Proraso Shaving Soap Review

What Is a Proraso Shaving Soap

Proraso shaving soap refers to an Italian-made soap that garners great reviews from the public. Many even consider it as one of the premium beard care products right now, considering its great quality and value overall. This shaving and beard soap that is extremely easy to lather is distinctive because of its incredibly soothing menthol and eucalyptus scents.

Aside from that, it is not as expensive compared to other beard care products in the market right now. It also boasts of its long lifespan, making it better than even the perfect shaving cream and gels you can find in the market. Let’s get to know more about this specific shaving soap through this article.

Benefits of Using a Proraso Shaving Soap

Soothing and Relaxing Scent

The combined scents of eucalyptus and menthol provide a big advantage to the Proraso shaving soap as it makes it more soothing and relaxing to its users. With that, expect it to contribute to making you feel refreshed after your use of the soap. The use of both eucalyptus and menthol in this soap also provides a great advantage for your skin. The two can work together in toning your skin and tightening your pores, making it look as healthy and young as possible.

Forms a Dense and Thick Lather

Many are also in favor of the dense and thick lather that the Proraso shaving soap can produce. It is even possible to say that its texture is better than other luxurious bar soaps that you can easily access today. It can somewhat resemble the best shaving creams at present.

The dense lather it forms can help fill any space within your beard or facial hair. This promotes better absorption, which is actually great when grooming your beard to absolute perfection. It helps even those high-quality alternatives to the best cartridge razors and the cartridge razors themselves to glide smoothly and conveniently over the area.

Lasts Long

Whether you are trying to complete the items for your modern or old-school shaving kit, the Proraso shaving soap makes a great addition. It is an incredible investment as it tends to last for a long time. Since it can last long, you will surely feel good knowing that it provides you with excellent value for its price.

How Does the Proraso Shaving Soap Work

How Does the Proraso Shaving Soap Work

Proraso shaving soap works for any men out there who need to shave their beards regularly. It targets all beard and skin types. It also works by providing your skin with a refreshing and cool feel.

What is even better about this soap is that it does not contain any artificial colors, parabens, mineral oils, and silicones, making it function safely even for those with sensitive skin. It can even help prevent razor burns and other possible negative effects of shaving.

Pros and Cons of Proraso Shaving Soap


  • Provides your skin with a relaxing, refreshing, and cool feel, thanks to its eucalyptus and menthol scents.
  • Capable of producing high-quality lather.
  • Can be used even by those with sensitive skin as it is devoid of harsh and harmful chemicals and ingredients.
  • Can prevent razor burns and other negative side effects of shaving.
  • Not that expensive while having the ability to last for a long time – It can even complement your sharp blade that lasts for a very long time, too.


  • Not so secure lid for the provided matte bowl.

Features of Proraso Shaving Soap


Undeniably, the Proraso shaving soap has a refreshing and relaxing scent brought on by combining eucalyptus and menthol. It resembles the noticeable scent in many classic barbershops. It is somewhat green, fresh, and masculine.

One advantage of the soap’s scent is that it does not seem to fill the entire room until it becomes too overpowering. It is just enough to give you a refreshing and cooling sensation, particularly on your face. This makes it great for shaving subtly while still having fun doing the routine.


Another distinctive feature of the Proraso shaving soap involves it being skin-friendly. It is friendly to your skin, especially if you think of how effective it is in nourishing and moisturizing the surface. The skin-friendly nature of this shaving soap also makes it perfect for those who have sensitive skin. It can even amp up such a capability as this product is devoid of any mineral oils or silicon.


Another feature that you may want to check out regarding this shaving soap is its latherability. This is the specific aspect of this product where you can expect it to shine. It is because of its ability to produce abundant amounts of lather with just the least effort.


Features of Proraso Shaving Soap

I’m quite sure you will never run out of reasons to say that the Proraso shaving soap is the best in terms of performance. It performs well as it assures you of a smooth shave right after you put it on your face. With the creamy and dense lather that it can create, you can give your beard enough coverage while ensuring that it has the perfect balance of cream and foam.

You are also assured of its good performance as it lets your razor glide with only minimal effort while preventing any pain or interruption. Aside from that, this soap helps prevent cuts, razor burns, nicks, or any other form of skin irritation after shaving. With that, you can also pair it up with the world’s best shaping tool or shave and witness it deliver an even more fantastic performance.


The longevity of the Proraso shaving soap is also a guarantee. This product actually comes in a tub at 150 ml capacity. Even if you use the soap often, probably faster than when using a cream, you can still expect this product to last for up to six months – that is, if you only shave once every day.


The consistency of this shaving soap is also one of the things it takes pride in. The reason is that it is not as hard as the other shaving soaps available today. It has a texture that somewhat resembles a soap bar placed beneath hot water then used after all excess water has been removed. You can somewhat describe its consistency as both solid and creamy simultaneously.

How to Use a Proraso Shaving Soap

Using a Proraso shaving soap requires you to have your own shaving brush (ex. a badger shaving brush) as well as any of the most durable shaving bowls you can invest in at present. You will need these items to perform the following steps in using the soap:

Step 1 – Soak the brush in water

This should take five to ten minutes.

Step 2 – Put on a pre-shave cream

Put a hot towel over your face, too.

Step 3 – Squeeze all the remaining water from brush

Get the Proraso soap that has been placed in the bowl a while ago, then coat your shaving brush with it. If you have coarser than usual facial hair or beard, it would be best to rub the brush using circular movements.

Step 4 – Spread the soap to the beard

After that, you can move on to shaving. Rinse and use any of those 100% fogless shaving mirrors to see the results

Proraso Shaving Soap vs Proraso Shaving Cream

The shaving soap and shaving cream created by Proraso have a couple of differences – one of which is related to their scents. You will notice that the shaving soap from the same brand has a scent, which is not as potent or overwhelming compared to the cream.

The two also differ as far as the lather is concerned. The soap’s lather seems to be quite thicker and trickier to build up than the shaving cream.

Do’s and Don’ts With a Proraso Shaving Soap


  • Apply a pre-shaving cream. Do this before you apply the soap. The cream will help in straightening and softening your facial hair, thereby promoting ease in applying the soap to the beard.
  • Prepare a warm and wet towel. Wrap your face with it. This can help soften and hydrate the hair before you use the soap.
  • Apply the soap using quick and repeated circular movements. Make sure to wet your brush, too. Your goal should be to coat the bristles with the soap and form a rich lather quickly.


  • Do not forget to apply an aftershave balm. You can also get this product from Proraso. It can prevent adding stress on your skin, soften it, and restore its nice texture and look.
  • Do not forget to screw the lid tightly after each use. This helps prevent the soap from drying out excessively, causing its natural moisture to escape.

FAQ About Proraso Shaving Soap

FAQ About Proraso Shaving Soap

How long does Proraso shaving soap last?

One impressive fact about the shaving soap offered by Proraso is that it tends to be long-lasting. You can even expect it to last for almost six months if you shave around once a day.

Can you shave with soap instead of shaving cream?

Yes, you can. Just make sure that you pick a soap with moisturizing and soothing elements. Also, ensure that the soap lathers as much as possible. It should be able to produce a sudsy effect. With that, it can surely make for a great alternative to shaving cream.

Is Proraso shaving soap different from regular soap?

Yes, it is. Regular soap has the main goal of removing dirt, while shaving soap, as the name suggests, is mainly made for shaving. It is made so that it can create a stable lather capable of lasting throughout the entire shave as well as multiple passes. It is not like regular soaps that can form a lather while dissipating fast.


Overall, the Proraso shaving soap is a great addition to the products used by men for shaving and grooming. With its ability to promote ease when it comes to shaving while preventing some side effects like irritation and burns, it’s definitely worth investing in.