Dyeing Man's Beard

Why You Should Do It

Dyeing your beard is probably the best thing you can do to make it look its best. Once your facial hair reaches a specific length, it is highly likely to have every color you can imagine, including light brown, black, dark brown, gray, and orange.

It could be that you wish to cover up the new colors that come out with beard dyes. You may also find facial hair dyes helpful in covering up the gray hairs that slowly appear throughout your beard.

These are the best products to regain your beard’s uniform color. They can also make you look younger.

How to Choose

Finding the best beard dye that suits you and your personality is essential. It doesn’t matter if you have a blue hairstyle or any other hair color and style. You can still make it look good with the right beard style and color.

The suitable dye for your beard can also make your beard style more prominent, whether it is the ginger beard or the monkey tail beard. The best thing you have to do is pick the right color that will look natural on your face.


Consider the density of your gray hair. The reason is that coloring a beard is often prompted by the need to cover gray hair. If your gray hair is still less than 50 percent, choose a traditional beard color capable of providing full coverage.

If the gray hair is over 50 percent, you may want to choose a soft and gentle look, like the salt-and-pepper, or just a touch-up. Also, your choice should have low contrast.


There is no need to make your beard’s color as prominent as your hair’s color. Pick a color that is almost the same as your natural hair color. You may also choose a shade that is lighter than your hair color.

Whatever hairstyle or color you have, the beard should not be too dark; otherwise, the two may only clash.

How to Do It

Step 1 – Prepare

Use an exfoliating scrub to scrub your beard two days before the dyeing process. This is necessary for keeping your beard clean and coating it with oil, protecting your skin from chemical burns and stains.

Step 2 – Get your dye and mix it

Make sure to read and understand the instructions beforehand to mix correctly. Some dyes require mixing the color base first with the color developer, activating the base color.

Mix well with the brush that often comes along with the dye kit.

Mixing Dye For Beard in a Bowl

Step 3 – Apply to a dry beard

Use an up-and-down motion to ensure that all your facial hairs are coated. Distribute everything evenly by running a comb. Allow the mixture to sit on your beard for the exact time indicated in the instruction.

Step 4 – Wash it off

Wear gloves while washing the dye until everything is taken off.

Quick Tips

  • Avoid doing your daily or regular face wash during your beard dyeing schedule. This is so you can give your skin sufficient time to restore its natural oils before application.
  • Put some Vaseline on your skin, explicitly surrounding your beard. This helps prevent staining, promoting ease in wiping it off once you complete the process.
  • Don’t let the dye stay on your facial hair longer than the recommended or instructed period. This is so you will not end up having facial hair that is not only too dark but also appears unnatural.

How to Maintain After Dyeing

Similar to when you are bleaching your beard, there are also a few maintenance tips you have to follow after you dye your beard, among which are the following:

Step 1 – Perform a color treatment

This means making a follow-up beard dye application based on how light or dark you wish the color of your beard to be.

Step 2 – Put on a conditioner

Do this the first time you wash off your beard after coloring. This will bring out better coloring results.

Step 3 – Apply balm and oil regularly

These products, which also form part of most beard growth kits, are crucial in conditioning and nourishing your beard.

Step 4 – Use a comb or brush

This is necessary for styling your beard correctly.

Man With a Bleached Beard and Hair Smiling


Is it okay to use hair dye when dyeing a beard?

No, avoid using hair dye for your beard since the former is specifically designed for scalp application. Note, though, that there are also natural dyes that you can apply to both beard and hair. An example is henna.

Is it okay for a man to dye his beard?

Yes. It is all a matter of preference. Dyeing your beard is also a great thing to stand out and show your personality.

How long does a beard dye last?

Around three to four weeks. After that, you may need to reapply the dye.

Does dyeing your beard damage it?

Since it involves the use and application of chemicals, it can be damaging not only to your beard but also to your skin. It also requires plenty of upkeep. You can lessen the damage by using natural dyes, like henna.

How can I darken my gray beard?

The fastest way to darken your gray beard is, of course, to use a suitable beard dye. Choose the right color to make your gray facial hair or beard look darker. Applying beard oil to your beard daily can also make it look darker.

The reason is that it will moisturize your beard, thereby darkening it. You may also use a specialized oil designed to darken a gray beard.


Undeniably, there are several things your beard says about you, so it would be much better for you to style and color it correctly. By getting the right style and applying the correct beard dye, you can present yourself just the way you want to.