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Whether you have just decided to celebrate No Shave November, are looking forward to January, or have sported an epic ‘stache for some years now, you know the value of a really good mustache comb.

A mustache comb will keep your mustache looking neat and well-groomed and will help to evenly distribute wax or balm if you choose to use it.

Mustaches present a unique grooming dilemma. The hair is relatively short, yet many people want to groom it into various styles, such as handlebars or a horseshoe.

Facial hair can grow haphazardly, making it tricky to keep it lying flat. Coarse facial hair requires a different type of comb from fine hair, and your choice of the comb may also be influenced by the style of mustache you prefer.

There is a lot to know about mustache combs, and there are a number out there to choose from. Here are three of the best all-around mustache combs available today.

4Klawz Beard Comb

This pocket comb will keep your mustache looking perfectly groomed, and can also be used on your hair, beard, and sideburns.

Its unique four-sided design has teeth that vary in depth and spacing so you can choose the one that’s most comfortable for you.

It has fine teeth on one of the long sides, wide teeth on the other long side, and short teeth on the short sides.

The 4Klawz Bear Comb is handcrafted from a single piece of pear wood, sanded to a perfectly smooth finish, and polished to glide through any tangle.

The smooth finish keeps your hair from snagging and snarling and eliminates static and frizz.

It’s not stained, dyed or oiled, so you can season it with your favorite beard balm or oil or leave it all natural.

4Klawz Beard Comb - Pocket Comb with 4 Sides of Wide & Fine Teeth

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This comb can be used to detangle, shape and groom your facial hair, and to apply your favorite balm, oil or wax.

Whether your hair is long or short, straight or curly, thick or thin, this comb will keep you looking your best. This comb is ideal if you have a beard as well as a mustache.

You can use it on sideburns and your hair as well, so it is really the only comb you will need to carry.

This comb fits in your pocket so you can stay perfectly groomed wherever you are. Because it measures just 4” x 2.5” it will easily fit in your jeans, pants or shirt pocket.

While it’s small enough to take with you, it’s large enough to comb even the longest beard quickly.

Very few users had anything critical to say about this comb.

It’s safe to say that this comb works well for virtually every type of mustache, and for beards, hair and sideburns as well.

4Klawz Beard Comb - Pocket Comb with 4 Sides of Wide & Fine Teeth

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Very few people who tried this comb had anything negative to say about it. Most of the complaints had to do with it just not being the best type of comb for a particular style of mustache or beard.

For a sturdy, versatile comb that won’t snag the hairs in your mustache or beard, the 4Klawz Beard Comb is an excellent choice.

Its compact size, quality materials and workmanship and versatility make this a top choice among men with facial hair.

This comb would make an excellent gift as it is a unique design and each one is handcrafted, so no two are alike. If you’re looking for a gift for the mustachioed man-who-has-everything, try the 4KLawz Beard Comb.

The Kent 87T Folding Beard and Mustache Comb

This limited edition, handmade folding comb is made of saw-cut plastic. The comb is curved, making it ideal for mustaches.

Just over two inches long when folded, or about the size of a tube of lip balm, the comb opens out to a 4.5” length. It is handmade and imported from the United Kingdom.

The small size of this comb makes it ideal for carrying with you for touchups throughout the day.

It’s also good to use while clipping or trimming your mustache as it holds the hair in place without being too cumbersome. You can also use it when you need to trim your beard or sideburns.

Limited Edition Kent 87T Folding Beard 6 Mustache Comb

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The fine saw-cut plastic teeth comb easily through coarse or thin hair, although it works better on mustaches than on beards.

For a longer, thicker beard this comb would struggle simply because of its size. Kent makes larger, flat combs that would do a better job on a full or curly beard.

Plastic combs like the Kent 87T are ideal for applying mustache wax. After spreading the wax evenly through your mustache, you can easily wash the comb under running water.

A wooden comb cannot be washed, although the wax has the effect of seasoning the wood.

The fineness of the teeth makes it ideal for sculpting a mustache into handlebars or a Fu Manchu. Since you can carry it easily in your pocket, you can touch up your mustache at any time, which is important when you are trying to ‘train’ your mustache to stay in a certain shape.

When the comb is folded, the teeth fold into the handle so any wax that may remain on the teeth cannot get on your clothes.

The teeth will also not pick up any bits of lint from your pocket while the comb is folded.

A flat comb does not provide this protection, so debris from your pocket can stick to the comb and end up in your mustache. That’s never a good look.

Fans of this comb appreciate its compact size and quality workmanship. It is durable and convenient and keeps your mustache looking neat and well-groomed wherever you go.

One complaint is that the gold logo on the case wears off pretty quickly, making the comb look old or used when it may not be.

Striking Viking Pocket Comb

Finely crafted from 100% natural sandalwood, this comb has bristles on both sides.

The bristles are different sizes, so it can be used on long or short hair, whether it’s curly or straight, thick or thin.

This comb will keep your beard and mustache looking neat and well-groomed all day long.

If you’ve ever tried to comb your beard or mustache with a metal or plastic comb, you know that they can snag the hair, especially if it’s curly or kinky.

That hurts! This wooden comb will not snag your hair, so it’s much more enjoyable to use. You can even use it to apply oil or balm to your beard or mustache.

Anti-Static and Hypoallergenic Wood Pocket Comb For Beards & Mustaches

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The fresh sandalwood comb has a light, appealing fragrance, which you can smell as you comb but doesn’t linger in your beard or mustache.

The scent will not interfere with any scented wax, balm or oil you may use on your facial fair.

The comb will leave your beard and mustache looking neat and healthy. The wood is durable yet smooth and will eliminate static from your facial hair, helping to keep your beard neat every day.

Like all wooden combs, the Striking Viking Pocket Comb is easy on the scalp and won’t break or damage hair like metal or plastic combs can.

It even keeps your hair looking softer and healthier by evenly distributing the oil from your scalp throughout the length of your beard and mustache.

The narrowly spaced bristles groom thin hair, short beards and mustaches. The wider-spaced bristles can be used on thicker, longer hair and beards.

Some models of this comb have bristles that are all the same width apart, so if you want two different types of bristles, make sure you’re ordering the correct model.


A synthetic leather travel case keeps the comb clean and protected in your pocket. Its compact size (4” x 2.5” x 0.2”) and lightweight (2.4 ounces) make it easy to carry with you wherever you go.

The comb is shipped in sealed packaging to maintain hygiene. Because it’s made of natural sandalwood, it’s hypoallergenic.

Some users of this comb mentioned two minor issues they were not happy with. Some people said that there was not enough difference in the sizes of the teeth on either side of the comb and others said that they thought the comb was too thick to fit comfortably in their pocket. A few users said that they thought the comb was not strong as some bristles broke fairly easily, but other users praised its durability.

The Striking Viking Pocket Comb can be carried in a back or front pants pocket so you can use it any time your beard or mustache needs a little touch-up. It’s the perfect comb to keep your facial hair looking its best every day.

Like the mustache itself, the best mustache comb is largely a matter of personal preference. Any of these combs will keep your mustache well-groomed and attractive.

They also make a thoughtful gift for the man who has everything – including an epic ‘stache. For an even better gift, include mustache wax or beard oil in an appealing scent.

Thanks for reading! What kind of mustache comb to you use? What do you like best about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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