Black Beard Shaping Tool

Even though it all seems easy enough, one slip and a mismanaged cut when shaping your beard can ruin your look.

Is it possible to avoid this?

You go to the barber, of course.

However, when you get there, you are faced with a long line of equally unsatisfied gentlemen waiting for their names to be called up for professional beard grooming.

So, you are forced to choose between trying to style your beard yourself or losing half a day to get it done by a professional barber.

There is one solution that can help you avoid both of these situations, and that is a prime beard-shaping tool.

A beard-shaping tool is a beneficial piece of equipment that will allow you to create your own beard template and clean, with precision, the edges along your cheeks, chin, and jawline, leaving you with the look you’ve been craving.

To help you understand to use a beard-shaping tool to trim a beard, we’ve devised a beneficial article that will allow you to do everything correctly.

Why Should You Use It

A quality beard-shaping tool is made out of plastic, but you can also find those made out of metal or wood. The idea of using it is that it provides you with a template of the beard you are planning to get; the only thing you have to do is trim around it and get rid of the unwanted hair parts.

Proper beard growth and care require you to trim your beard from time to time; this tool can save you a lot of time.

Using it will allow you to:

  • Trim your cheeks, chin, and beard neckline with perfect precision.
  • Save money and time needed to invest when going to a barber.
  • Line up your facial hair as symmetrically as possible.
  • Allow you to do it right at home any time you want.

So, for instance, you can create even a perfect Tony Stark beard style easily and at home without needing to go to a professional.

Tony Stark Beard Style

Photo from: Tinseltown /

How to Use It at Home

Now that you’ve decided that a trip to the barber is a waste of time and that you are handling your full beard yourself with the help of a beard-shaping tool, it is time to explain how to do it.

You only need to prepare a beard-shaping tool and some beard trimmers.

Step 1 – Take a towel

Wrap a towel around your neck to ensure an easier cleanup later on.

Step 2 – Correct positioning

Position the beard-shaping tool on your face exactly where you want to trim.

Step 3 – Start trimming and shaving

Use a razor or a trimmer to cut alongside the edges of the shaping tool.

Step 4 – Detangling

Use the comb part of the tool to detangle the facial hair that you are planning on keeping.

Step 5 – Clean up

Clean your beard after finishing up by combing it.

The towel you place around your neck will capture all the hairs you’ve trimmed. The only thing that you have to do is dispose of them in the trash. As for your shaping tool, clean it up after using it by running it under some water.

Tools and Products

Before you start shaping your beard, you must prepare a few pieces of equipment. Start by acquiring the necessary straight razors or trimmers for the job. You will also need to acquire the required bead-shaping tool to act as a template when creating your beard style.

Of course, there is no universal shaper, so you are going to have to get all of them or one of the following:

  • Step cut
  • Curved cut
  • Straight goatee
  • Curve goatee
  • Edge cut
  • Clean neckline

Most of these come with edge technology and specific add-ons. That way, you will be able to create unique cuts and styles.

Trimming Man's Beard With an Electric Shaver and Comb


How do you start your beard shaping?

You must wash your beard first and prepare the necessary beard-shaping tools and trimmers. Go along the edges of the shaping tool with the trimmer and do it slowly. Clean the tool after you are done.

How do I shape my beard perfectly?

The best beard-shaping tip you can get is that you should get a shaper that’s multiple tools in one product. Also, consider some with add-ons, so you have more options when styling your beard.

Use a sharp razor and go as closely and steadily as possible along the tool’s edges. Follow the adjustments and do not move the tool too much.


If you are planning to get sexy short beard styles or longer, fuller beard, the best way to shape it at home is with the help of a beard shaping tool. It provides you with carefree styling without the need to go to a professional barber.