Man With Long Thick Beard Holding a Pipe

8 Best Tips to Grow the Longest Beard Possible

Resist the Urge to Trim

When trying to grow a long beard, it is best to let the facial hair grow out as long as you can or until it reaches your desired length. Keep your hands away from the scissors until your beard reaches its target length.

Resist the strong urge to trim the ends of your beard. Instead of cutting the edges, concentrate mainly on shaping the neckline and your cheeks. This will make your beard look neat while waiting to grow fully.

Use Beard Oil and Balm

One of the reasons some men do not have the patience to wait for their beards to come in fully is that it gets pretty itchy after a while. The itch usually is because the skin underneath the facial hair has gotten quite dry.

You can prevent the skin underneath your beard from drying. Use good quality beard oil. This product will help moisturize and soothe the skin underneath your beard, thus keeping it from itching.

Beard oils and balms also moisturize and enhance the hairs on your beard, making them softer and easier to manage.

Develop Your Care Routine

Growing a long beard is like taking care of a pet. You will need to set some time in your schedule to take care of it properly. This means you should take your morning time to tend to your growing beard before heading out for work.

Do it at night, too, before you go to bed. Adjust your schedule if you want your beard or long goatee to look as good as it can get.

Brush, Brush, Brush Away

Aside from the requisite beard comb, another essential tool that you need to have is a good beard brush. Use your beard brush as often as you can. It is vital because it helps you train the hairs to grow in a specific direction.

In other words, this prevents your beard from becoming scraggly. Moreover, a beard brush helps distribute the natural oils secreted by your skin into the hairs of your beard.

This will help make your beard look shiny and soft. A beard brush will also help you spread beard oils and balms better into your beard.

Man Brushing His Ginger Beard

Be Very Patient

The thing about beards is that it grows ridiculously slow. On average, your facial hair can grow at a rate of 0.2mm to 0.3mm per day, which is quite imperceptible. This means you have to wait quite a while before you can get that Viking beard that you have always wanted.

With that said, you should have plenty of patience. Do not feel like you are not making any progress after just around three weeks. Your facial will continue to grow for around two to six years, so you should not quit when you have just been growing your beard for a month or two.

Wait at least half a year to a year before deciding if you want to continue growing your beard or not.

Resist Judging and Comparing

Beard envy is actual. It is okay to admire other people’s beards, but don’t envy them. Do not compare your beard with that of other people. Comparing your beard will only cause your self-confidence to drop and make you want to quit growing your beard altogether.

Just let your beard grow at its rate, and don’t worry if it does not look like others. If you want, you can strive to have a beard like that of a celebrity whom you admire but do not try to copy it exactly.

You will only be heartbroken if you cannot attain success. For instance, you can like someone’s Irish beard style, but you cannot copy it because you are Asian.

Keep Track of the Growth Process

One way to motivate yourself to continue your beard growth journey is to keep track of your progress. This does not mean that you must measure the amount of growth your beard gets every morning.

It is more like taking a mirror selfie every week or so and then checking out just how much your beard has grown since. Do not take pictures too close to each other. As I said earlier, take a selfie at least one month apart.

This should be enough time to let your facial hair grow and for you to see visible results. It will give you some noticeable progress from the start until you have a 3-month beard.

Feed Yourself Properly

If genetics is not the issue because you have trouble growing a beard, then maybe you are not getting the proper nutrition. The quality of your diet will affect the growth of your facial hair. The healthier your diet, the healthier your beard is, too.

For instance, you should add more lean protein to your diet, like chicken and salmon. Iron is also a mineral that you need for stronger hair strands.

You can usually find it in chicken and pork liver. Carbs are also essential, but you should opt for whole grains and other healthy carbohydrates.

Best Products to Use

Comb and Brush

These are essential tools you need when growing a beard. The beard comb will keep the individual strands from getting tangled. Meanwhile, the brush will train the hairs to grow in the same direction.

When choosing a beard comb, choose ones made from hardwood. If you are shopping for brushes, get one that has boar hair bristles.

Beard Oil and Balm

The beard oil nourishes and keeps your beard moisturized and less prone to breaking. On the other hand, beard balm is for styling and keeping your big beard in place after styling.

Men Putting Oil On His Beard

Clippers and Safety Razor

You will not use the clippers until your beard reaches your desired length. Use it to keep the ends of your beard neat. On the other hand, you will be using a safety razor quite a bit.

You will use it to shape your neckline and shave the stray hairs on your cheeks. A bit of shaving will make you look presentable while you are growing out the rest of your beard.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Be patient. Facial hair takes a long time to grow. It might take a couple of years before your beard can grow to a substantial length. Before that time comes, refrain from even thinking about shaving your beard.
  • Use beard care products. To prevent the itch that comes with a growing beard, use good beard oil to keep the skin moisturized. Beard oil also helps make your beard hair soft yet resistant to breaking.
  • Do not trim the ends yet. If you are going for one of those long beard styles, like a Viking beard, you mustn’t trim off the ends just yet. You will want the hairs to grow as long as possible.


How long does it take to grow a long beard?

It can take 2 to 6 years before a man can grow a proper long beard. This will also depend on the genetics and ethnicity of the person growing the beard.

Can everyone grow a long beard?

No, not everyone has the genes that allow for the growth of a full beard. For instance, very few Chinese men can grow a beard, and not that many can even grow a thick mustache. A full beard is not that common in East Asian countries.

What does a long beard symbolize?

In the past, a long beard symbolizes wisdom. It takes a very long time to grow long white beard styles, and many believe that wisdom comes with time and experience. This is especially true with long beard styles with long hair.


It takes a lot of patience to grow a long beard. Facial hair grows at a significantly slower rate compared to the hair on the head. Because the hairs are coarse and can get itchy, many people would rather shave their beards.

However, with the proper methods and tools, growing a long beard can be quite a fun and enriching experience.