Minimize Beard Mess from Trimming

We all know the struggle: after months of growing out enough facial hair to form a respectable beard, you finally learned how to trim a beard, find a day to dedicate towards trimming and shaping it, and find yourself drowning in the hair you trimmed off.

Almost all beard styles require trimming at some point, meaning you have to face the monster that is loose beard hair.

Just one beard trim can absolutely ruin any hopes you had for keeping your bathroom respectable and clean.

It tends to stick to any part of your bathroom that it can reach and is all but impossible to clean up once it’s spread.

Thankfully, this is such a widespread issue that many men have come up with their own DIY solutions to fix beard messes, and some men have created products designed to keep your counters and floors clean.

What Doesn’t Work?

Over the years, men have tried many things to minimize beard messes. While a few shining examples have led to a clean space, many have proven ineffective.

To keep you from making the same mistake as us, we’ve listed the ways that DO NOT help clean up after a beard trimming.

Don’t do these things:


  • Baby wipes – While it might clean a bit of the mess, it gets far from all of it.
  • Toilet paper – The toilet paper falls apart when it reaches any water, and leaves bits of wet paper behind where you try to wipe. It’ll create more than a mess than you already had.
  • Hot or cold water rag – No matter the temperature, hair doesn’t stick too well to the rag, and you’ll end up just spreading the hair around and getting your bathroom wet.
  • Microfiber rag – Wet or dry, these rags give the same result as a typical rag.
  • Traditional bathroom towel – Like a rag, a bathroom towel will just spread the hair around the bathroom, getting it stuck in the crevices and corners of your bathroom and making it even harder to clean up.
  • Vacuuming – While vacuuming can clean up the dry hair, it leaves behind the wet hair, and it isn’t practical to do every time you shave.

What DIY Methods Work?

A few of the many methods we’ve tried were bound to work, and work they did. We found that taking preventative measures to keep hair from spreading throughout the bathroom definitely worked best for us.

DIY methods for minimizing beard mess

We’ve collected a few DIY prevention and cleaning methods that we’ve used or seen used to keep bathrooms clean.

Try these things:

Line the sink – Before shaking, get some paper towels damp, and line the inside of the sink. You can also line the counter around the sink if you tend to spread hair everywhere.

Do your best to keep all of the trimmings over the sink when you shave. The hair tends to stick to the damp paper towels.

Once you’re done, gather the paper towels and throw them out. You can also line the sink with damp newspaper.

Use a plastic bag – If you have a pedestal sink, you can try opening a plastic bag so the trimmings fall into the bag.

Even if you have a sink with a counter, you can try taping the bag down so the majority of hair is caught in the bag.

Once you’re done, you can throw away the bag, or just empty out the hair and save the bag to reuse next time.

Old poster board – If you have a flexible poster board lying around, you can try to rest that in the sink.

It should span much more surface area than just the sink, and effectively catch the majority of the hair. The poster board material will make the hair fall right off and into the trash once you tilt it.

Lay a towel down – Before you shave, lay a towel over the sink and counter, and try to get all of the hair trimmings on the towel.

Once you’re done, take the towel outside and shake it out. You can reuse the same towel a few times between washes, but try to shake out as much hair as possible and wash it regularly.

What Products Work Best?

Your clean-up process is greatly improved by having the best grooming kit, complete with the best beard trimmer, beard scissors, and beard bib.

Best Beard Trimmer

We recommend an electric trimmer as it can catch a bit of the hair on its own, making clean-up easier.

Best Beard Trimmer

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Our favorite electric trimmer is the Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3000, complete with 13 attachments for a variety of beard lengths and textures.

Best Beard Scissors

The Marbeian Beard Scissors have sharp blades that ensure a clean cut, meaning that your beard hair will fall quickly and directly rather than sticking to the scissors and spreading throughout your bathroom.

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Best Beard Bib

The holy grail of bathroom cleanliness is a beard bib. These revolutionary products attach to the mirror or wall in front of your sink then wrap around your neck like a bib.

The fabric catches loose hair as you trim it, keeping your bathroom squeaky clean.

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We’ve built a Beardoholic Beard Bib for no-mess grooming. Our bib is easy to use, secure, and high-quality, so you can keep using it for a long while.

The Final Word

Gone are the days of spending more time cleaning up than you do on actually trimming your beard.

No matter your beard style, you’re bound to end up needing a trim at some point, and our DIY solutions are a great way to keep a mess from forming.

For an easy, all but guaranteed clean bathroom experience, check out our Beardoholic Beard Bib to ensure your bathroom stays squeaky clean.

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