Incredibly Talented Jamie Foxx and Essentials on How to Achieve His Beard

Jamie Foxx is a very stylish celebrity.

At the same time, he takes his roles very seriously and makes sure that his appearance in the movies matches the character he is playing.

Outside of the acting world, he doesn’t really go outlandish with his facial hair look.

He has a very exquisite beard style that he grooms to perfection.

His beard has been able to attract attention from women and men all around.

This is why many guys want to have the same look.

The Jamie Foxx beard looks so good for a reason, and one of them is that it is not so easy to copy.

Here we’ll give you the most prolific pieces of advice when it comes to styling the same type of beard as Jamie.

With a few tips and expert styling choices, you too will be able to achieve this facial hair look with ease.

Childhood, Multiple Talents, and Notable Appearances

Born as Eric Marlon Bishop on December 13th, 1967, Foxx was adopted shortly after his birth by his maternal grandparents, who sought to keep him away from the instability of his biological parents’ relationship.

By the age of 5, Foxx was living with his grandmother, who he deems the most influential part of his success.

He resided in the racially segregated neighborhood of Terrell, Texas, where he claims to have had a relatively happy childhood, in spite of all the racial bull.

Foxx’s talents for comedy were visible to his classmates and teachers from early on.

Sharp wit and athletic prowess made Foxx a very popular student in high school, and his peers expected him to soon reach some type of national fame for either comedy or sports.

Foxx opted for the latter, accepting an athletic scholarship to study music at the United States International University.

Having been a piano adept since the age of 4, he was heavily steered towards songwriting and ballad interpretation.

However, in 1989, Foxx’s girlfriend convinced him to sign up for an open mic comedy night.

This was the moment he fell in love with the stage and dropped his birth-given name Eric Bishop soon after, seeking a gender-ambiguous first name that would break the mold of female comedians being called to perform first.

The last name Foxx was a tribute to the legendary black comedian Redd Foxx.

Childhood, Multiple Talents, and Notable Appearances

In 1991, Jamie was cast for the sitcom Living Color, where his recurring character Wanda earned him enough notoriety to write and star in his own sitcom The Jamie Foxx Show, which lasted from 1996 to 2001.

After a commercially unsuccessful R’n’B album, Foxx chose to focus on his acting career.

In 2001, he starred in the blockbuster movie Ali, opposite Will Smith which earned him rave reviews and the notice from Hollywood titans, who then gave him the role in Collateral, alongside Tom Cruise.

This role scored him a supporting actor Oscar nomination. In 2006, Foxx starred in Miami Vice, a movie adaptation of the TV series he jokingly calls a very bad movie.

Miami Vice flopped but Foxx simultaneously enjoyed huge success with the song Gold Digger, on which he sang a Ray Charles inspired hook.

The song Slow Jamz, that was his first feature with Kanye West, stayed at the top of the Billboard Charts for several weeks.

Equipped with his best actor Oscar win for Ray, Foxx released a piano-filled studio album named Unpredictable, which was certified double platinum.

This actor became the 4th artist in history to have achieved both a Billboard 100 no. 1 song and the best actor Oscar, alongside legends such as Frank Sinatra and Barbara Streisand.

In 2009, he released his third studio album, which featured the top-charting single Blame. Foxx appeared in the video alongside his jarhead co-star Jake Gyllenhaal.

Three years later, Jamie Foxx starred in Tarantino’s iconic blockbuster Django Unchained.

The movie did fantastically well at the box office, winning a multitude of awards and placing Foxx back at the forefront of the Hollywood IT actors scene.

Since then, Foxx has appeared in the comedy Baby Driver. While he is known to be romantically linked to actress Katie Holmes, very little is known about his personal life.

Jamie Foxx’s Facial Hair Style

Jamie Foxx’s achievements in Hollywood aren’t his only lovable points.

His style also involves timeless looks in the past decade, the most notable signature component of which may be his thin, understated goatee.

Spread wide around his mouth, this goatee style brings emphasis to the lower face without making a distraction from facial features.

It is kept rigorously short, which may be the most practical for those who have difficulty growing a thick and long beard.

This beard style is flattering to most face shapes but is the most popular among men who have flair, sophistication, and experience.

Jamie’s goatee is kept stark black, which involves some dying. This keeps the face youthful in the most subtle, tasteful manner.

Achieving and Maintaining the Jamie Foxx Beard

The Jamie Foxx beard is among the top goatee styles. To achieve this beard style, you will only need minimal growth.

For most men, it takes 1-2 weeks to grow their beards to the needed length.

You will then need, using a professional facial hair trimmer or a beard shaping tool of your choice, to remove all the hairs from the sides of the cheeks and around the mouth, leaving a square-shaped pattern of hair connecting with a thin mustache.

Achieving and Maintaining a Jamie Foxx Beard

Jamie Foxx’s beard style involves a calculated casualness which may require scissor trimming to ensure the shaping of facial hair is not overdone.

The best beard scissors are usually the ones made of stainless steel and have particularly sharp blades to allow a precise, clean cutting.

Black men with beards often adopt relatively groomed looks. However, never forget to use a beard bib and a quality beard grooming kit when grooming and trimming your beard.

They will facilitate the cutting, shaping, dying and moisturizing of your beard. Also, a lot of beard dyes are available on the market for those wishing to achieve Jamie’s signature black strands.

Should you have problems with the facial hair growth aspect of the process, you will want to consider beard vitamins and supplements such as biotin, which accelerates beard growth.

While an all-natural beard oil will improve your facial hair growth, also consider switching to a healthy diet to speed up the process.

While achieving a perfect Jamie Foxx goatee isn’t a rocket science, it will require frequent upkeep efforts.

Thankfully, dedication to perfect beard grooming is the last thing one true Beardoholic lacks.