Wax For Beard


Strong Hold

The Honest Amish wax has a stronger hold than other beard waxing products. This makes styling even a scraggly beard or a curly beard easier.

This product is lighter than available mustache wax products today, with higher amounts of beeswax.

Conditions the Beard

Whether you have a beardstache or a thick or thin beard, you can surely benefit from the moisturizing and conditioning properties of the Honest Amish beard wax.

It can condition and moisturize your beard, allowing you to take good care of it the entire day. This makes styling and molding your beard a lot easier, too.

Works Great for Short Facial Hair

This product is strong and smooth and works well for those with shorter facial hair. It is perfect for those with facial hair that are around two to four inches.

At that length, this particular beard wax can give you superior styling capabilities and even works in training and taming stray and wild facial hair so that it will go in a specific direction. The result is a uniform look capable of lasting the entire day.

Man Waxing Beard



If you are still deciding on beard oil vs. wax vs. balm, you will surely enjoy picking the Honest Amish Beard Wax, specifically the Original. This particular type has a nice blend of organic beeswax and organic butters and oils, giving your beard an excellent and remarkable shine.

It can make you feel in control of your beard and condition your facial hair. It can also help eliminate stray beards that are somewhat difficult to control. You will also find the Original Wax distinctive with its light masculine anise scent while having some hints of clove and lavender.

Extra Grit

You can also choose the Honest Amish Extra Grit Beard Wax, which boasts a sweet anise aroma featuring earthy undertones derived from waxes and clays.

It is perfect if you prefer having additional control and more volume for your mustache or beard. It can also make your beard look fuller and darker thanks to its clay properties.


Go for the Slick Beard Wax if you want to control, condition, and protect your beard without having to use heavy wax. It has a nice cinnamon eucalyptus and a clean and fresh scent while boasting of its ability to soften your beard naturally and give it a lighter control.

It can also provide your freshly washed facial hair with a nice sheen. Moreover, it can control and condition it lightly the entire day.

Man Waxing His Beard

How to Use It Properly

Step 1 – Scrape out a pea-sized amount

Use the back of your thumb or one finger for this.

Step 2 – Rub into both palms and fingers

Allow it to warm up when rubbing until your preferred consistency is attained.

Step 3 – Work from your hair’s underside

Let it come up and out from your hair’s roots.

Step 4 – Work on the outer shell

This should result in a well-groomed and thick look. This should also help give your beard, regardless if you have an Amish beard, Balbo beard style, or any other facial hair style, additional shine and volume.

When to Apply

Apply it as part of your beard maintenance routine. It would be great to put the beard wax application as the last step of your routine for maintaining a beard.

It should be the last product you have to apply to your facial hair, so it can lock in moisture and prevent it from drying out the entire day.


Does Honest Amish beard balm have wax?

No. The Honest Amish beard balm has a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients, mainly essential oils, designed to keep your facial hair healthy and soft and eliminate itchiness and irritation. It also contains organic butter and botanical additives.

Can I use Honest Amish beard wax every day?

Yes, you can make it a part of your regular and daily beard care and maintenance routines.