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Similar to the hair on your head, your facial hair needs to be brushed to help it lay flat, properly frame the face, and to be able to style it correctly.

Whether working with an award-winning beard or just enough facial hair to keep your face warm, you need to keep that beard in line before it becomes matted and unruly. Luckily there are plenty of beard brushes on the market that can help to tame that mane for you.

Here is a list of the top five best beard brushes available.

1. The Jack Dean Military Style Brush

This particular beard brush is comfortable for most standard levels of beards. This is the perfect entry-level brush that is versatile regardless how long you let the beard grow.

The Jack Dean military style brush utilizes a mixture of boar and nylon bristles, easily able to penetrate the beard but not do any harm to the soft skin beneath. If your beard is comprised of fine hair, this brush will be sufficient for the long-term.

Check out this great brush here:

2. The Stern Mustache Brush

This beard brush is designed for specifically reaching up under the nose. This little brush deserves mention because the small size allows you to work a section easily without spilling over to areas that do not need any upkeep.

The Stern Mustache Brush is perfect for precision work and helps to clear out any debris trapped in the surface of your beard. The handle is long enough for easy gripping, giving you the ability to easily control your brush strokes. The body of the brush is light but made strong and difficult to break.

Here is an inexpensive little beard brush:

3. The Diane Palm Brush

This brush offers superior penetration, even if working with a thick rat’s nest. This is the perfect accessory for taming the thickest of beards, complete with stiff bristles that can make short work of snags, tangles, and snares.

The Diane Palm Brush has 100% boar bristles, reinforced to help provide maximum rigidity and deep penetration. The side of the brush has softer bristles for working in sensitive areas like under the nose.

Highly rated and durable beard brush:

4. Kent MC4 Cherrywood Military Brush

Don’t let the white bristles of this beard brush fool you, this is one of the finest beard accessories on the market. The bristles are sunk into high-quality cherry wood that really sets this unique brush apart from the crowd.

Although smaller than most traditional military brushes, the Kent MC4 Cherrywood Military Brush easily will fit in your travel bag and allow you to keep that beard looking spectacular on the run. The bristles are designed to not dig into your skin, easily managing the most challenging beards.

While on the costly side, this is one brush that will help you maintain your beard for plenty of years to come.

Check out this top rated beard brush:

5. R.S. Stein Brush

This particular beard brush will trap and then move oil easily around the beard. The R.S. Stein Brush contains 100% boar bristles that is supported by a thick wooden handle. Once you apply your beard oil, this brush will make short work of distributing it throughout the facial hairs in an even manner.

Eliminate all those dry spots by utilizing this brush to keep the hair and skin fully moisturized. The beard brush will cut down on your maintenance time in the bathroom by easily coating the hair and skin with an adequate amount of oil each application.

Purchase your very own beard brush now:

One of the biggest benefits of owning your own beard brush is that you keep those facial hairs stimulated. Remember that stimulated hair follicles means healthy hair follicles.

The brush will easily move conditioner or beard oils through the thick beard down to where it will be most effective. Spreading these oils properly moisturizes the hair and reduces that scraggly frizzy rats nest you have been walking around with all this time.

Noticeably your beard will be softer to the touch, allowing the ladies to easily run their fingers through it. Keeping that facial hair attractive and clean just got that much easier with the purchase of your own beard brush.

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