King C Double Edge Razor

No Shave November has ended, you know. And you will need to shave. So, why not do it with a razor fit for a king?

What Is King C Double Edge Razor

Now and then, Gillette surprises us with a new model. Usually, it’s a multi-blade razor, and it goes unnoticed in the avalanche of similar products. But we have something else going on here.

Here is a new take on classical design. We present you with Gillette’s double edge safety razor. Specifically marketed for lining beards, but it’s all niche marketing. What we have here is a good razor for any shaving challenge you can imagine. This is an affordable razor for head shaving and much more.

Benefits of Using King C Double Edge Razor

Single blade razors used to be robust and had a steep learning curve. The disposable blades were (and still are) a much cheaper choice. However, single-blade shaving will provide you with unmatched results—no more nicks, cuts and bruises. Even for newbies, use a heavy yet reliable King C double edge razor. Even if you practiced shaving only with a cartridge razor, this razor would be easy to use.

How Does King C Double Edge Razor Work

King C Gillette’s double edge razor doesn’t have a revolutionary design. If it’s not broken… This, my friend, is a standard double edge razor. Hence, it uses one blade with two cutting edges. One good blade is all you need for perfect shaving.

Throw in other King C Gillette products, and you will have a premium shaving kit for men. Everything you need in one place.

Pros and Cons of King C Double Edge Razor


  • Made from sturdy stainless steel. Hence, no danger of corrosion as long as you keep it clean and dry.
  • An excellent first step if you are trying to learn to use an adjustable safety razor
  • Blades are platinum-coated for more strength and durability. One blade equals at least a month of shaving.
  • You can use any other blade brand you desire if Gillette is not your first choice.
  • We have a weak spot for classical design razors. Call us old-fashioned, but those silly plastic razors were never our thing.

Pros and Cons of King C Double Edge Razor


  • If you keep your beard thicker and longer, this razor is not for you. The result will not be satisfactory.
  • A little bit more expensive than the competition. However, the durability justifies the price.
  • You will need to choose a shaving bowl from a different provider. Gilette doesn’t sell those. Pity.

Features of King C Double Edge Razor


The design is casual yet elegant. The razor comes in a fancy blue box full of details. They even underlined that handle is made in China, while blades are made in Russia.

In our opinion, the KCG monogram on the top of the razor head adds a nice touch. As well as the “built-in” blade package. 


This razor will give you a soft shave with smooth results. Of course, you can shave a one-week worth of beard too, but it will need some preparation. Otherwise, you can end up with a few cuts. Our rating: mild aggression. Not suitable for stronger beards.


Incredibly thin, yet with unmatched sharpness. The platinum coating gives them extra points on durability and strength. You can use one blade for a few weeks. Those blessed with a softer beard can go for a month without changing the blades.
Of course, you can use any other blade producer you wish. But we stick with Gillette.


King C Gillette double edge razor is not a light one. It weighs a decent 102.6 grams—perks of stainless steel. Hence, the handle has a steady grip. Also, it is balanced perfectly. We faced no issue in shaving, even with wet hands.


Spending $29,99 for this razor is one of the most value-money decisions you can make. Especially given the fact you get five blades that can last you for a few months, at least. Of course, holidays are discount time so that you can find this lovely razor for almost half the price. Having a mustache or trendy beard has never been more affordable! 


That’s why we love stainless steel. Especially chrome-plated, like this one. All you need is to wash and dry the razor after every use. Pretty sure it will outlive the entire human civilization. Hence, you won’t need any other razor for the end of your life. 

How to Shave With King C Double Edge Razor 

How to Shave With King C Double Edge Razor 

Step 1 – Wash your face and facial hair

Especially if you enjoy all benefits of beard oil, remove all traces of it.

Step 2 – Apply a rich layer of shave gel

Our favorite world’s best beard soap is something you might consider.

Step 3 – We always recommend shaving with the grain for most of your facial hair

Aim at the 30 degrees angle. 

Step 4 – Short strokes and light pressure are the key points

Applying more pressure cannot result in anything good. Leave shaving against the grain for the parts of your face that need a closer shave.

How to Maintain King C Double Edge Razor 

Step 1 – Disassemble the razor

In normal lingo, unscrew the handle and remove the head. 

Step 2 – Throw out the old blade

Shaving with a dull blade is always a catastrophe.

Step 3 – Wash the razor using lukewarm water and mild soap

Dry the razor thoroughly. Always. Paper towel is your friend.

Step 4 – Voila!

Your cleaning job is done and your razor is ready for the next occasion.

Do’s and Don’ts With King C Double Edge Razor 


  • Lend your wife/girlfriend your razor if she insists. Or, buy her a new one. 
  • If Gillette is not your favorite blade producer, feel free to use any other blades.
  • Aim for a 30 degrees angle when you use this razor.
  • Acknowledge that this razor is for mild shaving. So, you might have some issues if you have a harder beard, especially if you are using beard wax for better hold


  • Never leave your razor unwashed and undried. Cleanliness is next to godliness.
  • Do not hesitate to shave your head with this razor, too. Fine grip and perfect control allow it. 

FAQ About King C Double Edge Razor 

FAQ About King C Double Edge Razor

Is the King C Gillette razor any good?

Almost all the online reviews prove this razor is excellent. The Gillette company rarely has a bad product.

Is King C Gillette the same as Gillette?

King C Gillette is a solo brand launched by Gillette. 

How long do King C Blades last?

It depends on your beard, but a 5-pack of blades should last you more than 6 months. 

Is King C Gillette good for sensitive skin?

King C Gillette razor offers a mild shave, making it a perfect choice for sensitive skin. 

Who makes King C Gillette?

King C Gillette is a solo brand of the Gillette company. 


Although it is marketed specifically for beard havers, this razor fits a complete shave. Mild aggressiveness and sturdy build make it perfect for anyone, including beginners in the world of shaving.