The Growing Popularity of the Lady Beards

While you might not be sure how to feel about this, it appears that there has been a dramatic turn when it comes to beards. Women are getting in on the action and turning their long braided hair into the next great hair trend. Lady beards are real, and if you take a look at all the postings on social media, this latest trend seems to be gaining some serious momentum. This is not your simple floral beads or hair glitter, this is a full-scale movement of women braiding and pinning their hair to their faces to resemble the glorious man beard!

The lady beards are in fact their real hair, just pinned from the scalp to the chin so it covers the mouth and mimics a full-length beard. This is not a new phenomenon, the ladies beard made its first appearance back in 2013 on the popular social media platform Reddit. The community started off as a goof, but it exploded in popularity as girls began posting pictures of themselves rocking a killer beard. One of the most popular posts was on Imgur, who began posting amazing pictures of her lady beard with captions like, ” They wanted me to do something different with my hair, so I did!”

The lady beard is not a medical condition or the name of women who works at the sideshow of the traveling circus. This photo-sharing craze has really become a firestorm on the internet. It appears a challenge was issued after a few ladies began sporting these beards, and never to back down from these types of challenges, the girls have really stepped up their game. Some girls can transform their long locks into Gimli, or at least the female version of the Lord of the Rings star. What can one expect in 2016, possibly a lady beards convention or entry into the Movember festivities?

Either way, bring it on ladies!

Photos from: xcrea © reddit, Princess_Bob © s5.photobucket, kaileeann © reddit, morihime © imgur, sd2002 © imgur, elefriend © imgur and Flashheartlightnin © reddit.

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