Lewis Hamilton: An Ambitious and Stylish Formula One World Champion

Lewis Hamilton, an inspirational Formula 1 racing driver made it quite big in his debut season in 2007. Though he lost the Championship by a single point and finished as the first runner up to Kimi Raikonnen, but still his accomplishment remained the most remarkable one.

His full name is Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, born on 7th Jan, 1985 in Stevenage, United Kingdom. He has a net worth of $240 Million as of 25/04/2017.

He comes from a mixed background and the first yet only black driver to race in Formula 1. His fascination for cars began at the age of 6.

Though racing was a hobby for Lewis, but soon he gained a lot of experience to make it impeccable in the renowned national events. It became his career and that too, a spectacular one.

Lewis Hamilton’s Career Highlights

There is no doubt that Lewis Hamilton career was sky rocketing. He was gifted the skill of racing by the almighty and polished his skill with hard work and perseverance.

We can see the amazing results that are inspiring, exemplary and phenomenal.

When you see this tenacious racer racing in Formula 1 you will find that he has a deadly eye for an overtake and drives in a miraculous way. It’s his love and passion for cars that brought him here.

Lewis Hamilton’s Career Highlights

In 2001, he participated in British Formula Renault Winter Series League which was Lewis’s first step towards his career. The start was great but due to a car crash he was able to secure fifth place for himself. It was an amazing achievement.

Soon, he approached the principal of McLaren’s team Ron Dennis, at an award ceremony and told him “I want to be racing your cars”. On March 18, 2007 in Australia, he raced with McLaren and finished third.

Very soon he got the opportunity to sign the McLaren Young driver’s support program. It was the financial support of McLaren that helped Lewis to compete for bigger titles. He won many European Karting titles with ease because of McLaren’s support.

Lewis Honorable Achievements

At the age of ten he became the youngest winner of British Cadet Kart championship.

Presently he is under a contract with Pro team of Mercedes. He became the youngest world champion at the age of 23 and won forty races with Mercedes.

He has finished on the Podium 116 times

He has received many awards and recognitions too. After all, he is the only driver who has won at least one race every season.

His achievements are thrilling and aspiring for those who seek to make it extraordinary one day. He received the BBC sports personality award in 2014 and won the best driver ESPY award in 2017.

Ways To Achieve Lewis Hamilton’s Chinstrap Beard

Lewis Hamilton has a flamboyant look. His clothing and style is distinct and classy. Whether you pay attention to Lewis Hamilton beard or the accessories he wears, everything is so charming about him.

Ways To Achieve Lewis Hamilton’s Chinstrap Beard

Photo: Dan Istitene/ Getty Images

Many love his beard and want to maintain it perfectly like him. You can style your beard in the similar manner. All you have to do is manage and style your beard in a proper manner so it looks graceful.

To imitate the beard styles of Lewis Hamilton, you need to give your regular beard a twist. Implement these ways in your beard care routine.

Reading an article about beard vitamins or simply investing in any of the top 5 beard combs reviewed to maintain your beard isn’t enough.

To maintain anything you need to take care of it and to make it perfect, you need to work appropriately on it.

So here are some simple ways to do that:

Step 1: Let Your Beard Grow

To style your beard you would need to grow it. Say goodbye to shaving creams and razors for some time. It will be better to grow a fuller beard as you can implement different styles.

Step 2: Take Care Of Your Beard

There are some promising ways to nourish your beard. While you are growing your beard, you need to take care of the facial hair in a decent manner. Thus, your facial hair will look shiny and healthy. That means, having a high-quality beard oil or balm is a must!

If you like to experiment with making new things then you can prefer making a homemade beard balm and it is easy to make it.

Method to make the beard balm:

Beard balm has four very important ingredients like, essential oils (pine, cedar or sandalwood) , carrier oils (jojoba oil), beeswax and Shea butter.

Heat everything together in a pan and ingredients must melt and blend with each other, stir it and bring it to boil. Then allow it to cool.

Your beard balm is ready for use. You can store it in a tin. Use it daily to keep your beard healthy and shiny.

Step 3: Invest in a Beard Oil

Investing in high-quality beard oil is certainly inexpensive if your facial hair can get all the required nourishment.

Your facial hair will smell good and the oil will condition the beard. When you go out and put that oil, the aroma will be inviting as well. It is a must for super cool guys.

Step 4: Style Your Beard

After giving proper nourishment to your full grown beard for at least a month, now is the time to style to it. As you are going to imitate Lewis style, look at his pictures closely.

Lewis is one of the most handsome black men with beards and to conquer his style amazingly you will need to shape your beard now. When you imitate his chinstrap style check the symmetry of his beard because you have to shape it in a proper way.

To shape a beard you would need to understand some basics. Though there are no set rules, but there are some basics to understand.

For example, a long beard with short hair will not look good. It will seem goofy. Symmetry and harmony has to be there.

You need to trim and shape your beard often so you can get that same chinstrap style of Lewis. For the first time you can book an appointment with the barber, but for the next time, you must have a beard shaper to do so easily. Trim your beard and keep it in shape.

Step 5: Trim The Neckline

You must pay attention when it comes to trimming the neckline. It is to outline the bottom portion of the beard and this is different with everyone. It may or may not suit you.

You will need to find it out that how it looks on you. A cool stylish beard can do it perfectly for you.

Now you have all the tips in your hand and it’s easier to take care of your beard and get a classic chinstrap beard style of Lewis.

If you keep styling and trimming the facial hair at regular intervals, it will be easy to achieve a neat chinstrap beard style like Lewis.

Photos from: MrSegui / depositphotos.com.