Merkur 34C Review

What Is Merkur 34C

The Merkur 34C is a safety razor, which earned positive recognition and extreme popularity in wet shaving. It earned respect and attention of people because it is one of those high-quality safety razor blades in the market right now.

Many are fond of using it, whether beginners or advanced in the field of wet shaving. Aside from being easy to use, it also delivers an outstanding performance every time they use it for shaving. Made in Germany, this two-piece safety razor continues to gain worldwide recognition, similar to the world’s best shaving soap that you can use at present.

Benefits of Using Merkur 34C

Easy to Adjust

This safety razor takes pride in its two-piece design as it makes its blade easy and quick to adjust. You can adjust the blade so that both sides will be even. With that, it’s a great partner if you have plans of improving your skills with an adequate shaping tool.

Assures Good Shave

Another positive thing about the Merkur 34C is that it assures users of a good and smooth shave. It is a mild shaver, which means it is not too mild or aggressive. It perfectly suits those whose beard growth is light to modest.

It is a mild razor, so it is okay for you to experiment by picking a different blade. For instance, you may go for the feather blade if you intend to improve the efficiency of the Merkur 34C. You can experiment using different blades, which means you can sport the right one for you out of the many different beard styles.

Excellent Build and Design

No one can deny how good the Merkur 34C is about the build and design. This double-edge razor features a heavy-duty short handle, which signifies its overall quality and durability. Aside from having excellent build quality, this razor also boasts good chrome plating and tight tolerances.

How Does Merkur 34C Work

The Merkur 34C works by giving anyone a close shave using its closed comb design. It works for both beginners in wet shaving and those who are already experienced. The design makes the razor mild, but you can also integrate a sharp blade so you can use it to enjoy a close shave even if you have a 3-day beard growth.

A single-blade razor can provide a good shave, but nothing seems to compare to the effectiveness in Merkur 34C when it comes to providing you with such a result. You can even put in a less aggressive blade so that you can transform it into a beginner’s razor. With that, it works as a versatile razor, which can give you the kind of a shave you are hoping for.

Pros and Cons of Using Merkur 34C

Pros and Cons of Using Merkur 34C


  • Impressive build quality and craftsmanship.
  • Features a 2-piece design, which promotes ease in adjusting the blades.
  • Comes with a smooth finish that will prevent scratching your face.
  • Amazing weight and balance, thereby improving the entire shaving experience.
  • Well-built handle that you can grip conveniently and won’t slip from your hand even when wet.


  • Some users find it too mild when dealing with denser hair growth.

Features of Merkur 34C

Chrome Plating

One of the many things that the users of the Merkur 34C are so fond of about this product is the chrome plating, which you can expect from the top down to the bottom of the razor. The good thing about this chrome plating is that it does not just serve a single purpose of making the razor look nice and shiny. It is also a significant advantage because it is rust-roof. Moreover, the chrome material promotes the scratch-resistant nature of the razor.


A stubble trimmer can help your facial hair look as great as possible and it’s also something that you can expect from a safety razor, specifically the Merkur 34C. Note that the usual safety razors have three significant varieties: one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece variations.

It is in the two-piece category where the Merkur 34C belongs. In this design, you will notice the blade mount is connected to the handle. The only thing that you can loosen up is the cap.

Many are fond of the 2-piece design, promoting ease and convenience when changing the blade. It only involves turning the knob, which you can find at the bottom, as a means of releasing the head on top. This results in the rapid changing of the blade.


The head of the Merkur 34C safety razor has a couple of components that make it work to the advantage of users. There is the cap, which comes with three prongs. The good thing about this three-pronged design applied to the cap is that it offers an assurance that you can slide the razor blade you prefer on and off safely.

It also allows the use of all kinds of replacement blades suitable for the double-edge safety razor. The reason is that it has a universal fitting. The head also has a closed comb bar that helps make the entire razor safe to use. This is also a scalloped safety bar, making it perfect if you want to feed your facial hair to your beard.

You can also use it to increase the exposure to the blade a bit. It is a big advantage if you have sensitive skin or if you want to learn to trim your sideburns safely and efficiently.


Merkur 34C will not also let you down in terms of the blades that it supports. It is compatible for use with double-edged blades. It means that you can use two blades designed to help in giving you a smoother shave – that is, without requiring you to let the razor run on your skin and face several times.

It provides the advantage of lowering the risk of razor bumps and burns since it will not cause skin irritation. What’s even better about this razor is that you can expect it to work with almost all of the double-edged blades currently available at present. This means that blade replacement will never become a problem for you.


The Merkur 34C also has the advantage of providing an excellent grip. It is mainly because of its handle, which mostly holds a gritty metal texture. You will notice some vertical grooves extending to the blade, specifically even its bottom.

With that, you will never have a hard time holding or gripping the razor. This kind of grip can assure you that shaving your beard will be comfortable even in those instances when both your hands are full of premium shaving cream or soap.

Handle Length

Features of Merkur 34C

However, one critical point about the Merkur 34C is its somewhat short handle length. The total length is only around 3.25 inches, making it more challenging for first-time users to handle. The good news is that despite this short handle, many still find it advantageous as it also assures them of better precision and control as you shave. It is good, especially if it is your first time using a safety razor.


Like other safety razors in the market, the Merkur 34C is heavy. It weighs 76 grams, heavier than cartridge razors that often weigh less than 50 grams. The good news is that this weight also translates to the greatness of its material composition. For instance, beneath its chrome plate is a handle made of brass that also features a die-casted zinc head. All these materials are sturdy, long-lasting, and of top-notch quality.


This safety razor from Merkur is also known for being mildly aggressive. This mild level of aggressiveness is an advantage if you are prone to experiencing razor burns. The reason is that it helps limit the applied pressure on the blade. The mildly aggressive nature of the Merkur 34C is good for you if you are still a beginner in using it, as it lessens the likelihood of you cutting your face.


The durability of this safety razor is also decent. It is not constructed out of cheap materials, like plastic parts and components that easily break under immense pressure. This razor is highly durable and long-lasting. The use of chrome material in its overall build is also one reason it can resist potential damage caused by water and some significant mishandling.

Blade Replacement

You will indeed find the one for Merkur 34C easy to do in terms of blade replacement. The fact that it possesses a two-piece design means that you only have to unscrew the knob found at the bottom part of its handle then move it clockwise. You can then expect the top to open up. Lift it to get the already used blade, then replace it with the new one. After that, close the lid by turning the knob anticlockwise.


In terms of price, note that the Merkur 34C is pricier than the other blades classified as entry-level. That said, it may not be the most suitable choice for you if what you are looking for is an affordable safety razor. However, note that you will still be rewarded by paying more for the Merkur 34C, as it also means you will enjoy a quality razor with a sturdy and solid build.

How to Use Merkur 34C

Step 1 – Prepare your face for the shaving process

The preparation could involve taking a warm shower to soften your hair. You may also apply liberal amounts of warm water to your face. Applying your face wash during this first step is also beneficial in keeping your beard or facial hair as soft as possible before shaving.

Step 2 – Put on some shaving cream

Shaving soap is also a great alternative, but make sure that you have a brush around to lather it up.

Step 3 – Start shaving following the grain

Load up the head of the safety razor with your chosen blade. Start the first pass. You may want to do an optional second and third pass to guarantee a smooth result.

How to Use Merkur 34C

Step 4 – Rinse the blade once you are done 

After that, you should then decide to do a second pass; this time, do it across the grain. If necessary, do the third pass.

Step 5 – Splash cold water on your face to close the pores

Put on a post-shave product or balm. You may also want to apply a moisturizer as face moisturizers protect your skin while keeping the area soft and smooth too.

How to Maintain Merkur 34C

Step 1 – Clean every time you finish using it

To clean, you can use mild soap and hot water.

Step 2 – Soak the razor in the water with mild soap

Do this for around ten to fifteen minutes.

Step 3 – Brush away the gunk

If the gunk stays, do the steps and process again multiple times.

Step 4 – Polish the razor occasionally

This should also be part of what you should do in caring for your Merkur 34C. Be extra careful when polishing, though, to not damage the coating. Avoid using a polishing agent based on ammonia as much as possible.

Potential Issues When Using Merkur 34C

Despite the seemingly excellent quality of the Merkur 34C, take note that it also has some potential issues. One potential issue is related to quality control. Some complained that the chrome plating is prone to chipping off.

Some are unsatisfied with the overall shave quality. Note that in terms of shave quality, the safety razor is only one factor in the overall result. It is also crucial to consider the blade you are using and the shaving technique you implement.

Merkur 34C vs 38C

One alternative to the 34C is the 38C, which Merkur also offers. Compared to the 34C, the Merkur 38 is longer and heavier. It is a good choice if you are one of those who have larger hands. The Merkur 38C is also better than the 34C if you want a bigger safety razor.

Merkur 34C Alternatives

Edwin Jagger DE89 

This safety razor has various materials for its handle: rubber and faux ivory. Expect this razor to be a bit longer than the 34C, but the two have the same weight.

Merkur 23C

This one is lighter and longer than the 34C. It is perfect for those who have just used cartridge razors. It also has a knurled grip, which is similar to the 34C.

Merkur Solingen 37C

It is also a fantastic alternative as it is more aggressive than 34C. The aggressiveness of this razor is one reason why it is perfect for those with a coarse beard and is capable of providing a closer shave. It has a decent grip and a blade that you can easily change.

Wilkinson Sword Classic

You will also love this double-edge safety razor offered by Wilkinson. It boasts of an elegant design, while the double-edge technology promotes a closer shave. Like the 34C, this safety razor features vertical grooves that improve grip every time you use it to shave in wet conditions.

Do’s and Don’ts With Merkur 34C

Do’s and Don’ts With Merkur 34C


  • Prepare your face before using the razor. You need to ensure that your face is well-prepared by rinsing it or taking a warm shower. This should help in maximizing the positive effects of wet shaving.
  • Learn the steps in using a safety razor. You should be well-versed in using a safety razor to guarantee the best results.
  • Apply a pre-shave cream. Put a light layer of this cream on your facial hair to keep it soft and ready for shaving.


  • Do not forget to clean your Merkur 34C after each use. This is necessary for maintaining its excellent condition.
  • Do not use an extremely coarse beard. The reason is that this razor is generally mild. That said, those with very coarse beards can benefit from using more aggressive razors, such as the Merkur Slant.

FAQ About Merkur 34C

Does the Merkur 34C come with blades?

The Merkur 34C features a default razor blade from the brand. It is not as sharp as the other high-end brands of the blade, but you can replace it with one that can give you a more satisfying shave.

Is the blade easy to load on Merkur 34C?

The Merkur 34C is a two-piece razor, which signifies the connection of the handle and base plate; meaning, it still comes in a single piece. It also means that you can quickly load it with blades that have double edges due to its two-piece design.

The loading process involves twisting the knob you can find at the bottom so you can keep the base plate loose from the headpiece. After that, put the blade carefully in between each post. Tighten the knob while ensuring that the blade remains in place. You can guarantee that by holding the blade’s sides until there is a perfect fit.

What is the Merkur 34C made of?

The Merkur 34C is a razor with a 2-piece design and a blade and a handle. It also features smooth chrome plating and finishes that are scratch-resistant and well-constructed knurling that has a low risk of slipping from your hands.

What should I expect from the Merkur 34C?

Expect to enjoy the convenience and smooth shave that a two-piece safety razor can provide from the Merkur 34C. It is also easy to use and highly durable, which means that you can also expect that it can serve you for quite a long time.

Is Merkur 34C good for razor burn and irritation?

Yes. If you are prone to getting razor burns and irritation, you can surely benefit from the Merkur 34C. The reason is that this razor is only mildly aggressive. It puts some limits on the pressure that’s usually applied by the double-edge blade. It can prevent razor burns, skin irritation, and cuts.

Would Merkur 34C work well for head shaving?

Yes. Note that the Merkur 34C is an all-purpose safety razor, so it also works for those looking for a tool to shave their head.

Can women use Merkur 34C?

Yes, the Merkur 34 C is also an excellent razor for women. It is designed for men with beards or facial hair and for women who want to shave off some unwanted hair in any part of their body.

Where can I buy a Merkur 34C?

One legit place to buy the Merkur 34C is Amazon. You can even take advantage of the site’s free 2-day shipping in case you decide to sign up for a Prime account.


Overall, the Merkur 34C is one of the most beneficial safety razors that you can use right now. Aside from guaranteeing users that it can give a close and smooth shave, it is also quick and easy to use. It is one of those razors capable of providing you with a superior shaving experience, so including it in your grooming and shaving products is a wise move.