Man Applying an Aftershave Lotion in Front of the Mirror


The best aftershave balms currently available in the market serve many different functions.

Here are just some of them:

Moisturizes Your Skin

Applying the aftershave is a big help in maintaining the smoothness of your skin after shaving. It is the best product to ensure your skin stays healthy and hydrated.

Prevents Irritation

Another important thing an aftershave lotion or balm can do for you is prevent irritation. Note that whether you shave before or after the shower, your skin is still likely to get irritated, making it itchy.

Aftershaves have anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent or minimize skin irritation.

Effective In Tightening Pores

Every time you finish shaving, you may notice some itchy and red bumps that can be identified as folliculitis. This takes place if your shaving activity irritates your hair follicles.

If your pores stay open after you shave, fungi, chemicals, and other chemicals may penetrate, infecting the area. The pore-tightening ability of aftershaves can prevent this.

Has a Nice and Refreshing Scent

You can find a lot of aftershaves in the market holding various scents. Some have natural scents or fragrances, including cedarwood, oatmeal, anise, and lavender oil.

Whether you pick an aftershave with a faint or strong scent, combining it with your freshly shaven beard can make you look and feel refreshed and confident.

How to Use It Properly

Whether you choose to do dry or wet shaving, an aftershave will definitely be of help, which is why it is a common component of most quality shaving kits for men.

Ensure you are also fully aware of how to use aftershave properly to make the most of it.

Now, here are ways to use your chosen aftershave properly:

Step 1 – Apply on dry and clean skin

This is often specifically after showering. This should help make the aftershave last longer as it will stick better to your body.

Step 2 – Find your pulse points and target them

The pulse points we are talking about here refer to the body areas or parts that emit heat. They should, therefore, help in making the aftershave scent stronger. Among the best pulse points to target are the neck and inner wrist.

Step 3 – Avoid rubbing the aftershave

Once you have applied the aftershave, do not rub it, as it may only result in the bruising of the scent. It can also lessen the length of time it will most likely last.

Shirtless Man Applying an Aftershave to His Face

How to Choose

In the same way, if you want to find the best aloe vera for a beard that you can use for beard growth stimulation, it is also crucial to exercise caution in choosing the right aftershave for you. Ensure that you are getting a high-quality and reliable product.

The most important thing to do if you want to pick the right aftershave is to consider your skin type. If you have normal skin, it is most likely that there is an even texture, making it look healthy and smooth. This allows you to use various types of aftershaves.

If you decide to use an aftershave splash or one that causes dryness, make sure to apply a moisturizing balm right after. Choose an aftershave with witch hazel, too, as it is gentler on your skin.

If your skin falls under the oily type, choose an aftershave splash. Meanwhile, those with dry skin should use an aftershave lotion or aftershave balm. Ensure that it contains refreshing and moisturizing ingredients, like aloe vera, shea butter, glycerin, and jojoba oil.

If your skin is sensitive, use an aftershave balm containing plenty of moisturizing properties. Go for one with a mild or no scent, too. Do not use an aftershave with eucalyptus oil or lemon, as it may lead to further irritation.


What is the point of using an aftershave?

An aftershave should always form part of your routine if you often shave your face clean. It is a big help in keeping your freshly shaven skin well-hydrated and adequately moisturized. It can also prevent issues like skin irritation, itchiness, and infections.

Does aftershave help with pimples?

Yes. Aftershaves are specifically helpful for men with sensitive skin and those who suffer from acne, pimples, and other forms of skin irritation. This is because it contains astringent properties capable of killing bacteria that cause acne.

Is the aftershave supposed to burn?

In most cases, the aftershave only tends to burn if you have wounds or surface nicks that come in contact with its alcohol component.

The sting may cause you to feel a burn, but this is a good thing as it ensures that the damaged area stays away from irritation and infection.

How long does aftershave last?

The aftershave usually lasts three hours after applying it to your skin. After that period, it is highly likely that the smell to begin fading.


An aftershave is a must in every man’s grooming toolkit, especially if he wants to keep his face clean-shaven. Make sure to shop for a high-quality one that perfectly suits your skin type so it will produce the most favorable results for your skin.