best classy beard style

When many guys grow a beard, they think they have finally found the key to doing absolutely nothing when it comes to bathroom maintenance.

Letting the beard grow is not a get-out-of-jail-free card for neglecting any type of maintenance.

In order to pull off a classy beard, you need to take a few things into consideration to pulling it off.

The best part, however, is we already have all the information here that you will ever need to answer the age-old question of:

What is the best strategy for growing a classy beard?

Step 1.

Take a look around the internet at some guys sporting classy beards and imagine yourself in their shoes. If this appeals to you, great, let’s move on to following steps.

Step 2.

Take a look at some most popular beard styles and ask yourself which one you can see yourself sporting.

If you chose a trimmed full beard, congratulations, you are not too old to still be classy and a beard will certainly be a huge improvement.

classy beard man adjusting bow tie

Step 3.

If you have sensitive skin and you realize in a few weeks the facial hair is going to itch, choose a style that has a very high neckline, closer to the jaw so you can still shave below the hairline.

It just is not classy at all to be scratching yourself in public.

Step 4.

If you are a hairy man, you will need to choose a cheek line that you can shave above or you lose the classy look.

Step 5.

If you are new to the beard game or very young, start shaving twice a day before growing the beard to get your face ready. The half-strung beard is certainly worse that having no beard at all.

growing a classy beard

Step 6.

Open up the wallet and invest in a decent beard trimmer. While you are shopping online, purchase a fine-tooth beard comb too.

Stay classy by only using the beard comb in private. Never carry the comb with you when out in public or you lose your reputation.

Step 7.

Once you start letting the beard grow, it is going to be rough for a few week.

Patches need to slowly fill in, and you will certainly be berated by your mom to please shave so she can she that baby face she has loved since the day you were born.

Do not fall for her tactics.

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Step 8.

Wash the growing beard like you would, but not with your hair shampoo.

The skin under that growing beard is much more sensitive that your scalp, so purchases some beard shampoo that is designed to moisturize the skin and soften the facial hair.

Use your new beard comb after each shower to begin taming those wild hairs.

Step 9.

man with classy beard and sunglasses

Start practicing your new trimming routine. Start trimming the beard to a length that will maximize your manliness, authority, maturity, allure, and of course your class.

Trim the beard to a shape that will enhance the angle of your face accordingly. Here are a few trimming tips;

For guys with warmer hair colors, chestnut brown, for example, trim to give the beard more volume.

For guys with colder hair colors, black or light blond, for example, trim the beard shorter.

Step 10.

Identify a celebrity that has a similar complexion to you model their look. If they have made glaring mistakes, avoid them at all costs.

Step 11.

Buying the right accessories is a classy move. Get the right hat, scarf, sunglasses, that matches the beard style perfectly to keep things classy.

Step 12.

Your new style might confuse some people who begin making false accusations about your character. If you are not a hipster, don’t choose a style that is geared towards the hipster.

Change your wardrobe and hangouts to align with the new style because you didn’t just grow a classy beard, you have created a new man in the process!

That’s it! Now go give those sexy ladies something to get all hot and bothered about!