Types of Wallets

Types of Wallets

Image Product Details  
Most DurableGintaXen
  • A lot of slots
  • Highly effective RFID blocking layer
  • Premium cowhide leather
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Very PortableBuffway
  • Extra slim and lightweight
  • Advanced RFID blocking technology
  • Easy access to cards
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Premium Leather
  • Strong magnetic closure pocket
  • Detachable belt clip
  • Multiple compartments
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Venture 4th
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Adjustable neck toggle
  • Lightweight and has strong zips
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10 Best Types of Wallets

1. Men’s Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet

Designed from a top-grain cowhide leather, Mens Genuine Bifold Wallet is durable, feels soft and goes pretty well with just about any jeans or suit you decide to wear.

The fact that it has so many slots and pockets makes it highly practical.

Inside this wallet, you can store more than 10 credit cards and more than 25 banknotes.

Features of the product include two ID window slots, 8 card slots, two cash pockets and two hidden slots for additional credit cards, in case you have a lot of them.

In the two ID window slots, you can put your favorite photos because they are big enough for this purpose.

An RFID blocking layer is built into the wallet to help you keep your private information safe.

Although it lasts for quite some time and is a good value for the money, it’s nice to know that you have two years warranty. You’ll probably not going to need it, but just in case.



  • Made from a top-grain cowhide leather
  • Built-in RFID blocking layer
  • Two money pockets
  • Has 10 card slots, including 2 ID windows

  • Doesn’t fit well into the pocket
  • A bit heavier than some other wallets

2. Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

Given its sleek design and smooth genuine leather construction, Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet is meant to be used by both men and women.

You can comfortably carry it in your pocket, purse or travel pack because it’s super thin and slim. Maybe one of the best features on this wallet is the advanced RFID blocking technology.

The protective layer blocks the electronic signal of 13-14Mhz to keep your personal information safe everywhere. Don’t let the existence of RFID fool you.

Although most wallets equipped with it are bulky and difficult to carry around, this travel wallet is designed to suit the needs of modern travelers, so it’s perfectly portable, extra slim and lightweight.

The number of slot compartments and similar features is essential in a wallet. This item generally has 8 slots.

Among them, there are 4 for holding your cards, one clear window slot with finger glide where you can put your ID or driver license, two side-slip pockets and one middle pocket for cash.



  • Outfitted with the advanced RFID blocking technology
  • Special finger hole design allows easy access to your cards
  • Crafted out of genuine leather
  • Extra slim, lightweight and portable

  • The stitching falls apart after only a short period
  • The leather is pretty stiff

3. LackingOne Brown Leather Trifold Wallet

With 11 credit card slots, two paper money sections, mesh identification window, coin purse, and a zippered area, LackingOne Trifold Wallet is one very spacious and large wallet.

You can rest assured that with this product you get a wallet with genuine full-grain leather that will last for a very long time, unlike some cheap PU leather.

It’s large enough to be carried in a backpack, purse or back pocket. The zipper closure is a nice final touch that ensures your information and money don’t fall out or get lost.

Additionally to the metal three-sided zipper closure, this item also comes with a matching leather pull tag.

We’ve left the best thing for the end. A high-quality liner inside the backing of the entire wallet will protect you from the electronic theft.

Thieves who use a radio frequency identification scanners won’t be able to steal your credit, debit or any other card number thanks to the effective RFID blocking technology on this item.



  • Genuine full-grain leather
  • Effective RFID blocking technology
  • Durable metal three-sided zipper closure and a matching leather pull tag
  • Plenty of space for all your cards and cash

  • The zipper doesn’t hold very well
  • Too big to be carried in the front pocket

4. Leather Men Belt Loop Wallet

The sleek and elegant look of Leather Men Belt Loop Wallet makes it ideal for men who are always on the go.

If you have been struggling with your pockets always being bulky because of your phone, you will find this product to be pretty convenient. It also features multiple ways to carry your stuff.

Not only you can carry this wallet around your waist, you can also have it over one of your shoulders and adjust its size.

A sturdy belt clip and wide belt loop on the back make it possible to carry it around the waist, while a removable nylon shoulder strap has a long adjustable buckle for carrying it over the shoulder.

Multiple compartments include two zippered main compartments, a front pocket with a magnetic lock and two additional zippered pouches.

Inside you can comfortably store your ID card, money, keys or even your cell phone. Finally, the item is made of premium leather and comes with a durable, attachable keychain.



  • Strong magnetic closure pocket
  • Detachable belt clip and wide belt loop on the back
  • Adjustable and removable shoulder strap
  • Has multiple compartments

  • Too large and bulky
  • The opening is too small and makes it hard to access your belongings

5. Men’s Clutch Bag Genuine Leather Wallet

Every man wants a wallet that is durable and will last for years. Luckily, Men’s Clutch Bag Genuine Leather Wallet will make an end to your search.

Entirely made with genuine cowhide leather, this item won’t slip apart after only a few days.

Inside of it, there is a plethora of space for everything you need to have by your side wherever you go.

Namely, this large capacity wallet includes a mobile phone compartment, 12 slots for your cards, a zippered pocket and a compartment for your cash.

The wristband it comes with is removable so you can take it or leave it, depending on your needs. There is also an elastic hand strap on the back side of the product.

Both of these features make carrying around significantly easier than usually. The product is also waterproof and has an anti-theft lock buckle for more protection.



  • High-quality cowhide leather material
  • Removable wrist strap and elastic hand strap on the back side
  • Has a lock anti-theft buckle
  • Waterproof

  • Doesn’t open wide enough because it’s too small
  • Fairly expensive

6. Seibertron Airsoft Tactical Leg Wallet

Do you think that a wallet that is so lightweight you won’t even feel like it’s there, but with a lot of compartments doesn’t exist? Seiberton Airsoft Leg Wallet will convince you of the opposite.

Most of the guys who own it claim that there are so many pockets and compartments inside that it will hold all of your things with room to spare.

There is the main compartment, two side magazine pouches, a smaller pouch for your cell phone, just to name a few.

The main pocket also has a drawstring closure ensure to keep the water out. However, the outside pockets are not waterproof.

Wide, thick and adjustable straps make the item comfortable for heavy wearing without worrying it will move when you run or sit. The wallet can be positioned anywhere on your leg.

Large and strong zippers ensure that all of the content placed inside stays secure and doesn’t slip out. With this product your money, phone and keys will always be safe.



  • A lot of pockets and compartments for storing a multitude of things
  • Wide and thick belt for carrying heavy stuff comfortably
  • Large, strong zippers
  • Adjustable straps

  • Not fully waterproof
  • The straps can get loosen after some time

7. Venture 4th Travel Neck Wallet

Constructed from water-resistant, rip-stop nylon and reinforced with a double stitch to prevent rips and tears, Venture 4th Neck Wallet has a long lifetime.

It features three smart storage compartments, including one Velcro-closure patch, a transparent ID window and two zippered pockets where you can store your passport, cards and valuables.

Between each section, there are mesh separators that will keep your cards free from scratches or damaging. The hook, strap and loop fastener can all be easily adjusted.

Looking from the outside, nobody will notice that you are wearing anything around your neck even under thin layers of clothes because this wallet is pretty slim.

Another thing you won’t have to worry about is whether your belongings will get wet because this item is moisture and water-resistant.

Lined with radio frequency shielding material, this product ensures your personal and card information are safe thus protecting you from electronic thieves and pickpockets.



  • Strong zips and durable, water and moisture resistant fabric
  • Lined with an RFID blocking material to keep your cards’ info secure
  • Soft neck strap with an adjustable neck toggle
  • Lightweight and discreet under clothes

  • Doesn’t have a lot of compartments and pockets
  • A little overpriced

8. TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet

Designed with premium materials and considerable attention to details, TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet features 7 easy-to-access pockets for all your money and cards.

Only one of the pockets is a front pocket, while there are also 6 inner ones. You can hold up to 14 credit cards and paper money inside.

A very handy tool is the integrated metal money clip which allows you to clip several bills and credit cards. The thumb notch will enable you to push out the cards easily.

All your valuable stuff placed in this wallet are safe from electronic pickpocketing and identity theft. This is due to the RFID blocking lining.

Although the manufacturer states that the product is slim and smooth to be carried around in pockets, this may not be entirely true.

Namely, the wallet is a bit bulkier than expected, which makes it suitable for storing it only in some bigger jeans or shorts pockets, while it can’t fit into any smaller pocket.



  • RFID blocking lining
  • Integrated metal money clip and cardholder
  • Thumb notch for easy access to your cards
  • The leather is very sleek and soft

  • The money clip is too narrow and tight
  • Bulky and doesn’t fit well into most of the pockets

9. RFID Blocking Bifold Genuine Leather Front Pocket Wallet

Although thin and fits seamlessly in the pockets, RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Wallet is handmade from the finest full grain genuine leather.

Advanced RFID secure technology blocks all unauthorized scans from 13.56 MHz or higher to protect your valuable card numbers.

Design includes a quick access ID window and slots in which you can store 6 to 8 cards, alongside with some money.

There is also a minimal pull-tab that’s great in reducing bulk even more. The most used cards can be put in a front pocket which features a convenient card holder.

Of course, there is a photo ID slot, two inside pockets and a money clip hold to hold the larger paper bills.

To make the everyday access to cards even more simple, this wallet has a nice, smart pull-strap.



  • Built-in advanced RFID secure technology
  • Finest full grain genuine leather
  • Small pull-strap for quick access to your cards
  • Money clip to access your cash easier

  • Scratches easily
  • Pretty overpriced

10. Admetus Men’s Genuine Leather Short Zip-around Bifold Wallet

Bifold wallet style and vintage look make Admetus Genuine Leather Zip-around Wallet perfect for everyday use or while traveling.

Crafted with genuine cowhide leather and with stitching done pretty well, with normal use this item will last you for years.

You will notice that the surface has some wrinkles and scratches in the beginning, but don’t worry as this is the real leather natural phenomenon.

Actually, scratches are a sign that you are dealing with genuine leather. Just use your fingers to wipe the leather and scratches will disappear.

Six card slots, plus two more hideaway slots, two compartments for bills, a deep cash pocket and a button coin pocket are places where you can hold your money and cards.

Additionally, there are two separate pockets for large and small bills, so you can’t get confused when paying. A sturdy, heavy-duty zipper also works great.



  • 100% genuine cowhide leather
  • A heavy duty zipper
  • More than enough space for all your cards and cash
  • Reasonable price

  • Doesn’t have the RFID blocking technology against electronic thefts
  • The zipper tears up after some time

If you’re trying to achieve the lumbersexual look that is so popular right now, you know that it’s more than just mastering the best beard styles. You have to have style.

From your shoes to your shirts to your wallet, every part of you has to emanate lumbersexual.

When you’re choosing a wallet to go with this type of look, the function is just as important as style. You don’t want to pull out your wallet while paying the bill for dinner and hear the sound of velcro.

You also don’t want to pull out a wallet that’s stuffed to its brim with receipts or falling to pieces.

It can get overwhelming when you’re out looking for a wallet. The amount of variety out on the market is scary. There are so many different types of wallets, materials, shapes, and sizes.

When choosing which one is best for you, you want to determine which features are best for you.

Most importantly, you want a wallet that will last a long time, and not fall apart after a year of everyday use.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while searching for the right wallet for you.

13 Different Types of Wallets

1. Bifold Wallet

Bifold Wallet

A bifold wallet is a classic. It’s typically a wallet that is rectangular and folds in half. It’s simple and compact but stylish.

Its main feature is a long open pocket that easily fits bills and often has slots for your credit cards and ID cards. Some can also feature coin purses.

It’s appealing to many men because it can easily fit into your back pocket, bag or briefcase, or an inside jacket pocket.

2. Trifold Wallet

Trifold Wallet

A trifold wallet is very similar to a bifold wallet but has one more fold to make it more compact. It’s also a rectangle with two flaps, dividing the wallet into sections that take up 1/3rd of the wallet.

Just like a bifold wallet, a trifold wallet has one long pocket to keep your money and slots for your cards. Many also come with an ID window, a pocket for receipts, and a double bill compartment.

It has more space than a bifold, but it doesn’t get as bulky.

3. Slim Wallet

Slim Wallet

Slim wallets can be either bifold, trifold wallet, or have no fold. The purpose of slim wallets is that they’re compact enough to fit into your front pocket.

Putting your slim wallet in your front pocket is better for your back pocket and your back. The smoother design means less wear and tear on your clothing and can look much cooler than the average wallet.

Slim wallets can hold cash and foreign currencies if they’re folded in half. A slim wallet can usually fit between 8 to 10 cards. It’s perfect for the lumbersexual who’s trying to achieve the minimalist look.

4. Large Wallet

Large Wallet

The opposite of a slim wallet, a large wallet isn’t suited for your back pocket or your bag. It’s designed specifically to fit into the inside of the internal pockets of your jacket.

It can hold currencies of all sizes and has many pockets. It’s also often called a long wallet or a breast wallet.

5. Travel Wallet

Travel Wallet

When traveling, you want to take an appropriate wallet. It should be able to keep your important travel documents in one place.

Travel wallets are usually tall and similar to a slim wallet. They’re able to store currency, credit cards, driver’s license, boarding cards, and your passport.

A travel wallet is handy, and many travel wallets come with snap magnetic button closure to keep everything you need safe.

6. Taxi Wallet

The Taxi wallet is a small folding wallet that has pockets that can fit in your front pocket or a small bag.

Not only is this wallet a minimalist’s dream come true, but it’s also perfect for those on the go.

You can take it with you on a weekend getaway, a night out, or everyday travel. A taxi wallet can really simplify your life by cutting down what you carry around.

Taxi wallets can only hold a few folded bills, boarding cards, coins, and your ID card.

7. Belt Wallet

Belt Wallet

Searching for a belt wallet can be hard because people categorize a variety of wallets as belt wallets. A wallet that also doubles as a belt is just that.

It has the same functionality as a regular belt, but there is a secret compartment that is zipped.

You can fit a document and a few folded bills in it. It keeps your money safe while easily making your outfit look stylish.

8. Wrist Wallet

Wrist Wallet

If you’re an active guy, it’s essential to keep your stuff safe while hiking, jogging, and walking. Wrist wallets do that for you.

You can store your money, keys, ID card, mp3 player, and phone into a wrist wallet usually.

You keep it attached to you by a loop that goes around your wrist.

They’re usually adjustable with an elastic loop that protects you from pickpockets.

9. Leg Wallet

If you want to be a little less obvious about where you keep your money and identification, a leg wallet could be a great option for you.

Leg wallets are designed to hide your ID card, money, and passport where no one but you will have access to.

They’re often designed to be worn around your calf or lower leg.

It’s a great option for those who want a super secure way of keeping their travel documents safe while they travel.

10. Neck Wallet

Neck Wallet

Neck wallets are another type of wallet that has become really popular for men and women who travel.

It’s another way that allows you to keep your eyes on your essentials, so you don’t get pickpocketed.

To get the best use out of neck wallets, you’ll want to put the strap over your neck and under one arm so that it can’t be ripped off.

They’re convenient and safe.

11. Money Clip Wallet

Money Clip Wallet

The money clip wallet is still seen as cool. They’re slim and the perfect option for the guy who just carries around cash, their ID card, and credit card.

Removing bills from a money clip is easier than it seems.

You just adjust the tension to secure the number of bills you want by rotating the money clip that’s spring-loaded.

12. RFID Wallet

RFID Wallet

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. An RFID wallet has a chip in them to stop your debit and credit cards from being scanned.

This wallet is perfect for making sure your money and identity are safe and secure.

13. Zippered Wallet

Zippered Wallet

Zipper wallets aren’t seen as being on the same level of cool as a bifold or trifold wallet, but they can be really handy.

A zip closure ensures that everything doesn’t slip out.

They often have other pockets inside them to save receipts and other scraps of important papers.

More and more designs are also being made every day to make zipper wallets more stylish.

Different Materials

When deciding on the best wallet, you need to consider the material as well as the construction.

You want a material that you like and that suits your needs.

Here are a few of the most popular materials used for wallets.


Leather dominates the wallet game. It’s a classic that will always look cool and is durable.

You can’t go wrong when buying a leather wallet, but the material isn’t for everyone.

Real leather can be expensive. Those people who want the look of leather but aren’t willing to pay the price can easily find faux leather wallets.

Other people just don’t want a product made from an animal. Luckily, there are a variety of alternatives to choose from.


A polycarbonate wallet is a good choice for those who want a stylish yet animal-friendly wallet.


Polyester-based wallets is another option for those who don’t want to purchase leather. Polyester is a great material because it’s versatile.

You can have a stylish wallet without having to spend a lot of money on it.

Other Materials

Other popular materials that can fit your aesthetic are aluminum, vinyl, and canvas. Each of these materials is very in and can be extremely stylish.

Is an RFID Wallet Really Worth It?

Thieves often get your information through the use of RFID scanners that they purchase online.

It interacts with the chip that is planted inside of your debit or credit card.

This scanner copies your information unless you have a specialized tool to stop them.

This information stealing is why RFID blocking wallets were created.

They’ve been taking off in the last few years as more and more people are seeing their information stolen while shopping or getting gas.

RFID types of wallets have a shield sewn in that blocks scanners from copying the information they need.

People often debate whether or not RFID types of wallets actually work. Regardless, it doesn’t hurt to have a little bit of protection from identity theft.

The extra protection is especially needed if you live in or near a big city.

Which Wallet Is Best Suited for You?

The wallet that you choose depends on many factors, such as the look you’re going for, the types of wallets available, and the materials that they’re made of.

You can easily choose a classic design, like the bifold wallet, and achieve the lumbersexual aesthetic when you pair it with the best beard styles.

On the other hand, graphic designs and new designs for wallets are a big thing right now.

Ultimately, the type of wallet you choose comes down to personal preference and the experiences that you have from day-to-day.

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