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A popular question that I see being asked in the beard community is, “My girlfriend/fiancee/wife hates my beard, what do I do? How do I get them to like it?”

This is tough, because you love your beard, but you want to make her happy.

Most women don’t like the way a beard feels against their skin, the way it looks, or maybe that you’re choosing your beard over them if you continue to grow it.

If she’s not big into the way it feels you should try some beard care products. Oils, waxes, balms, shampoos, conditioners, are all great in helping with the texture of your beard.

The oils, waxes, and balms really help it smell great too, try and find a scent that she likes.

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These products will help your beard to not only feel silky and glorious but look it too.

The shampoos and conditioners are great because they help with the “Beardruff“, which let’s face it, isn’t very appealing to look at. But they too help with the silky and smooth feel and look.

The presentation is key here guys. If your beard looks like a birds nest with a gummy bear hidden in it, I can tell you right now no woman is going to like that.

A nice trim and professional wash once a month is a great idea, and if she can, and is willing to, let her do it!

There’s not a whole lot I love more than washing a beard. You may even be able to make a compromise with her, if she doesn’t like the longer, full beard, trim it down to a short beard.

Again, beard products will help with presentation too. The waxes and balms can help with the fly aways and to give your beard a tighter, sophisticated look.

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So, you’ve asked her what her thoughts were on a beard, and she says “No way!” but you continue to grow it. She may feel like you are choosing your beard over her and how she’s feeling.

If your beard is something you are proud of, tell her!If she can see it truly means something to you and that you’re very passionate about it, that may also help your case.

Let her know how important your beard is to you, all while being mindful and respectful of her. Do something special for her, take her to a nice dinner, or do something she is passionate about.

There’s something very attractive about a guy who’s enthusiastic about his beard. It’s all about communication and compromise!

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One night when I was having a drink with some friends a guy approached me, the first thing I noticed was his beard. It was very dry, hadn’t been trimmed..ever, and no product had ever been put in it.

My first instinct was to tell him to shave, I know shocking, because if he didn’t take care of his beard, what else did he not take care of?

We got to talking and I told him what I thought he should do to help his beard out, now I wash and trim it once a month, and oil it up when he has a hot date!

He says that he has noticed that more women have approached him now that his beard is taken care of. If a woman approached you with messy, unkempt, smelly hair you wouldn’t bat an eye at her.

It’s the same way with a beard, you should be mindful of being hygienic about it, no one likes a smelly, unkempt beard!

Helping your girlfriend/fiancee/wife love your beard as much as you do may not be an easy task, but remember to keep it clean, trimmed, and smelling great.

Also, have open communication and be willing to compromise if needed!

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