Rock Your Silver Beard With The Morgan Freeman Beard Style

Morgan Freeman is one of the finest actors in Hollywood whose contributions to the film industry cannot be forgotten.

His roles in films like The Shawshank Redemption, The Sum of all Fears and The Dark Knight Trilogy reflect how talented this amazing gentleman is.

Apart from acting in films, Morgan Freeman has also lent his voice to various television shows.

But the personality and gravity of this incredible actor is influenced greatly by his style sense, both in terms of outfits and physical appearance.

Impressive Acting Spanning Over Decades

The list of this actor’s box office hits is very long, including Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Glory, Deep Impact, Seven, Bruce Almighty, The Lego Movie, Now You See Me (1 & 2), Wanted and RED.

Freeman’s first taste of success came in 1970s when he was cast as part of The Electric Company, a children’s program.

It was in the middle of 1980s that Freeman started playing strong supporting roles in several feature films, making him the ideal fatherly figure we all adore.

The actor has been on a roll, and critics find it extremely difficult to find a flaw in Freeman’s characters, whether it is that of God in Bruce Almighty, or that of the Wayne Enterprises’ CEO in The Dark Knight.

Today, Freeman stands fourth highest in the rank of box office starts, and has contributed more than $4.316 billion to the overall box office through his films.

Morgan Freeman Achievements

The achievements of Freeman are way beyond remarkable; he has been nominated 5 separate times for both the Golden Globe Award and the Academy Award (for the same film).

For his role in Million Dollar Baby, Freeman was bestowed with the Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actor.

His Golden Globe Award for the Best Actor came from the film, Driving Miss Daisy. Freeman has also won 1 Screen Actor Guild Award (SAG), and been nominated for SAG 4 times in total.

Morgan Freeman Achievements

Morgan Freeman has also received several Lifetime Achievement Awards, including the Mississippi’s Best Award and the SAG Life Achievement Award.

The Boston University also presented Freeman with the Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary degree) in 2013, while the Delta State University honored him with the Doctor of Arts and Letters (honorary degree) in 2006.

Morgan Freeman’s last appearance on screen was in 2015, when he played the role of the Chief Justice of the US in the popular TV series, Madam Secretary.

Morgan Freeman’s Beard Style – Popularizing The Salt and Pepper Beard Style

Morgan Freeman carries a humble yet sophisticated look on screen, depending on his character.

However, the most striking feature of his physique, apart from the extraordinary voice, is his beard. Freeman has been aging very gracefully, and it is evident from the style that he flaunts.

While full beard has never been Freeman’s style, he has been known to create ripples with the salt n pepper beard. In fact, Freeman’s choice of beard over the years has been some of the best beard styles for black men.

Morgan Freeman's Beard Style - Popularizing The Salt and Pepper Beard Style

The salt n pepper beard style has been worn by most celebrities who have crossed the 40-year mark. It is considered to be one of the most prurient looks when it comes to styling facial hair.

It goes perfectly well with silver hair, and Freeman made this style even more sophisticated, when had a combination of both white and black facial hair.

However, Freeman did have to dye his beard for certain roles, and if you’re falling short of black hair you can read our article to learn how to dye your beard.

But that doesn’t mean that Freeman doesn’t rock silver beard. He has been seen flaunting the goatee and the short beard styles in the last few years and you can try them out with the help of the following guide.

How To Get The Morgan Freeman’s Goatee

Morgan Freeman’s goatee is quite similar to Van Dyke beard, except that there is no pointed beard or mustache. To get this look, you need to:

Step 1

Create the desired shape with your beard trimmer. Make sure that the line from your mouth’s corner downwards is fully straight on both ends. Keep the mustache connected.

Step 2

To create the stubble shadow beard like Freeman, you will need a good quality cordless stubble trimmer and a good eye to get the stubble shadow.

Step 3

Allow the ends of the beard to taper sideways, so that the facial hair on both side of the chin bone (on the lower border line) appears to recede as they move away from the chin.

Step 4

Shave off facial hair from the neckline and rest of your face (including the cheeks).

Step 5

Choose best organic beard shampoo or high-quality beard soap to wash your face once you are done.

Now, you are ready with the look. Keep the facial hair mowed every other day if possible. Make sure you are equipped with proper grooming kit for trimming your beard.

Shop for the top rated beard brushes and beard care products so that you can easily maintain your Morgan Freeman’s beard style.

How To Achieve Morgan Freeman’s Short Beard

Short beards come with their own advantages, especially the one that Morgan Freeman sports at times.

You can eat more comfortably, can keep the facial hair tamed, and your sculpted jawline illusion will shine brightly. Here’s how you can create this look:

Step 1

Tilt up the chin very slightly so that you can find the jawline. The neckline should be made at least 1 inch below your jaw.

Step 2

Use a straight razor, electric trimmer or safety razor to shave the facial hair. Begin with the center of the chin and neck, and then move upwards to the ear. Follow the jaw’s natural curve as a guide.

Step 3

Don’t try to do both the sides at one time- start with one side and when you feel satisfied you can move to the other to maintain symmetry.

Step 4

For setting the cheek line parameters, smile in front of the mirror and follow that smile line upwards in the direction of the sideburns.

Step 5

Outline and then trim the cheek line. To get sharper line, use a beard shaping tool.

Step 6

Next, brush the beard, and using scissors clean up anything left behind.

Also, you may have heard about beard oil, but what does beard oil do. It works to soften your beard, and so does a beard moisturizer. Apply any one of these to minimize the itch and redness.

Well, that sums up how you can give your grey beard a Morgan Freeman makeover.

However, if you are new to styling your beard at home, make sure you take all the necessary precautions.

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