Butter For Beard in a Can

What Is Its Purpose

Unlike beard balm, primarily used for styling and keeping the beard neat, beard butter contains natural kinds of butter and oils that deeply condition the hairs and the skin underneath. Since beard butter does not contain beeswax, it does not provide the same hold as beard balm.

Note, though, that it has a creamier texture, making it easier to apply. One of the most significant differences between beard balm and beard butter is consistency. The softer consistency of beard butter also ensures that it spreads evenly through all of the hair strands.

It also acts like a lotion to moisturize the skin underneath the beard. If you are dealing with dry and flaky skin, like when you are growing either a yeard or a one-month beard, then the beard butter can help.

How to Use It Properly

Step 1 – Wash 

It is best to apply beard butter right after a hot shower. This way, the hairs will be all soft and manageable. In addition, the warm water will help open up the cuticles in the hair, allowing the strands to absorb the product more readily.

Step 2 – Dry thoroughly

Oil and water do not mix, so you will need to dry your beard just enough to have an easier time applying the beard butter. However, you do not need to blow dry your beard. Just a good towel drying will do.

Black Man Drying His Beard

Step 3 – Apply beard oil first

This is an optional step, but I highly recommend that you do this. Even though beard butter will help condition and moisturize your beard, it does not work as well as beard oil.

Step 4 – Apply a minimal amount of butter

Place a small dab of beard butter in your palm, an amount the size of a pea or a dime will do. Rub your palms together to warm up the beard oil, making it easier to apply. Rub the beard butter all over your beard. Make sure to cover the entire beard and the skin underneath.

When to Apply

You should apply beard butter as often as you would beard oil. I advise you to use beard oil and butter in the morning before going out and again in the evening before sleeping.

Although you can use beard butter on a dry beard, it is easier if your beard is still a bit damp, like after you shower. If you want to rock a cowboy mustache, you can put on the beard butter when your facial hair is dry.

Quick Tips

  • Use just a bit of beard butter – A little bit can go a long way. You do not need to put a lot of beard butter on your beard. You only need enough to give your beard a good shine. Too much beard butter will make your beard look and feel greasy.
  • Do not use beard butter or beard oil on broken skin – These products might irritate and even cause the wound to get infected. Also, if you are prone to acne, beard butter may clog your pores and cause a severe breakout.


When should beard butter be used?

If you have dry skin under the beard, then you would do well to use beard butter. This will help alleviate the itchiness brought about by dry skin. This is possible by moisturizing it and preventing it from flaking.

What is the best way to use beard butter?

The best way to use beard butter is after applying beard oil. It will provide you with more conditioning and moisturization and the beard butter will help seal it all in your beard. Moreover, it makes your beard easier to style, especially with a hipster beard.

Can you use beard butter?

Yes, since beard butter also contains conditioning and moisturizing ingredients, you can use it. If you have a horrible beard itch, you can use just beard butter to treat it.

Holding a Butter For Beard

Do you apply beard oil or beard butter first?

If you are using both beard oil and beard butter or other beard softeners, you must apply the beard oil before the beard oil. Applying the beard butter first will make it more difficult for your beard to absorb the oil.

Should you put beard butter on at night?

Yes, just like beard oil, applying beard butter at night will allow your beard to absorb the moisturizers and nutrients from the beard butter better.


If you are contemplating between having a beard vs. no beard and leaning towards the no beard because it is a bit itchy, you should try using beard butter before reaching for that razor.

Good beard butter can soften your beard and treat the dry skin underneath, so you might want to try it first.