Gillette Fatboy Review

If you are looking for a quality old-school razor, the Gillette Fatboy may just be the perfect one for you.

It is a standout razor, good for easy and smooth shaving.

But, does it really fit what you need?

Men looking for a specific type of shaver need to take a variety of things into consideration.

There are all types of factors that go into choosing a good blade.

You don’t want to go and spend all the money on a product that may turn up to be unsuitable for your needs.

That is why our genuine Gillette Fatboy review is here to answer all the main questions.

You will soon learn all the particulars that go into this shaver to help you make an informed choice.

Basically, by the time you are done reading this article, you will know whether this is your next shaving choice or not.

What Is Gillette Fatboy

Fatboy from Gillette is a Twist to Open (TTO) Double Edge Razor that permits helpful stacking of sharp edges and 1-9 Adjustability dial, so you get your ideal shave without fail. The Fatboy is the most well-known Gillette razor given its mechanical plan, heave, solidness, and exemplary 50’s allure. The Fatboy is a brilliant shaver that no man ought to be without.

Among adjustable safety razors, this one should be included within the most reliable ones to use. The Gillette 195 Adjustable Safety Razor or as it is more usually known, the “Fatboy,” was made for three and a half years between 1958 (D-3) and 1962 (H-1). The first retail list cost was $1.95 and this is where the 195 comes from in its legitimate name.

This is perhaps the most well-known Gillette adjustable safety razor and the cost has been going up. Choosing a straight razor has never been easier, right?

Benefits of Using Gillette Fatboy

Among shaving lovers, there is a debate that includes safety razors vs cartridge razors. There’s something about the Fatboy’s history and custom that makes it so perpetually engaging. The quest for vintage Gillette razors is consistent. These are razors that have been well and genuinely demonstrated in the field.

One might say that assuming you’re searching for a decent shave, that is one more extraordinary motive to get the Fatboy. The mix of customizable head and butterfly instruments makes it a lot more straightforward to set up and change the post-shaving astringents.

How Does Gillette Fatboy Work

It is natural that people will have concerns about a product they will eventually buy. So, questions about how Gillette Fatboy works are not surprising. 

Generally, there are 3 kinds of Fatboys. Every one of them has 1-9 position top-found change dials and can be considered as a vintage straight razor. The Fatboy can be forceful, leaving you somewhat more scratched than expected. While scratches might occur, you’ll be in all-out control the whole time, so it’s, for the most part, dependent upon you to rehearse and hit the nail on the head.

Pros and Cons of Gillette Fatboy

Pros and Cons of Gillette Fatboy


A most beautiful aspect regarding the Fatboy is the movable butterfly razor head, a fabulously simple method for changing razor heads. That’s why using a disposable razor like this one is a true pleasure for everyone. Rather than unscrewing the top portion of the sharp edge lodging, it opens up from the center like a butterfly’s wings. This is considered a huge measure of straightforwardness when changing the razor head. 


For generally movable razors, the customizable setting leaves the edge open on the sides of the razor. This may be great for some (since it adequately gives both of you default settings to work with); however, it probably won’t be great for other people, who need somewhat more consistency and less mystery with their security razors.

Types of Gillette Fatboy Razors

Executive Fatboy

This type of Fatboy is considered a premium razor for sensitive skin due to its characteristics. It is the same as its cousin, the Standard Fatboy. The principle isolating quality of the Executive is that it is plated from the industrial facility in gold. The following contrast is its Twist-To-Open handle, which has one-of-a-kind even and vertical knurling, not at all like the other two sorts, which have cross-incubated knurling.

Red Dot Fatboy

It is called that because the cutting edge position pointer is a round indent that has been decorated with red paint. The pointers position on both the Executive and the Standard Fat Boys are springs that have the dual motivation behind demonstrating position and giving obstruction and snap criticism to the client as the dial is gone to each position.

So, sometimes it can be used as a double edge safety razor. The following contrast is the “energetic smile” of the Red Dot Fatboy. This is because the base plate is distinctive on the Red Dot; the whole plate raises or brings down.

Standard Fatboy

As its name suggests, it is a casual type of Gillette Fatboy razor. Even if this is the case, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use a shaving bowl among your shaving kit whose part is this typical razor too. It is nickel-plated and delicately more limited than the Red Dot Fatboy. The Standard Fatboy can have a red marker spring.

This creates some turmoil; the pattern for the marker is certainly not around the indent – it is a square shape that houses a long red spring that generally is inconspicuous. So search for the circle or the square shape; don’t simply search for the red tone.

Features of Gillette Fatboy


Both the Fatboy and Slim were produced using nickel-plated metal. Later extravagance models highlighted gold plating. These are the most used materials that can be found. The earliest Fatboys from 1958 had a noticeable nickel collar just underneath the changing dial, a dark band at the highest point of the handle, and an opened retainer cap.

Then, at that point, around 1959, Gillette changed the Fatboy collet from nickel-plated (chrome-hued collar appearance) to dye (blue-dark shaded collar appearance) and disposed of the dark band on the top edge of the handle.

Butterfly Razor Head

Features of Gillette Fatboy

Butterfly safety razors, now and then known as Turn To Open (TTO) razors, are planned in view of convenience. As a rule, you will turn the foundation of the handle and the razor head will open. This takes into consideration simple cleaning and sharp edge substitution.

Adjustment Wheel for Settings 

The settings are pretty simple when it comes to Gillette Fatboy. It can be used as a razor for head shaving too, its wheel can be adjusted to different angles. 

Blade Replacement

The blade’s position is usually fixed like on every standard razor blade. 

Adjustable Angle of the Blade

This product has a very agile blade, which is genuinely adjustable to different situations. You can put it in a few angles and adapt it to the position of your head. It is an adjustable and beneficial feature that many people like.

Blade Gaps

Straightforward feeler checks are used to gauge “sharp edge gap” on different sorts of new Gillette Adjustable razors. Significant contrasts between different kinds of razors were found.


The most forceful, accessible, movable razor is the “Dark Beauty.” However, Gillette Fatboy is not considered an aggressive product; on the contrary. 


There is not much in particular to say about the grip of this razor. The feeling is common for every user and, overall, you shouldn’t squeeze it too much while holding it.

Short Handle

The handle length enjoys different benefits for shaving. Security razors with a long handle make shaving body hair considerably more agreeable. A portion of consumers leans toward a long handle for a safer hold. Well-being razors with short handles are more light-footed.


The Gillette Fatboy tips the scales at a weighty 80g, a full 14g heavier than the Gillette Red Tip. It is, likewise, 85mm long, so 1.5cm longer than the Gillette Blue Tip and Red Tip razors.


The $1.95 Fatboy from Gillette is a Twist to Open (TTO) Double Edge Razor that permits advantageous cutting edges and a 1-9 Adjustability dial. Hence, you get your ideal shave without fail.


Durability of Gillette Fatboy

It can last for numerous months, but it depends on how you maintain it. Usually, it is durable, and based on material, it can be resistant to extreme cold. You can expect to have it for at least half of the year intact.

How to Use a Gillette Fatboy

Step 1 – Pay attention to the angle of the razor

To use this razor in the best way, you must pay close attention to the angle of the razor. You can even watch some tutorials about it online if you still struggle to master this technique. Just do it a little bit steeper than usual and your problem should be solved.

Step 2 – Lock down the “doors” on the razor

As this item has a so-called “doors” feature, you should be looking to keep them locked down. You can do it by turning around the lower part of the razor and you will notice a change in their positioning. You are ready to use the razor when you lock them down completely.

How to Maintain Gillette Fatboy 

Step 1 – Gather up some cleaning supplies

To begin the cleaning, you will need to get together a few cleaning supplies. A significant addition to cleaning this kind of razor is that you likely as of now have most, assuming not every one of the provisions required. You will have to snatch some baking pop, any brand of washroom cleanser filth remover, a hard fiber brush (something almost identical to a firearm brush is great), toothpicks, and ultimately a sanitization fluid (Barbicide or gems cleaner both work impeccably).

Step 2 – Put the razor into a hot water

You might have to give the razor a couple of good dunks into the heated water and baking soft drink pool to guarantee that it’s prepared for the subsequent stage.

Step 3 – Add up the scrub

Giving the razor a decent scouring with a delicate fiber toothbrush should ultimately triumph any last piece of stuff off. When it’s wholly scoured and de-scummed, you can lower it in some adornments cleaner for around five minutes. There might be a few green discolored spots on it that you probably won’t see due to how messy it was. No concerns; since you can utilize the hard fiber brush, we advised you to assist with scouring them off.

Gillette Fatboy vs Gillette Slim

There is a sort of a battle between Gillette Slim and Gillette Fatboy users and constant debate about which one is better. It is like when you compare a shaving soap vs cream. The distinction between the Gillette Fatboy and Slim razors is that the Gillette Slim, as the name suggests, is trimmer, slimmer, and lighter than the Fatboy. Shockingly, it is likewise insignificantly longer. The Gillette Fatboy has a marginally more limited, fatter handle.

What’s the distinction between the Gillette Fatboy and Slim razors? The Fatboy was sent off in fall 1958 and it was made for just three and a half years, with creation halting in mid-1962. The Slim was sent off as a move up to Fatboy in 1961.

It was produced from mid-1961 until late 1968. It turned into a momentary hit when it was sent off and most likely deals were helped further when James Bond, played via Sean Connery, involved a Slim in the 1964 film Goldfinger.

Gillette Fatboy vs Gillette Slim

The Fatboy and the Slim have advantages, such as butterfly-opening entryways and high form quality. The form quality was an excellent deal for new razors and Gillette had to reconsider their plan of action to get by and a choice was made to zero in on selling modest, second-rate razors regularly confused to captivate purchasers into purchasing multi-cutting edge Excel and later Mach3 cartridge sharp edges.

Do’s and Don’ts With Gillette Fatboy


  • Keep it clean constantly.
  • Put the razor in hot water every time after shaving.
  • Make slow movements while shaving (the razor can be too sharp).


  • Give the youngsters to play with it (they can harm themselves).
  • Leave it dirty.
  • Make sudden moves (to avoid cutting yourself).

FAQ About Gillette Fatboy

Why was Gillette Fatboy discontinued?

Fatboy appears to hold this notorious status in the DE people group, which has made costs for it soar. The Fat Boy was made in lower numbers than the customizable ones that came after it.

Why is Gillette Fatboy so expensive?

Contrasted with different razors, the Fatboy appears fairly costly for a vintage. On eBay, they are going from $40-$70. It seems that it doesn’t sound expensive; however, contrasted with other vintage models, they will generally be the more costly ones.

Is Gillette Slim or Fatboy better?

It is all up to the preferences of the users.

How to adjust my Gillette Fatboy?

Adjust it to your needs and according to your preferences.


Congrats! You have completed your mission of acknowledging all the necessary details about Gillette Fatboy razors. Now you can start using it.

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