Guy With Full Beard

What Is It

As the name suggests, the full beard is a facial hair style where you allow your beard to grow as much as you can. The full beard is an umbrella term that covers different styles. However, as long as you have a mustache, a beard, and sideburns, you have a full beard.

How to Grow, Trim and Maintain

Step 1 – Choose your preferred style

Choose the specific thick facial hair style you aim for, and wait. If you want a long, full beard, be prepared to wait at least a year to start styling. Meanwhile, if you want your beard to grow close to your skin, a couple of months of not shaving should do the trick.

Step 2 – Style the way you want

The basic steps for styling include trimming the beard based on your preferred length and then shaving the extra stray hairs on your cheeks and neck using a good shaving razor. This makes your beard look uniform and neat. You can also use beard shaping tools to help you style your beard better.

Step 3 – Maintain properly

Some men would try growing a full beard and then shaving it off because they cannot stand the itchiness that comes with the process. Good quality beard soap helps keep the skin underneath the beard moisturized, which will help with the itch. 

If you have a patchy beard, plenty of beard supplements can help you grow thick facial hair. Use beard styling products to help keep every strand of hair in place.

While still growing your beard, use products like good beard oil and eat foods that promote beard growth to ensure your beard hairs are strong and manageable.

16 Best Styles

Long Full Beard + Messy Medium-Length Hair

The long full beard will take a long time to grow. It usually takes months to a year to get the minimum length. However, the wait will be worth it as it will look marvelous. Pair this majestic beard with medium-length hair and messy styling, and you are set to hit the town.

Short Full Beard + Tapered Sides + Textured Top

If you want a somewhat neater look, fire up the clippers and crop your beard close to your face. This goes well with a hairstyle that features tapered sides and mid-length hair at the top for some texture.

Long Hair + Beard

Combining long, flowing hair with a short full beard is always a hit. Either people would mistake you for Jon Snow or the second coming of Christ.

Low Bald Fade + Long Comb Over + Stylish Beard

A stylish beard is trimmed fairly short, and the edges shaved to give the beard crisp lines. This works well with any haircut with a low skin fade.

Low Bald Fade Long Comb Over Stylish Beard

High Skin Fade + Side Swept Fringe + Thick Beard

Do you want to look more professional but could still attend a party at a moment’s notice? Try combining a high skin fade with a thick full beard and then style your hair into a side-swept fringe.

Slicked Back Undercut + Full Blonde Beard

You can pair a slicked-back undercut hairstyle with a full beard if you are a blonde. This pairing will give off manly Viking vibes in a more presentable package.

Brushed Up Hair + Full Beard Stubble

If you have the facial structure to pull this look off, I suggest you try it. Combining a full beard stubble with medium-length brushed-up hair will make you look like a professional male model, so start practicing your look.

Long Thick Beard + Long Mustache

To grow this beard will take a long time, usually more than a year. If you have the patience and the right skin products to deal with the itchiness of growing facial hair, you deserve this cool yet distinguished look.

Cool Groomed Beard + Fade + Textured Comb Over

A short groomed beard can be any style or length, as long as the hairs are uniform and combed neatly. This goes well with an equally neat-looking hairstyle, like a mid-fade with a short-textured top.

Short Sides + Quiff + Short Thick Beard

This is just a variant of the long stubble + brushed-up hair. Only this time, the facial hair is a bit thicker. Again, if you have the bone structure to pull off this look, I highly suggest going for it.

Low Taper Fade + Loose Pompadour + Thick Full Beard

This is the quintessential hipster look. The thick full beard must be trimmed evenly, and the hair should be styled into high pomp.

Messy Hair + Beard

The messy hairdo is excellent when you do not have much time to get ready in the mornings. Also, pairing this with an equally easy-to-maintain full beard (medium length is perfect) will complete your look.

Long Straight Hair + Long Beard

Long, straight hair with a long full beard gives a relatively strong Jesus vibe. This takes a lot of effort to pull off, but if you have the right attitude and don’t mind being called “Lord” now and then, you can try this look.

Mexican Mustache + Full Beard + Slick Back

The Mexican mustache, also called a Salvador Dali, is a mustache with the ends styled using a bit of hair gel and twirled to a fine point. You can pair this mustache with a full beard and slick back undercut hair to give a dignified yet still rugged look.

Undercut + Top Knot + Big Beard

Man With Undercut and Big Beard

The man bun or top knot is one of the essential hairstyles for hipsters. Adding a full long beard can add more smarmy barista energy to your look.

Low Fade + Line in Hair + Spiky Hair + Full Beard

Even if you are not relatively as young as the target audience of this hairstyle, it will still work for you if you pair it with a trimmed full beard. The shaved narrow line certainly does add a bit of dimension to your hair.


Is a full beard attractive?

It will depend mainly on the person, although most appreciate the look of a well-kempt full beard. Many women also find men with full beards attractive and sexy.

Can everyone grow a full beard?

Many people can’t grow a full beard. Your genetics will decide if you can grow a thick full beard. Other factors, like your lifestyle and age, will also have a say on your ability for full beard growth.

How can I get a full beard?

There are no other ways (aside from surgical procedures) for a person who is incapable of doing so to grow a full beard. Some products promise to do just that, but their results are not that consistent.

At what age will I have a full beard?

You will start growing facial hair as soon as you hit puberty. However, growing a full beard might not be possible until you hit 18 years old, or maybe 20.