Merkur Futur Review

Merkur is a German company that produces quality shaving tools and products. This article reviews the world’s best adjustable safety razor, the Futur safety razor. It stands out from most of its products and is rated among the best safety razors in the market.

What Is Merkur Futur

The Merkur Futur is a safety razor, alongside the progressive and vision models from the German company called Merkur. It has unique features and benefits for its users. 

Benefits of Using Merkur Futur

Adjustable Razor Setting

It has an adjustable razor setting, ranging between 1 and 6.

Variety of Colors

It comes in different colors, such as chrome finishing, gold plated chrome, and chrome satin.


It has the right weight (4.4 ounces) and height (4 Inches).

Great Design

It has no knurling but has an indentation near the top of the handle. 

Ideal for Wet and Dry Shaving

It is ideal for both dry and wet shaving.

How Does Merkur Futur Work

The Merkur Futur is an adjustable double-sided safety razor with replaceable blades. It is better than using a single-blade razor.

It has a safety bar to protect your skin from the sharp blade. To use it, you need to have a firm grasp of the tool and previous experience using safety razors. 

Its weight disqualifies the razor from the list of beginner-appropriate safety razors. However, this is the razor for that clean and neat look on your beard, especially if you like a short beard style

Pros and Cons of Merkur Futur

Pros and Cons of Merkur Futur


  • It is well adjustable, giving it a wide range of aggressiveness depending on your beard.
  • Has a good weight to balance on your skin without causing injury.
  • The long handle is appropriate for men with large hands.
  • It has excellent aesthetics and looks appealing in your bathroom.
  • The numbered settings are a great guide when adjusting its aggressiveness.
  • You can replace the blades using a disposable razor.


  • The bulky head can spell trouble for your lip and nose areas.
  • The no knurling feature means that it gets slippery and can cause injuries.
  • The clip-on head is not the best for locking the blade.
  • It needs extra care when adjusting the blade. You can’t do it with wet hands, or else you’ll injure yourself.
  • The razor is generally too big and too bulky.

Types of Merkur Futur Razors

With Satin-Matte Chrome

The Satin Matte chrome has an exquisite laid-back look perfect for the toned-down kind of man. The blade has all the features described for this brand. 

With Polished Chrome

The polished chrome model sits in your bathroom like an exquisite piece of art. The shiny metal has an appealing nature and feels and looks good on your hands and face. 

With Gold-Tone 

The gold-tone model is for the classic man who likes to have a little bling in their collection. In your bathroom, this piece stands out and speaks highly about your personality. 

Features of Merkur Futur

Material and Finish

The head of the safety razor is produced with a zinc die-casting process, and the handle is brass with both sections having a chrome (Futur 700), satin (Futur 701), or gold finish (Futur 702). 

The company states that combining these metals provides an outstanding balance between the head and handle. The satin finish can offer a little more grip.


The double-edged feature of this razor means that you can shave with either side of the blade. This is one of the most preferred features of safety razors. 

Closed Comb

The closed comb model of the razor means that it has a safety bar between your skin and the blade. The safety bar helps to reduce the chances of injury. 

Most people believe that only open-combed safety razors can handle bulky beards. However, the closed comb Merkur Futur is powered to handle the bulkiest beards. 


The head of the Merkur Futur safety razor is spring-loaded and can adjust the blade up to 11 times. It also has large reservoirs within the blade gaps and drainage gaps to ensure cleanliness during and after shaving. 

Two Parts

Features of Merkur Futur

The Futur has a two-part design with only the top cap to be taken apart from the handle and the bottom of the head.

Blade Replacement

The top section of the head is clipped off from the bottom section. You have to be cautious here and learn how it functions to protect your hands while replacing blades. 

Handle and Grip

Although the handle does not have any grip, the groove just below the adjustment mechanism surprisingly helps hold the razor. However, it looks attractive, slick, and ultra-modern.

Shave Quality

Once you figure out the aggressiveness level that works for you, the Merkur Futur gives an excellent shave.

Size and Weight

The Merkur Futur is a bit of a beast and weighs 126 grams. Dimensions – overall length: 109 mm, handle length: 84.4 mm, handle diameter: 14.0 mm.


With the dial settings to help you choose your level of aggressiveness, it is hard not to enjoy the convenience of the Merkur Futur safety blade. And the good thing is that if you decide to stick with one or change the level of aggressiveness, you have to work with the dials. 

Blade Gaps 

The adjustable blade gaps available are 1 = 1.12, 2 = 1.19, 3 = 1.35, 4 = 1.47, 5 = 1.60, 6 = 1.65 mm, and 5 other smaller measurements between 1 – 6.

How to Use Merkur Futur

Step 1 – Pre-shave routine

Wash your hands and face with warm water for at least 3 minutes. Attend to your neck by cleaning it as well with warm water. 

Cleaning your face softens and moisturizes your facial hair, ensuring that the razor slides smoothly across the skin. 

Step 2 – Draw water in the sink

Fill a sink with warm water and place your mirror appropriately so you can see your entire face and neck well. 

Step 3 – Apply shaving cream

Apply a lubricant to your beard. This could be a shaving cream or lather made from a shaving soap. 

Step 4 – Start shaving

Place your safety razor on the skin, with the handle perpendicular to your skin. Don’t press down, so you don’t injure yourself.  

Shave with the grain, but this is not strict, making short overlapping movements on the flattened areas of your skin while maintaining the angle between the blade and your skin. 

Rinse your face and repeat the process. You can reduce the stubble by re-lathering and shaving against the grain if you still want to. 

Step 5 – Post-shave routine

Clean your face with warm water, and apply aftershave to keep your skin and beard healthy. You can also use premium beard oil to treat your beard.

NOTE: Always have a skincare essential starter set of products to compliment your shaving processes. Combined with beard vitamins and supplements, these will also help you grow a thicker beard.

How to Maintain Your Merkur Futur 

How to Maintain Your Merkur Futur

Step 1 – Clean the razor after use

Always clean it before and after shaving. You need to ensure that no dirt is transferred to your beard while you shave and that you don’t leave dirt on the blades for better performance. 

Step 2 – Store in a dry place

Keep the safety razor in a clean, dry place and sterile conditions to ensure that it serves you longer and better. The metallic nature of the blade makes it susceptible to dirt and germs, and you need to ensure that it is always clean. 

Step 3 – Disassemble the razor once in a while and clean it

Give your razor a thorough cleaning every once in a while to keep it in the best shape possible. This will help remove the stubborn germs and dirt that could reduce its lifespan. 

Merkur Futur vs Merkur Progress and Merkur Vision

The Merkur company has a firm grip on the adjustable razor segment of the shaving market with their adjustable razors Futur, Vision (discontinued), and the classic Merkur Progress razor – coming from the same company, how do they stack up against each other?

On the Merkur MK-70, the cutting edge is slightly behind the safety bar, giving protection and smooth shaves. 

On Progress, the cutting edge reaches slightly beyond the safety bar, making the shave less smooth and a tad more aggressive.

The handle on Merkur Futur is more slippery than the handle on the Progress – Pro tip: Rub a bit of on your fingers to prevent this. 

The longer handle on MK-70 (4.1″/104 mm) vs. the standard Progress (3″/ 76 mm) makes it a better choice for a person with larger hands. There is also a version of the Progress with a long handle that measures 4.14 inches/ 105 mm.

Most users who have tried both adjustable razors report that it is easier to load the blade on the MK-70. Progress is easier to adjust due to a better grip and handle. Design-wise, MK-70 is a beauty, while Progress is more basic or classic.

Do’s and Don’ts With Merkur Futur


  • Do learn how to use a safety razor before using it.
  • Do clean your razor after every shave.
  • Do store your razor in a clean and dry place.
  • Do sterilize your razor to kill germs.


  • Don’t leave your razor in unsterilized conditions.
  • Do not use an open comb razor if you’re a beginner.
  • Don’t use the Merkur Futur safety razor if you need a quick shave, are on blood-thinners, or don’t have a reliable source of water. 

FAQ About Merkur Futur

How aggressive is Merkur Futur?

The levels of aggressiveness of the Merkur Futur safety blade depend on your preferences. There is a feature for adjusting the levels. From 1 to 11, depending on your beard type and how you want it shaved. 

Who is the Merkur Futur suitable for?

The adjustable features of the safety razor make it suitable for all sorts of beards. The closed comb feature assures the user of safety when using the blade. 

However, the weight of the blade and its lack of knurling makes it hard for a beginner to use. It is, therefore, most appropriate for intermediate beard shavers. 

Like any other safety razor, this model is not appropriate for people who need a quick shave, are on blood-thinning medication, and don’t have a reliable water supply. 

What is the Merker Futur weight?

FAQ About Merkur Futur

The Merker Futur weighs 4.4 ounces and is a little heavy, especially on a beginner’s hand. 

Merkur Futur chrome or satin – which is the best?

This solely depends on the preference of the user. Whichever color appeals to you is good because both blades have the same features. 

Where can you buy Merkur Futur?

You can buy the Merkur Safety razor from online stores like Amazon and eBay. Compare the prices to get the best deal for your purchase. 

Is it easy to load the blade?

Unlike other Merkur razors that use a screw to hold the blade in place, the Futur uses a clip. This unique design makes it easy to load the blade, but it can be dangerous if not careful.

To remove the blade, you will have to pop up the side of the top plate with a notch, load the blade either on the base plate or top plate then pop it back in place. The dangerous part comes in when it is done improperly.


The Merkur Futur is one of the best safety razors in today’s markets. The blades offer you a simple and easy-to-learn experience in trimming your beard at home with their unique features. Although the razor has some downsides, such as its weight, height, and lack of a proper grip, it still outshines other models in the industry. Overall, the Merkur Futur safety razor is the safest bet for any man who likes comfy old-school shaving with a straight razor