Stylish Man With Beard

For some men and even women, beards are more than just a bit of hair on the face. They are majestic – they are a religion – they are a way of life. Such men don’t mind the discomforts of growing a great mane.

They will shell out thousands of dollars for the best beard care products. If it’s a woman, she doesn’t bother hiding her bias toward men with beards. A bearded man, for her, is far more attractive and worth losing control over.

If that sound like you, then there’s no doubt; you are a true beard lover. All those are signs you are a true pogonophile. Ideally, bearded men are a sight to behold. After all, there are many ways to style facial hair; classic goatees, three-day stubble, or a full luscious beard.

But not all men are that lucky. Most men will begin with a patchy mess that they hope will grow to a thick, luscious beard. If you are fortunate enough, a couple of months of growth will get you there.

If not, you might end up with a thick mess and curly beard that is difficult to groom or style, which will be accurate to say your beard looks like pubes.

There are many great beard styles, and there are equally bad beard styles. The key is knowing how to groom your beard and train it to grow the way you want.

Why Does Beard Need Training

Beards types differ from person to person, but all have the same characteristic. Beard growth is influenced by the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

The hormone influences your facial hair structure. Ideally, when you begin to grow a beard, your facial hair will grow curly, mainly because of the tightly bound keratin coating. 

While you can leave it to grow out so it falls in place from its weight, the best solution is to start training it to grow in a specific direction; otherwise, you might end up with a messy, scraggly beard.  

Training a beard means manipulating it to grow in your desired direction. With the right products, techniques, and patience, your beard will grow full, thick, and even. 

Tools You Need

Boar Bristle Brush

A boar bristle brush is a must-have in your grooming kit since it helps distribute beard products evenly, which is crucial in taming the hair. Such a brush will also not tug at your facial hair.

When it comes to beard taming, avoid beard combing since combs cause static and snag. Brush your beard daily, if possible, a couple of times during the day and right before bed to tame it to grow in a particular direction.

Brush And Oil For Beard


After cleaning your beard, you will need to apply beard oil, ensuring you hydrate all hair and the skin underneath before brushing it. Beard oils come in different scents that tend to complement your cologne.

If you have sensitive skin or don’t like scented beard products, try unscented beard oils.


For medium beard styles, beard taming isn’t complete if you don’t use a styling product to make the beard stay in the right direction. Beard balms can help shape your beard and train the most stubborn hairs.


You can invest in quality beard wax if you are not a fan of beard balms. Beard wax has a stronger hold than beard balm, so that might work if you have a significantly unruly or longer beard.

How to Do It

Step 1 – Trim

First, you need to give your beard time to grow before you begin trimming. At the right size, trim the hair on your cheeks and neck for a clean look. This is to help shape the beard by eliminating unruly hairs that refuse to grow in the right direction before you begin taming it.

Step 2 – Wash 

Beard training is something you will need daily; therefore, having a good beard care routine makes sense. The most crucial part is ensuring you always start with a clean beard.

Cleaning will prevent facial hair from drying, and most importantly, it helps stop hair from turning curly, which is common in the mid-stages of beard growth.  After cleaning and drying your beard, apply a generous amount of beard oil, making sure you use it from roots to tips.

Man With a Curly Hair Drying His Beard

Step 3 – Brush downward

This is the step when you begin the actual training and taming. Brushing your beard in a particular direction is how you encourage it to grow.

Use a boar hair beard brush to brush downward towards your chin. This is the best way to help align your facial hairs and shape the beard into your desired style. Brushing also helps distribute beard products.

Apply beard balm in the same downward direction in between brushing, and then brush some more to encourage your beard to maintain that shape.

Step 4 – Avoid certain products

When training your facial hair, avoid using products that aren’t meant for beard care. Products like hair shampoo, soap, and products with harsh chemicals are a big no.

Such products will cause damage to your growing facial hair and even the skin underneath, thus impeding healthy growth.

Quick Tips

  • If your beard is thick and curly, you will need to spend more time taming it. Short beards, on the other hand, require regular brushing and taming.
  • When styling, the more complicated your chosen beard style is, the more upkeep it will need.
  • Weather can influence the taming process. Hot and cold weather can cause your beard to become dry and curly even more, so you need to invest in beard care products and adopt a good care routine.
  • Avoid washing your beard every day, as it can strip away natural oils leading to dryness and brittleness that might complicate the taming process. Wash your facial hair twice or thrice a week. The other time, you can rinse it with lukewarm water.
  • As your beard grows, the added weight should make your hair flat; if not, regular hair conditioning once a week can help keep the strays under control.
  • Trim your beard every minute you get as many times as possible. You can have a brush with you to run through the beard while relaxing or watching TV.


How long does it take to train your beard?

Training a beard is a continuous process, and there is no saying how long it will take. Your facial hair continues to grow, so you need to brush it daily, reducing the frequency the longer your beard grows.

What is the best way to train your beard?

The best way to train a beard is using a downward motion, brushing the hair towards the chin.

Can you train your beard to grow a certain way?

Yes, that’s the whole point of training a beard; you want it to grow in a specific direction, depending on your chosen style.


Beard styles come and go, but one constant thing is the need to care for your beard immediately after facial hairs start sprouting out. We’ve seen a fair share of weird beard styles, including the infamous monkey tail beard.

Ideally, your beard will grow the way you train it to develop. If you don’t tame your beard early on, you will end up with a thick, curly mess that will be difficult to style.