How to Use Shaving Soap

If growing a long and luscious beard is not your style, the routine of grooming and shaving your beard every morning might be something you’re all too familiar with. However, this routine is not always as smooth and relaxing as it should be for many men. 

If you’re in this category, you might find that using a quality shaving soap could change your overall experience. If you want to grow a beard, you need to learn the effective steps to grow your beard faster before using a good shaving soap. 

Here’s how you can incorporate a good shaving soap into your routine to improve your experience. 

What Is Shaving Soap

Shaving soap is a bar of soap specially made for shaving your beard. You need to use water to create lather from the sap, apply it on your beard and shave with quality beard shaving tools for the best results. 

Shaving soaps are no longer as common in the market as bottled shaving creams and foams. However, a quality shaving soap might give you better results than any other product in the market.

Benefits of Using Shaving Soap

Some men find shaving creams and foams more convenient to use. Here are a few reasons why using shaving kits with shaving soap is a much better option:

Clean Shave

Wet shaving with a shaving soap gives you a cleaner shave with less irritation.

Less Irritation

Shaving soaps have less harsh chemicals as compared to creams and foams. Shaving soaps are also made from natural ingredients which are kind to your skin.

Hydrates the Beard and Skin

They offer better hydration and skin protection for your beard and the skin underneath it.

Makes Shaving Easy

They’re better lubricants for your shaving routines.

How Does Shaving Soap Work

You should use a shaving soap with a soft shaving brush. Moisten the shaving brush with water, then swirl it on the shaving soap. The soap will attach itself to the brush, forming a soft lather. Apply the soft lather on your beard and shave. 

Types of Shaving Soaps

Types of Shaving Soaps

Wooden Bowl

These are shaving soaps held in a wooden bowl, making it easy for you to lather them without getting messy. The soaps take the shapes of their containers. Apart from being a convenient way to store your shaving soap, they’re appealing to the eye because of their artistic formation. 


Some producers have refillable shaving soaps in the markets. You buy these in containers that you can use to get refills whenever you run out of your favorite shaving soap. All you have to do is have a specific distributor for your famous brand of refillable shaving soap. 


Some shaving soaps come in the form of modeled sticks. These are usually ideal if you’re trying out the product because they are small in size. 

How to Choose the Best Shaving Soap

While shaving soaps are the better alternative to shaving creams and foams, it is not guaranteed that every shaving soap in the market is good for your skin. You must shop around to get the best and most natural shaving soap. 

Fat and Glycerin Content 

The best shaving soap should have a high fat and glycerin content which translates to better lathering qualities. 

The glycerin is essential for locking moisture in your beard and skin while shaving. It softens the beard and is an effective barrier between the blade and your skin. 

Fat in your shaving soap is important for lubrication, ensuring that the shaving blade glides smoothly over your skin. The recommended fat levels in a shaving soap are between 30 to 50% of the total content. 


You don’t have to break the bank to get quality shaving soap. Scout the market for what is affordable and has good reviews. You could land a shaving soap for $25 that will last you the whole year. 


While shopping for shaving soap, you need to look for brands with good reviews. A big brand does not always mean better quality. Sometimes the world’s best shaving soaps are from little-known brands. 


You want to get a shaving soap that exudes a beautiful scent while you shave. There are a lot of scents to choose from. Some of the common ones are:

  • Almond
  • Sandalwood
  • Rose
  • Lemon
  • Eucalyptus
  • Cedar
  • Mint 
  • Lavender

And you don’t have to worry about wearing the scent the whole day. These scents are mild and usually wear off when you rinse your beard after shaving. You can also shave before taking a shower to remove all the scents. 

How to Use Shaving Soap 

Step 1 – Soak your shaving brush

Fill your shaving bowl with hot water and soak your shaving brush in it for about a minute or two. If you don’t have a shaving bowl, use hot running water to soak the brush. 

When selecting a shaving brush, opt for a badger hairbrush. Such a brush is softer and retains water more. 

Step 2 – Pour out the water

Once the brush has soaked in the water for a few minutes, take it out and pour out the water. Leave only about a teaspoon in the shaving bowl. 

You also need to shake the brush to get rid of excess water at this point. Shake it a few times until it stops dripping. 

Step 3 – Soften your shaving soap

This is the stage where you prepare your shaving soap. So add a little hot water to the top surface of the soap. This will soften the soap. When your brush is soaking in the shaving bowl, you should complete this step.

Step 4 – Swirl the brush on the soap

How to Apply Shaving Soap

This is a crucial step when it comes to creating a lather. Take your shaving brush and swirl it on the soap for about 15 seconds. You can then swirl the brush in the shaving bowl to create a lather when you are done. 

Step 5 – Swirl the brush in the bowl

Your shaving bowl will have a little hot water. Take your shaving brush and swirl it in the brush for about a minute. 

Lather should begin building up. It will be bubbly at first when you get started, but then it gets thicker as you continue swirling. 

Step 6 – Check to see that the lather is shave-ready

When using a shaving soap or shaving cream, your lather will not always be how you would like it. 

Sometimes, you will build perfect lather and then at that moment, you can go ahead and apply it to your beard.

Sometimes the lather will be bubbly, in which case, you need to continue swirling your brush in your shaving bowl until the lather is thick enough. 

In some cases, the lather may be too thick. If that happens, add a few drops of hot water in your shaving bowl and swirl once more. The secret is to add a little water at a time so that the lather isn’t too watery. 

If your lather is bubblier than you would want, keep swirling in the bowl until it thickens. If that doesn’t happen, swirl your shaving brush in the soap once more and then swirl it in the bow to see if the lather thickens. 

Step 7 – Start shaving

Once you get the right thickness with your lather, you can go ahead and apply it on the beard covering all hairs. When done, begin shaving. 

Most men improve their shaving game with straight razors. You should try it too. When you are done, clean the beard and apply all the right after-shave products. Make sure you refresh your beard with a moisturizer to keep it healthy.

How to Lather Shaving Soap 

Step 1 – Soak the brush

If you have a shaving brush that has natural bristles like boar, the first thing you need to do is soak it in a shaving bowl or cup. 

Natural bristles soak up water better, making it easier to build lather. If you have a synthetic brush, soaking it won’t make a difference. In such a case, wet the brush with hot water.

Place your brush in a cup or bowl with just enough hot water to cover the bristles and not the entire brush. Soak for a few seconds to about a minute. 

Step 2 – Soften the soap

Soak the shaving soap in warm water for a few minutes. You should do this while your brush is still soaking. 

Step 3 – Load your shaving brush

This entails allowing the bristles to collect enough soap to build lather. This should be done after your brush has soaked for a few minutes. 

Remove your shaving brush from the bowl and shake gently to remove excess water. Swirl the brush on the soap using circular motions for about 30 seconds. 

Step 4 – Make lather

Swirl the brush in your shaving bowl to create lather. The bowl should have about a teaspoon of warm or hot water. 

Swirl the brush a couple of times until you get a thick lather. When you start, the lather will be bubbly but will thicken as you continue swirling. If the lather gets too thick, add a few drops of hot water and continue swirling. 

Step 5 – Lather your face

Once you have the perfect lather, use your shaving brush to apply it to your beard. Make sure you cover all areas. When that is done, you can go ahead and shave using your choice of shaving tools. 

Shaving Soap vs Shaving Cream

Shaving Soap vs Shaving Cream

There are some differences between shaving soaps and creams that every man should know. Shaving creams are ready-made, and you only have to apply them to your beard and shave. 

However, what most users don’t know is that shaving creams come with a high range of chemicals that are harmful to the health of your beard and skin. 

Some companies use a lot of chemicals for preservation. These chemicals may be harsh to your skin and leave your beard dry and brittle. For some men, the effects are as harmful as having dandruff in the beard or skin breakout. 

On the other hand, most shaving soaps are made with natural ingredients that are kind to your skin and beard. 

As a result, your skin and beard are left hydrated and look and feel healthier. Shaving soaps also have fewer preservatives and longer shelf life than shaving creams. 

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

The price of a product does not always translate to better quality. If you want to buy the best beard soaps for men who want healthy beards in the market, you will have to rely on more than just the pricing.

Look out for the ingredients used, reviews for the product in the market, and its availability. 

Do’s and Don’ts With Shaving Soaps


  • Do buy quality shaving soap.
  • Do use water and a quality brush with your shaving soap.
  • Do background research on your preferred soap before buying it.
  • Do stop using shaving soap if your skin or beard reacts to it.


  • Don’t leave your shaving soap wet.
  • Don’t use expired shaving soap.
  • Don’t leave your shaving soap uncovered.

FAQ About Shaving Soaps

What is better, shaving soap or shaving cream?

Although they serve the same purpose, shaving soaps are better than creams because of their natural ingredients.

Can I shave with the regular soap?

No. Regular soaps are not specially made to care for your beard and may leave you with flaky skin and an unhealthy beard. 

How to make lather with shaving soap

Use a wet brush to rub on your shaving soap using circular motions. Move the brush to your shaving bowl or hand and with circular motions, rub on the surface until you have your preferred lather consistency. 

Can I use shaving soap without a brush?

You can use your hand, but the process will be more messy and tiresome. Get a quality shaving brush for the best results. 

Is it safe to shave with soap?

No. The best option is to use quality shaving soap for your beard. 


While shaving soap is being phased out by shaving creams and foams, it remains the best alternative in the market. Shaving soap is easy to use and is laden with natural ingredients that are great for your skin and beard. If you are a man that cares about their beard, scout the market for a premium bar soap for men and enjoy your shaving routines more.