otherwise.

If you want that facial hair to come in as soon as possible, you should rest your body so that it can do its work correctly.

Step 2 – Eat nutritious foods

The building blocks of healthy beard growth are in the right foods. Your body needs the proper nutrients to produce strong and healthy facial hair, namely proteins, vitamins, and iron. You will not find nearly enough of those nutrients in junk foods, so choose to eat healthily.

Step 3 – Be patient

Many men with full beards did not have facial hair when they were in high school. Some men’s facial hair started growing at 18 and they can already rock short beard styles. Meanwhile, others began as late as their early 20s before they could grow a medium beard.

Growing a beard should not be something that you should rush. If it comes, then it will come.

Quick Tips to Grow More Beard

  • Be patient. You cannot rush facial hair growth. You might get excited seeing a bit of facial hair growing by age 16, but it will most likely be patchy and uneven for now. This might frustrate a lot of young men, but there is nothing you can do about it now.
  • Shave. As mentioned before, your facial hair might be a bit sparse in your late teenage years, so you should shave it off for now. Wait a couple more years, or until you notice that your 5 o’clock shadow is starting to fill in, then try letting it grow.
  • Get enough sleep and nutrition. Since you are still young, the only thing that you can do for now is to prepare your body for the sudden burst of testosterone that will be coming your way. This means you should get enough sleep, eat the right foods to boost beard growth, and maybe even start working out.

Shaving at 16 Years Old

Should you start shaving at 16? It will depend on how your facial hair is growing so far. For most young men, their hair at 16 may still be sparse and patchy, so letting the facial hair grow at this time may make them look not-so-great.

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Why do some teens grow a beard at a young age?

If their father or grandfathers have thick and scraggly beards, they will likely pass their genes down. However, you rarely find 16-year-old kids with full beards. If you have a teenage son, you might consider getting him an electric razor for teenagers.

This will ensure that he will not go to school with nicks all over his face.

Do all teens get the same amount of facial hair?

No, every young man is different. Some boys start getting a patchy beard as young as 13 years old, but many would not have any semblance of facial hair well until they are in their 20s. People have different genes, and their bodies grow at different rates.

Don’t worry if you still do not have facial hair when you are 16. It will most likely come in later.

Should boys shave peach fuzz?

Peach fuzz is the light and translucent hairs that first grow on boys that hit puberty. Young men can opt to shave the peach fuzz off, but they can also choose to let them grow.

Peach fuzz hairs have short terminal lengths (the maximum length that hairs can grow), so they will not even be there when the young man hits full maturity.

Why can’t I grow facial hair at 16?

There are a couple of reasons why you still cannot grow hair at 16 years old. The biggest reason is your genetics. If your dad, or one of your grandfathers, has full and thick beards, you might also be able to grow one when you are young.

However, another factor would be your age. You are most likely just too young to grow a beard.

At what age is a beard fully developed?

For most men, their facial hair only fully grows in their early 20s and most can only still wear beard styles without mustaches. Teenagers with full beards are very few and far between. 16 years is much too early to pick between shaving gel vs cream.


Don’t be in such a rush to grow a beard. You are just 16 years old and there is still plenty of time for your beard to come in. Although other kids your age have facial hair, their bodies do not work the same way as yours.

Give yourself some time. Your dream facial hair will come in time. Enjoy your life in the meantime.

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