Best Beard Products

Is It Possible to Tame a Wild Beard

Anything is possible, even if you have a wild beard and want to tame it. Even if your funny beard looks like a tangle of tree roots, you can still tame it to a certain degree. At the very least, you can make it look halfway decent.

However, you need to use the right tools and products and have a lot of patience.

What Do I Need


A beard comb is an essential tool to have if you are growing a beard. Can you use a regular comb? Yes, but a specifically-designed beard comb will work even better at detangling and taming your beard.

Straightening Heat Brush

You need this tool if you are always pressed for time in the mornings. You no longer need to spend time blow-drying your beard and then comb it right after you shower. This tool allows you to do both at the same time.


A beard comb untangles and straightens your beard, while a separate brush smooths the hair and gives your beard a better-looking shape and volume. It also helps you train your beard to go in a specific direction.

Best Beard Products


With the help of beard wax, you can keep every hair in your beard in place. It works like a styling gel but does not make your facial hair dry and stiff.


Aside from letting you style your beard how you want, beard balms also protect and moisturize the facial hair and the skin underneath it.


This works similarly to beard balm, but better. However, beard butter does not give as much hold as balms or waxes. This makes it ideal for conditioning and moisturizing your beard at home.


This product is surprisingly milder than regular shampoos because facial hair is more prone to drying than the hairs on your head. It also cleans your beard but retains the natural oils in them.


 After washing your beard, following up with a good beard conditioner is an excellent practice. This will add more moisture to the hair strands, making them softer and more manageable.

Beard Conditioner

Best Styles to Wear

An essential step in taking control of your beard is to pick out a style that will look good on you. It will be all for nothing if your facial hair style does not suit the shape of your face.

Here are some beard and mustache types that you may want to try:


The full beard is ideal for men who have long and narrow faces. The most common mistake people make when growing a full beard is to keep it a uniform length.

You should trim it to enhance your facial features. For instance, if you have a somewhat gaunt face, you can cut the sides longer than the bottom. This will provide volume to your cheeks.

Designer Stubble

The designer stubble is a beard trimmed no more than ¼-inch in length. This style will work if you have a square face and a prominent jawline. You can use stubble trimmers to keep your facial hair at the correct length.

Van Dyke

If you have a round face, the Van Dyke beard style might suit you well. This facial hair style’s small and pointy shape will make your face look narrower by drawing the eyes downward. This can give the illusion of a slightly longer face.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Comb and brush your beard regularly. Combing and brushing your beard regularly will train it to stay in position. If you have an unruly beard, the reason might be that you haven’t combed and brushed it every day.
  • Use quality beard care products. Beard itching is normal. However, if it is constantly happening, you must change how you treat your beard. High-quality beard care products will soften your beard and help treat the skin underneath and keep it from drying.
  • Do not shampoo your beard every day. Facial hair is more prone to drying compared to the hair on your head. Only shampoo your beard twice or three times a week to keep the facial hair moisturized.
  • Do not forget to trim your beard regularly. Cutting your facial hair removes split ends, thereby preventing further damage. Also, regular trimming allows you to maintain the shape of your beard. This makes it a lot easier to style.


What is the best way to tame a beard?

The best way is to go to a barber and let him style it for you initially. After that, do your best to maintain the style and shape of your beard. You can also try natural DHT blockers to promote better hair growth.

How do you tame a scraggly beard?

Comb and brush your beard regularly to prevent it from getting scraggly again. The comb will untangle and remove dead hair strands. Meanwhile, brushing will help train the hairs and distribute the natural oils in the beard. You can also use beard-trimming methods to shape it.

How do I get my beard to lay flat?

You will need to use a good beard wax to style your beard. If your beard is quite unruly, trim it properly and use beard wax with a firm hold to keep it in place.


If you are tired of people always mistaking you for a homeless person, you need to tame your bushy beard. If you follow the tips mentioned above, not only will you be able to make your beard look respectable, but you will also feel much better because your beard will not be itching quite as much.