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There’s something about scientists, engineers, professors and inventors that will always elicit interest. It has to do with their intelligence and high thinking capacity.

Their great inventions, not to mention the numerous scientific findings, have gone a long way in making the world a better place.

One notable name that deserves a special mention in the echelon of the world’s greatest inventors is Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American engineer, physicist, futurist, and inventor.

He is regarded as the father of alternating current thanks to his discovery of the rotating magnetic field, which is used predominantly as the basis of most AC electrical systems today.

He also invented the Tesla coil, which is an induction coil used in radio technology.

His breakthrough discoveries in the fields of radar technology, remote control, and X-ray technology were ahead of their time.

Coupled with his walrus mustache, these epic inventions elevated his status and Nikola Tesla became an instant hit in the world of science.

Early Life, Career and Notable Moments

Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in modern-day Croatia. His father was an Eastern Orthodox priest while his mother was a specialist in mechanical appliances and home craft tools despite the fact she was unschooled.

She had a critical role in influencing Nikola to develop an interest in science and technology. The fourth born in a family of five kids, Tesla had three sisters and one brother.

His older brother Daniel got killed in a horse riding incident when Tesla was just 7 years old. This loss not only unsettled the young Tesla but also attributed to his lifelong mental condition.

His interest in science started very early when he was in primary school where he studied Religion, Arithmetic, and the German language.

In 1870, he moved on to the Higher Real Gymnasium in Karlovac, where he undertook his high school education.

It is during his time at high school that Tesla had his first encounter with a mysterious force.

Early Life, Career and Notable Moments

In one of his many write-ups, Tesla noted that the mysterious phenomena woke up an irreversible urge in him to know more about this magnificent force.

This led to one of his famous quotes: “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

As the story is told, Nikola Tesla was a highly intelligent student who could perform integral calculus calculations in his head.

He managed to clear a four-year high school course in just three years thanks to his brilliance.

Soon after graduating from high school in 1873, he suffered from cholera, which made him helpless for almost nine months as he battled for his life.

Fortunately, he managed to overcome the disease. As fate would have it, Tesla was scheduled to forcefully join the Austro-Hungarian Army in 1874, but he managed to escape, hiding in the mountains in Tomingaj.

His time in Tomingaj changed the way Tesla viewed the world, and he once stated, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Soon afterward, Nikola Tesla joined the Austrian Technical University in Graz where he studied mathematics and physics. His first year was a great success as he scored the highest grades possible.

However, by the time he was reaching his third year, Tesla lost the scholarship and dropped out of school.

With the help of his uncles, he managed to move from Gospic to the University of Prague where he attended lectures in philosophy.

Early Life, Career and Notable Moments

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However, Tesla was not recognized as a student as he did not enroll in any course at the university.

After several stints in Budapest and Paris where he was working with various power plants, Nikola Tesla migrated to the United States.

His career began at the same moment he met world-renowned scientist Thomas Edison.

Tesla was enlisted as an assistant engineer at Edison’s Manhattan power plant. He was not only hardworking but also humble.

Tesla had a strong affinity for electricity and he once quipped, “If your hate could be turned into electricity, it would light up the whole world.”

His diligence and brilliance did not go unnoticed, but he later quit his job after Thomas Edison failed to live up to his promise of paying him $50,000 for improving his DC dynamos.

By 1888, Tesla had already had success in the production of AC power, but he did not have the financial backing to patent his discovery.

He later met George Westinghouse who managed to buy the royalties to his AC dynamos.

With his newly found riches, Tesla managed to open his own lab where he made several other discoveries, including the three-phase electric power, neon lamp, Tesla coil, wireless telegraphy, the Tesla valve and many others.

Nikola Tesla spent his final years living in a New York Hotel and feeding wild pigeons in city’s parks.

Although his physical and mental health was fast fading, he continued working on new inventions that sadly did not see the light of the day. Tesla died on January 7, 1943, when he was 86-year-old.

Nikola Tesla’s Mustache Style

Nikola Tesla was not only a great innovator, he was also a fashion-conscious scientist. His sharp suits, not to forget his walrus mustache spoke volumes about his sense of style.

Nikola Tesla’s mustache was characterized by thick, bushy whiskers that covered his upper lip.

If you are having issues with the look of your lips, then the walrus mustache is one of the best mustache styles you should consider growing.

How to Grow a Mustache Like Nikola Tesla

The walrus mustache was seemingly a preserve of the world’s greatest thinkers and scientists like Nikola Tesla. However, this is no longer the case.

It can be worn by anyone ranging from cowboys to presidents. This type of mustache takes a long time to grow.

Nevertheless, you can grow them faster by simply washing your ‘stache with specialized facial hair soap and by consistently applying beard moisturizers to open up the hair follicles around the mustache area.

How to Grow a Mustache Like Nikola Tesla

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This technique will certainly trigger a faster mustache growth rate. Remember not to trim your ‘stache for at least three months until you have a coarse, thick facial hair.

When you achieve the desired growth, you can go ahead and style your mustache just like Nikola Tesla.

Styling and Maintaining Your Mustache like Nikola Tesla

To shorten your mustache to be like Nikola Tesla’s, you need several beard grooming tools, including the best small mustache comb and a pair of durable beard scissors.

With a beard trimmer or a pair of beard scissors trim off all the facial hair other than the mustache. Use the mustache comb to groom your mustache using downward strokes.

The pair of scissors should be used to remove extended hairs, which will ensure that the mustache covers at least your upper lip.

You can complement your look by applying your preferred dye for mustaches.

While Nikola Tesla is no longer with us, his legacy still lives on decades after his death. His discoveries have gone a long way to set precedence for other greater inventions.

Above all, Nikola Tesla’s mustache remains a point of interest for all mustache lovers.

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