Feather Razor Blades Review

Every shave should be an enjoyable one.

Having a razor that is dull or simply doesn’t work for you and your skin type is not something that you are going to enjoy.

Therefore, picking a good razor for your shaving needs is the first and most important step you need to take.

One such option are Feather razor blades.

These blades are guaranteed to provide you with a decent shave every time.

There are not going to be any razor burns or cuts, which results in a very favorable shaving experience.

To help you determine if they’re the right choice for you, we’ve created a genuine Feather razor blades review which will help you make your pick.

We go deep into all the details about these razors and give you our honest opinion about them.

After finishing the review, you will know exactly if these nifty little things are going to do the job for you.

What Are Feather Razor Blades

Men have incorporated shaving as part of their grooming routine. Before, using disposable razors was common, raking their faces with a blade. Now, years have passed, and technology has evolved, so most men prefer to use safety razor blades to clean their faces. 

One of the best razor blades in the market is the Feather Double-Edged Razor Blade. It is manufactured in Japan and known to be the sharpest blade in the shaving community.

It also has gained much attention for its longevity as it is made of stainless steel with platinum layer coating. Also, Feather Razor Blades are suitable for sensitive skin because they provide a smooth and comfortable close shave. 

Benefits of Using Them

Sharpest Blades in the Market

Sharpness is one of the essential features you should consider when buying razor blades, and Feather takes pride in having sharp and precise razor blades allowing a smoother shave. 

Having a Feather razor blade also prevents you from developing razor bumps and infections. Dull razors commonly have microorganisms settling on the blade that enters your pores and clog them, causing infections.

Another thing is dull razors are not as effective as sharp ones, for they may not be able to cut through all the hair follicles. As a result, damaged hairs can exist, which irritates your face. 

High-Quality and For All Types of Facial Hair

Men with coarse facial hair commonly face shaving problems because the razor sometimes doesn’t budge into the hair, especially if they are using a cartridge razor that is usually capable of light shaving only. That situation leads to having skin problems due to the constant dragging of the blade. 

Feather Razor Blades guarantee that you can conveniently execute a smooth shaving process because the blades are made of premium materials designed for thin, medium, and thick facial hairs. 

Ensure a Close Shave 

Benefits of Using Feather Razor Blades

Close shaving helps clear dead skin cells and removes the risks of having clogged pores. With that said, Feather Razor Blades have precise and hone shaving edges, allowing you to achieve the closest shave possible. 

How Do They work

A Feather razor blade is suitable for blending, texturizing, and thinning facial hair. To use it, work with an adjustable safety razor to insert the blade and start the shaving process. 

Pros and Cons


  • Less dragging, less irritation.
  • Great durability.
  • They are cost-effective.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • They leave the skin soft and hair-free.


  • They can be intimidating to use at first.
  • Have a high start-up cost.
  • It takes patience and practice to get a close shave.
  • Not recommended for shaving amateurs.



The packaging is market-specific, meaning some of it comes with ten or more pieces of blades. But the Feather company ensures that the blades on the packages are all the same. 


Feather Razor Blades have a 0.1 mm thickness made with platinum alloy and resin coating to make the blades durable. 


The Feather Razor Blades are known to be sharp that can cut through any facial hair and at the same time allow a close shave. 


The durability of the Feather Razor Blades is vital, so they can last up to 15 days or more, depending on the usage. 


The price of the blades is still considered affordable despite the high quality it offers. Generally, the blades last longer than others, so you could save much than repeatedly buying disposable razors. 

How to Use Them

How to Use Feather Razor Blades

Step 1 – Prepare your skin

It is crucial to prepare your skin first before using a razor blade to soften and avoid any breakage with the razor. Use a premium beard comb to detangle your facial hair and dampen it with warm water. Then, apply the world’s best shaving soap as a substitute for shaving cream.

Step 2 – Hold the razor at a 30 to 45-degree angle

Assuming you have inserted the blades into the razor, it’s time to practice your angle. To get the right angle, ensure that you don’t hold the razor too high as you may end up scraping your hair.

You also don’t want to hold it too low because you won’t cut anything. You can use a professional shaping tool to find the right angle that you’re comfortable at.

Step 3 – Keep your skin tight 

Concentrate on eliminating hair from the bulkiest part, and don’t overly thin out the ends to avoid a raggedy, pointed style. 

Step 4 – Follow your hair growth

This is a tricky part because if you’re a shaving beginner, you might end up having ingrown hairs if this is done incorrectly. In this stage, you need to shave in the direction your hair grows to achieve a close shave and reduce the risks of irritation. 

Step 5 – Rinse with cold water 

Wash your shaved face with cold water to close the pores. Then, you can apply high-quality aftershave products, such as balms and oils. 

How to Maintain Your Face

To avoid having dry and itchy skin, you need to maintain your face using the right aftershave products. You can be extra by adding a face mask into your skincare routine to hydrate and moisturize your skin.

You can also use a warm smell of woodsy colognes for a subtle fragrance. After doing all these, you’ll feel like you just came from the barbershop sitting the same as in a barber chair, feeling smooth and fresh. 

Feather Razor Blades Alternatives

Gillette Silver Blue

The Gillette Silver Blue Blades are slightly less sharp than a Feather, but they still effectively achieve a clean and smooth shave. Since they are less sharp, you will not worry too much about having deep cuts when you slip up with a razor.

Personna Lab Blue 

The Persona Lab Blue Blades have a smooth yet very sharp blade. These blades are USA-made and can also cut through thick beards. 

Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts With Feather Razor Blades


  • Do remember always to prepare your skin before shaving.
  • Do create a shaving lather by using premium shaving creams.
  • Do shave at the right angle.
  • Do go in small, deliberate strokes to maintain the right angle.
  • Do apply aftershave products to achieve softer and healthier skin.


  • Don’t drag your skin to avoid cuts and bumps.
  • Don’t rush when you start shaving.
  • Don’t shave without shaving cream or soap.
  • Don’t use the dry shaving technique to avoid bumps and irritation


Where are Feather Razor Blades made?

Feather Razor Blades are manufactured in Japan under strict production protocols to make quality products. 

Are Feather Razor Blades aggressive?

The Feather blades can be aggressive to men with sensitive skin. However, if you know how to use them properly, you will get the hang of it over time. Sometimes, it takes a lot of practice to become an expert with these blades, but guarantee that your effort and patience are worth it in the end. 

Are Feather Razor Blades beginner-friendly?

No, the Feather blades are more suitable for those who already know the tips and tricks of shaving. 

Are Feather Razor Blades the sharpest?

Yes, Feather blades are proven and tested to be the sharpest blades in the shaving community, 

How many shaves do you get from a Feather Razor Blade? 

The number of shaves you get depends on how frequently you use them. But typically, an average person can get 5-7 shaves with each blade. 

What are Feather Razor Blades made of?

Feather Razor Blades are made of platinum alloy and resin coating. 

Are Feather blades coated?

Yes, the Feather blades are platinum and resin coated. 

Where can I buy Feather Razor Blades?

You can purchase Feather Razor Blades from any leading shaving products supplier in the country.