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Electric Razor vs Blade

We are literally spoiled with options when it comes to shaving.

There are many ways to get a smooth and proper shave, but you are the one that needs to pick the most appropriate method.

Most people are usually torn between electric razors and blades.

These two methods have proven to be the most used ones and both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

However, you are the one to determine which one will work for you.

Picking an inappropriate option will result in cuts and burns.

To avoid all of those, we have created an article that compares an electric razor vs blade.

You will be able to determine which one suits you better after simply going through a few lines of our article.

Once you are done, you will know if wet or dry shaving is the most appropriate method for you.

What Is an Electric Razor

An electric razor is probably a valuable tool for any men’s grooming. A cartridge razor is one of the safest options for shaving, but if you go for an electric-based one, then you can complete the whole process quicker, plus you get the chance to do the shaving without hassle.

Basically, a good electric razor works as an electrical device that you can use for shaving. It features rotating or oscillating blades that you can find built-in behind the metal guard.

An electric razor with a curved edge for better head-shaving is also easily accessible nowadays that a lot of men have already recognized the benefits of this shaving device.

This shaving device is useful in forcing up the hair before slicing them off. With that, it prevents you from having to go over a specific area several times just to have the most even shave. It also works effectively in delivering a comfortable, close, and clean shave every time you use it.

3 Top Picks Of  Electric Razor

1. Philips Norelco Shaver 2300

When you shave, you want to make sure that you get every nook and cranny. That’s why the Norelco 4D Flex Head is so handy since it adheres to the contours of your face. It also features a trimmer setting that pops up when you need it.  This is great for cleaning up edges and shaping mustaches.

On a full charge, you can use this razor for up to 40 minutes without a cord. To put this into perspective, Norelco estimates that this lasts about 13 shaves. If you forget to plug it in or don’t realize your battery is low, though, don’t worry. You can use it while it’s plugged in if you’re in a pinch.

Norelco Shaver 2300


  • 4D Flex Head great for getting contours
  • Popup trimmer for sharper lines
  • Runs up to 40 minutes on a full charge

  • Low rotation speed for the blades

2. Braun

The Braun Electric Razor has something that sets it apart from the average razor. Namely, it automatically increases its power when tackling denser, thicker hair. If you have problem areas or a few hairs that lie flat, that’s not a problem either.

Thanks to this razor’s ActiveLift trimmer, those problem areas won’t cause problems for long. You can use this razor for a close shave too. It cuts hair down to a length as short as 0.05mm. Best of all, you can shave wherever you want! Not only is this cordless, but it’s waterproof as well!




  • Doesn’t feature a rotating head

3. Panasonic Arc5

Panasonic offers a five-blade razor in the Arc5 razor. These blades are made to be ultra-thin to help them adapt to the contours of your face better. If you need to touch up the finer details of your facial hair, you don’t have to worry either. This razor features a pop-up trimmer that can help tackle mustaches, sideburns, and beard details.

While the head of the razor doesn’t move entirely freely, it’s still flexible. It features Panasonic’s Multi-Flex pivoting head to reach where ever you need it to. Finally, this is another waterproof option. This way, you can shave in or out of the shower with this electric option.



  • Multi-Flex pivoting head
  • Pop-up trimmer for details
  • Waterproof

  • Not ideal for shaving around the mouth and nose

3 Top Picks Of Razor Blade

1. Solimo MotionSphere

The Solimo razor blade boasts an axis pivot. This allows the head of the razor to move with enough flexibility to adjust to the contours of your face. If you have sensitive skin, this razor is a great option as well. The lubricating strip by the blades is hypoallergenic and boosted with vitamin E.

These razors are anti-clog as well. This means that you’ll be able to rinse them without fighting to get all the hair out quickly. Finally, you have the option to buy in bulk if you want. The razor is offered both as an only option and in a kit including 16 additional cartridges.



  • Head moves on an axis pivot
  • Lubricating strip is hypoallergenic with vitamin E
  • Anti-clog

  • Trimmer blade isn’t always helpful

2. Gillette Fusion5

Gillette is a tried and true brand when you’re looking for a reliable razor. This particular Gillette razor even comes with three extra refills.

As for the shave, you can rely on the antifriction blades for a close and comfortable shave. With micro fins on the blades, you should experience less pulling and tugging. Each of the refills will last you a while as well. With a month per refill, you have four months of shaving in this package.

Speaking of refills, you’ll know when it’s time, thanks to the lubrication strip on the razor. Not only does it serve its traditional purpose, but it fades as the razor is used more and more.

Gillette Fusion5


  • Antifriction blades with micro fins to reduce friction
  • Lubrication strip fades when blades needs replaced
  • Each refill lasts up to a month

  • Doesn’t feature Gillette’s SkinGuard to protect sensitive skin

3. Schick Hydro

If you have sensitive skin, you need something that will cater to that. Shick is here to help make sure you get the close shave you want without irritating your skin. The razor in question is dermatologist-tested to ensure its efficacy too. With ingredients like aloe, pro-vitamin B5, and more, those with sensitive skin won’t have to worry.

This particular option is comfortable on your face as well as your hands. It features gel pools to cushion and an ergonomic handle so you can shave comfortably. You have an option for details in this razor as well. It features a flip-back trimmer that you can use for precision cutting.



  • Made for sensitive skin
  • Ergonomic design
  • Flip-back trimmer for precision and details

  • Doesn’t offer an incredibly close shave

Benefits of Using an Electric Razor

If you need to shave, an electric razor is a most highly recommended device for you. It is even a great alternative to the world’s best disposable razor for a wide range of reasons – among which are these three major benefits:

Quick and Convenient to Use

One incredible advantage of the electric razor is that it is quick to use. It does not require you to go through the lengthy process of shaving. You don’t even need to do long and thorough preparation work. You also do not have to subject yourself to more lathering and the hassles involved in cleaning them up.

It is also very convenient as it just involves grabbing the device then going directly to the shaving process. Once done, you can just put it into the station specifically designated for cleaning and charging automatically.

The good news is that even if there is no cleaning station, you can still quickly and easily clean this razor. A simple rinse under tap water can already do the trick.

Less Prone to Side Effects

Another great advantage of the electric razor is that it has a lower risk of causing any negative side effects on your skin. It is basically safe and gentle. It can even prevent you from experiencing ingrown hairs, irritation, nicks, and cuts after shaving.

Useful Wherever You Are

Another benefit of an electric razor is that you can use it anywhere. As a matter of fact, you can now find cordless razors – those that you can conveniently carry and use wherever you are. In this case, you can find models with a battery life that can last for at least an hour.

With that, you no longer have to recharge your device too frequently. The fact that you can use it regardless of where you are is also why many people view it as the most comfortable head shaving razor.

How Does an Electric Razor Work

How Does an Electric Razor Work

Your chosen electric razor will work depending on the exact type you chose to use. In most cases, you get to choose between the rotary or the foil shaver. Just like when there is cartridge vs. safety razor pros and cons, each of the two also has its pros and cons, so you have to identify which one truly suits your unique requirements.

If you go for the rotary electric razor or shaver, then expect to use the built-in three heads that work by moving in circles to remove facial hair. On the other hand, the foil shaver is great for beginners, making it an incredible choice if you are still learning how the shaving process works. It functions by moving and cutting in straight lines.

Regardless of the kind of electric razor or shaver you choose, you can expect it to be an effective shaving method. It works even if you do not exert the traditional and usual effort linked to using a razor shave.

Pros and Cons of Electric Razors


  • Hassle-free to use as it does not require other items except for the razor. This means you do not have to make a comparison of shaving gel and cream as you won’t be using it for the process anyway. It is also unnecessary to buy other shaving products, like soap, thereby reducing the amount you will have to pay in the end.
  • Features detail or precision trimmers. With these features around, trimming around your mustache, beard, or sideburns to get the exact facial hair style you want would be easy.
  • Easy to clean. This advantage is specifically true if you decide to invest in an electric razor that already features a vacuum. With that, you will not have a hard time keeping it clean as it does self-cleaning automatically.
  • Easy to maneuver. Another great advantage of the electric razor is that you can easily maneuver it around your face. With that, you can shape the lines the way you exactly want them.
  • Good for those with acne or sensitive skin. Even if you do not use pre-shave lotions or any other product to protect your skin from the shaving process, the electric razor will still not cause any harm. It makes it good for your sensitive skin as it has a low chance of causing irritation and other issues. The reason is that it does not generally rip your hair from the bottom.


  • More expensive. The initial cost is higher, though many users say it is worth it because of its overall quality.
  • Less precise shaving. The shave provided is not as close as the ones provided by the manual razor.

Types of Electric Shavers

Now onto the different types of electric shavers. If you are seriously thinking of using an electric shaver, note that you have a couple of choices. The good news is that both of the electric shavers here are versatile.

You can make them part of the tools and methods for safe chest shaving that you currently use, in addition to being a great tool to remove your facial hair. You can also use them to trim the hairs before shaving your balls.

Basically, your choices for versatile electric shavers are:

Electric Razor

The electric razor is well-recognized as a tool of choice for those who would like to shave facial hair and other hair in their bodies with the utmost convenience and more control. One great thing about an electric-based razor is that it provides you with several options.

You can use it not just to get a clean shave but also to style your hair in different ways, like when you want it to be a bit more chiseled. It allows you to have a close shave that is nearly as accurate as traditional razor shavers. The good news is that you can do that with more convenience, speed, and efficiency.

Electric Trimmer

You can also go for the electric trimmer, which lets you choose from a close-cut or a clean shave. Another advantage of using an electric trimmer is that it has a wide range of lengths for you to choose from. It is also an incredible choice for any man who prefers not to show off a totally clean shave.

With the electric trimmer, you can maintain your stubble at a certain length. Aside from that, it works well for those with sensitive skin. It does not often cause irritation, ingrown hairs, and other skin issues after shaving.

The reason is that it does not dig deep into your skin to pull out your hair follicles completely. What it does is cut only the follicle from a certain length. Moreover, the electric trimmer has the advantage of saving your time when you are shaving as you can quickly finish the task with its help.

Types of Electric Shavers - Electric Trimmer

How to Choose the Best Electric Razor

Now with the many choices you have for an electric-based razor, you may be confused about which one you should pick. In that case, note that you can increase your chance of picking the right choice if you consider the following factors and aspects:

Foil vs Rotary Shaver

When choosing the best electric razor, it is advisable to determine which between the foil shaver and the rotary shaver will work best for you. When differentiating the two, remember that the rotary shaver features three round-shaped shaving heads and circular blades, while the foil razor has blades covered with a thick and curved metal foil.

Based on that distinction, it is safe to say that the rotary shaver is the perfect choice for men with tougher skin and coarser facial hair or beards. The foil shaver, on the other hand, fits those with sensitive skin.

It is crucial to study all the features of the specific models you are eyeing to buy, though, so you will know exactly which one fits your unique needs the most.

Corded or Cordless

You also have to decide whether you should go for the corded or the cordless type. Some may find this factor insignificant, but in terms of convenience and speed, you will surely thank yourself if it is one of the key considerations you made before your purchase.

If convenience is what you are after as you want to have more control and freedom every time you shave, you can go for the cordless type. However, be aware that many cordless electric razors nowadays have lower power compared to the corded type. They also often rely too much on how long the battery will last.

Meanwhile, the corded electric razor is more limiting, making it less convenient to use. However, you will surely enjoy a higher amount of power it offers. Also, because it is corded, it can eliminate your worries about losing power while you are in the middle of shaving just because its battery runs out.

Still, if you are willing to invest more in your shaving devices, then you will surely be pleased to know that there are electric razors now that are both cordless and corded. With that, you can enjoy the benefits of both while making up for the inconveniences of each.

Battery Life

Another key consideration when it comes to choosing a high-quality electric razor is battery life. Find out exactly the specific length of time the battery of the razor will last. Determine if you have to deal with the inconvenience of recharging it now and then.

As much as possible, pick an electric razor known for having a solid battery life. It should be strong enough not to stop you while you are in the middle of shaving. Go for one with a battery life that can last for at least sixty minutes.

That way, you will be one hundred percent sure that the battery will not die on you even if you have just used it for a short period.


It is also advisable to decide on an electric razor based on whether or not it is waterproof. Determine exactly how waterproof it is. Note that while there are electric razors that you can now safely use while taking a shower, there are also those that are not.

Go for a truly waterproof one. The reason is that in most cases, wet shaving is ideal for those who have sensitive skin. It promotes ease in shaving as it works in softening the facial hair. With that in mind, it helps to use an electric razor with a high level of waterproofness.


How to Choose the Best Electric Razor - Speed

Check out how long it will take for a particular electric razor to finish the shaving process. Note that while electric razors all have the advantage of being quick to use, you can still compare their speed levels. That way, you get one that truly gets the job done as quickly as possible.

However, take note that the electric razor’s shave covers the speed through which it can shave and how fast its blades are. If the blades have a high level of speed, meaning they are fast, you can rest assured that the shave will be more comfortable and closer.

The speed of an electric shaver can be translated as CPM or cycles per minute. If you go for foil shavers currently on top of the industry, you will most likely enjoy a speed of around 10,000 to 15,000 CPMs from them. Avoid those with extremely low CPMs as those may deliver an inferior shave.

What Is a Razor Blade

In your search for the best shavette, another option that you will most likely come across is the razor blade. It is the thin, sharp, and tiny piece of metal integrated into a razor for it to work. It is the exact component, which gets rid of your facial hair.

If you are using a manual razor, then the blade could either be the traditional one composed only of a single-blade with a straight edge or multiple blades, up to seven in some cases.

Despite the number of blades in a manual razor, you can expect them to have a similar function. The sharpness of the blade allows it to glide smoothly across your face, then slice the whiskers that are close to your skin.

Benefits of Using a Razor Blade

The razor blade also has its share of benefits. If you are thinking of using this tool for shaving, then among the benefits that you will most likely enjoy are the following:

Gives a Close and Smooth Shave

The use of a razor blade gives you the chance to enjoy a close and smooth shave. It is even better as it gives you such an advantage within just a short period of time. It is especially true if you are using the cartridge razor. The reason is that it is faster compared to the disposable one with its additional blades.


Another advantage of the razor blade is that it is cost-effective. Compared to the electric razor, it is cheaper when you buy it for the first time. Despite being inexpensive, you will still enjoy how effective it is to give you a close shave.

Blades Are Not That Difficult to Find

This means you will not spend too much time finding replacement heads or blades that often happen when you go for the electric razor.

How Does a Razor Blade Work

How Does a Razor Blade Work

The razor blade has different types, with each one working differently depending on its mechanisms. Among your options are the safety razors, disposables, cartridges, and straight razors. Despite the different types currently available, though, the end goal for the way they work is to give you a close shave.

Almost all of them are even capable of providing you a closer shave compared to the electric razor. You can also expect them to work based on the number of blades they have. Those with additional blades aim to capture more hair in just a single swipe, allowing them to operate efficiently with the least amount of time.

Pros and Cons of Using a Razor Blade


  • Provides the closest possible shave. Regardless of the type (double-edge, cartridge, straight, or any other version), a good razor blade can shave very close to your skin, significantly closer than the electric shaver.
  • Comfortable to use. You will also experience comfort using this type of blade provided you do the necessary preparation and use the correct products and techniques. It even provides a high level of comfort of Fusion and Mach3 razors.
  • Sharp and inexpensive. You will also be pleased to know that the razor blade is economical and inexpensive while still having the sharpness you are hoping for. It is sharp enough that it can remove your facial hair with ease.
  • Long-lasting. Some also say that the razor blade is longer-lasting, especially if you compare it to refill cartridges with multiple blades.
  • Fun and enjoyable. You will also find the entire process of using your razor blade fun and enjoyable, considering it is the traditional shaving method. It requires you to use things like hot water, a vintage razor, and shaving cream with a nice scent, making the traditional shaving method truly enjoyable.


  • Time-consuming. Using the razor blade for shaving takes more time than using the electric-based razor or shaver.

Types of Razors

If you are searching for a good razor, then be aware that you have several choices. Here are a few of them:

Disposable Razors

One type that you can choose is the disposable razor. It is ideal for those who constantly travel or want to replace things often. The fact that it is disposable means you will have to replace it often. Just use this disposable razor to shave your face. If its blade gets blunt, you just have to replace it.

One advantage of disposable razors is that the ones offered nowadays feature pivoting heads and blades that resemble costly razors. The only problem with this type is that its quality is not at par with the regular ones. The main reason is that it is mainly created for convenience. It is also not that sharp compared to other razors.

Safety Razors

Another choice is the safety razor. Aside from looking great, this safety razor is designed in such a way that it can prevent nicks and cuts. You have a low chance of getting those skin problems after using it for shaving. Some safety razors are also built to be double-edge, which means it is possible to use both sides to attain your preferred look.

Another reason to choose the safety razor is that it is easy and comfortable enough to use, especially for beginners. You will even find it useful if you plan to shave your head. Just make sure that you are extra careful when you use it to shave your head.

Straight Razors

Types of Razors - Straight Razors

The straight razor is also a good choice. One thing that you will notice about the straight razor right away is its classic design. The overall functionality and effectiveness of this razor are also noticeable. As a matter of fact, you are sure to get a close shave with a sharp straight razor.

Many men prefer using the straight razor as it uses a steel material with better quality than the one used in a cartridge or disposable razor. This further increases the sharpness of the blade as well as its lifespan. This means that it will last a long time before you will notice it getting dull. This razor is also not that expensive.

Cartridge Razor

Also referred to as the classic razor, the cartridge razor is another of the best choices for men who want to have a close shave. It is a good choice because of its great functionality. It is also safe to use and is easily accessible. Many also love using this razor since it does not cause a lot of pain during each use.

The cartridge razor is also famous for its versatility. It is versatile in the sense that you can use it to shave not only your face but also the hair on your head and other parts of your body. It is not the same as the disposable razor as its body remains constant.

Yes, it requires you to dispose of its heads and replace them, but the body can be expected to stay the same.

How to Choose the Best Razor Blade

Are you now ready to start sorting out your choices and pick the best out of the many razor blades in the market? Then here are some of the key factors you should consider:


One key factor you have to consider in your search for the best razor blade is the price. Note that during your search, you will notice that some are more expensive than the others. Despite that, many are willing to pay for more because they often associate it with good quality.

Blades that are extremely low in prices are not as long-lasting as the others. They are also often dull. However, with proper research, you will find a reasonably priced razor blade with the quality you want.

Your Skills

Your skills in terms of shaving should also matter in your decision. Assess your skills, so you will know which one you can comfortably use and grip. Choose a razor blade, which corresponds to your skills. That way, it will not be too hard for you to use it to get the kind of a shave you want.

Shaves per Blade

Another key consideration is the number of shaves per blade. Each blade should be able to meet the standard of around 5 to 10 shaves. This number is already indicative of the blade’s quality. Some even say that their blades are capable of serving users of up to thirty shaves.

Your Hair

Choose a razor blade based on the type of hair you are planning to shave, too. For instance, if you plan to use the blade for your facial hair and notice that its texture is excellent, note that the single foil shaver perfectly suits it.

If you have a longer stubble, it would be much better to pick the triple rotary shaver. You also have to consider whether your facial hair is thick or curly; as such will give you an idea about the razor blade that perfectly suits it.

Electric Razor vs Blade Comparison

Electric Razor vs Blade Comparison

How Much Time Do You Have

When comparing which between the electric razor and the traditional blade you should choose, it would help assess how much time you can and are willing to spend shaving. If you have a hectic schedule, then it would not come as a surprise if what you want is a speedy razor – one that will let you complete the shaving process as quickly as possible.

In that case, the electric razor is the clear winner. It works faster than a traditional blade as it does not require you to undergo time-consuming and thorough preparation work. You do not even need to form a lather or deal with the hassle of cleaning and caring for your shaving kit.

All it takes is to get the electric shaver then use it to shave right away. Once done, just toss the device to the automated charging and cleaning station immediately.

Closeness of Shave

In terms of the closeness of shave, the electric razor and traditional blade also seem to differ. If you plan to use the electric-based razor, note that you can get the closest possible shave by choosing the foil head type.

It is also important to make sure that the foil-based shaver you get is ideal for use in a wet shave setting. Despite that, the electric razor will still not give the closeness of shave that the traditional blade or razor offers.

It would be best to go for the latter if you are more concerned about getting a close shave above anything else.


In terms of portability, nothing can seem to beat the electric shaver. This is especially true if you often travel in and out of the country. It assures you of a hassle-free experience. You will not also experience any trouble in terms of security during your trip.


Another area where the electric razor and the blade differ is the price. You will notice that the electric razor costs higher than the traditional razor blades. You will spend more on it initially than the other types.

However, the electric shaver’s ability to last for years (up to 20 years in some cases) still makes it a more worthwhile investment than the blade.

How to Shave Using an Electric Razor

Step 1 – Prepare your face

You don’t have to do extensive preparation as the simple act of washing your face is already enough. Ensure that you use lukewarm water to wash your face as it can help in opening up the pores in your face, thereby helping soften the hair follicles.

Step 2 – Put on a pre-shave cleanser

This is an optional step, but it would be best to give it a go. You can pick the lotion or cream version and apply it to your face. It helps to get rid of excess oil and allow you to have a close shave.

Step 3 – Wait for 15 to 20 minutes after waking up before shaving

If you want to shave after you wake up, then avoid doing so right away. It would be best to wait around 15 minutes or so before starting. That way, you can easily make the most of the electric razor and enjoy a close shave since your face will no longer be that puffy.

Step 4 – Start shaving

Just let the razor move on your skin, more specifically using circular motions. It would also be best to try different shaving methods until you determine which one suits you the most. It also helps to use a shaving technique depending on the kind of shaver you buy – whether it’s the rotary or the foil.

How to Maintain an Electric Razor

Step 1 – Plug your shaver in the cleaning station

Plug in the shaver into the built-in cleaning station. You can see this feature in high-end models. Push the required button so the cleaning tools in the station will start working.

Step 2 – Change the head now and then

Make sure that the replacements are timely. That way, the razor will continue to deliver an excellent performance while boosting its durability.

Step 3 – Lubricate the razor

You also have to lubricate the electric razor, especially if you have more expensive varieties. You will be pleased in that case because this expensive variety often features a self-lubricating charging station. Other electric razors have an oil that you will find useful in the proper functioning of the blades.

How to Shave Using a Razor Blade

Step 1 – Wash your skin

It would be best to exfoliate it gently, too. This can help in getting rid of the impurities and dirt on your skin that trigger irritation.

Step 2 – Coat your skin with shaving cream or soap

Form a good lather with the help of shaving cream or soap. This is one of the most important steps when shaving using a razor blade. Make sure to coat your entire hair and skin.

Step 3 – Open the feature which holds the blade

Load it with the blade. Make sure that the blade/s sits flat. They should match the notch of the blade’s side with the notch found on every blade level. Also, you have to load the holder with the exact number of blades required. It is the key to getting the closest possible shave.

Step 4 – Feel your skin

This helps in figuring out whether you have missed certain places. You can go back to these missed spots. If you want the result to be closer and more even, then do the shaving process again, but this time, it should be against the specific direction where your hair naturally grows.

The shaving process using a razor blade may differ a bit depending on the type you have chosen, but the usual steps are the ones mentioned.

How to Clean a Razor Blade

Step 1 – Rinse the razor thoroughly after each use

It is advisable to open it up so you can clean its insides and outsides thoroughly. Rinse the blades, then let them dry before putting them in the shaver again.

Step 2 –  Store it in the right way

Look for a cool and dry place where you can store it.

Step 3 – Figure out if it needs a deep cleaning

Make it a point to let the razor blade undergo a deep cleaning every once in a while. Do it once every month. You can give it a deep clean with the help of a soft brush and dish soap. Just use the scrub and soap to brush all the nooks and crannies existing in the blades.

Do’s and Don’ts With an Electric Razor


  • Clean and maintain the electric razor. It is the key to making it work excellently for a long time. Clean and dry it properly after using it. You may also want to invest in a self-cleaning and self-drying model, so you will not find it difficult to maintain.
  • Hold it at the right angle. Ensure that you are holding your electric razor at the correct angle. It is a big help in maximizing contact with your skin, lessening the time needed for shaving, and lowering snagging risk.
  • Make sure that it stays cool. Keep in mind that the electric razor’s motorized nature may cause it to produce a specific level of operational heat. This is not good for those who have sensitive skin since it may lead to skin irritation. In that case, deal with sensitive parts first, like your neck, to ensure that the razor is still cool while you are doing so.


  • Do not forget to prepare your skin. Skin preparation should always be the first step in using the electric razor. You need to make the necessary preparations to ensure that your skin will be free of sebum and dirt. It also prevents your stubble from becoming stiff and dry, causing problems during shaving.
  • Do not press your skin too hard. Do the shaving gently. Avoid pushing too hard, or else your skin may deal with irritation.

Do’s and Don’ts With Razor Blades


  • Master the shaving process. You have to learn everything you can about the shaving process. Understand the pressure exerted, inclination angle, type of hair you have, and any other factor affecting the shaving process. That way, you can pick a shaving technique using the razor blade that is perfect for you. It allows you to maximize its use and prolong its lifespan.
  • Invest in high-quality shaving materials. Go for shaving materials and accessories that you can use along with the razor blades known for their quality. They should be able to maintain the blade’s sharpness and prevent any possible damage to your skin.
  • Dry properly after each use. Store it in a dry place, too, to prevent corrosion. Ensure that you store it at the right place to lower your risk of exposing the blades to bacterial infections.


  • Do not go for razor blades that are too aggressive for you. If possible, pick a less aggressive one that perfectly suits your skill level when it comes to shaving. That way, you will not have a hard time learning and understanding the amount of pressure that you should apply on the head with zero risks of skin cuts, irritation, and nicks.
  • Do not use an extremely sharp blade. If possible, there should be a mix of sharpness and smoothness. Yes, a sharp blade is essential as it guarantees that only a few passes are needed to get your desired shaving result. However, it would still be best if you pair it up with the blade’s right smoothness. This means that its cutting angle should not be too extreme and only a bit of pressure is required when shaving.


FAQ About Electric Razors and Razor Blades

Is there an electric razor that shaves as close as a blade?

Yes, there is. In fact, there are several electric razors in the market nowadays, mostly the more modern versions that produce close shaves, almost similar to the ones provided by the blade. One great choice would be a foil electric razor.

It can give a close shave similar to the straight razor and has a low risk of producing any stubble.

Are electric razors better for your skin?

Yes, they are. As a matter of fact, electric razors are highly recommended for those who have sensitive skin as they prevent skin irritation, ingrown hairs, nicks, cuts and other signs of skin issues. The reason is that this type of razor does not go extremely deep on your skin.

Can electric shavers give a clean shave?

Yes, they can. Most electric shavers nowadays have features that guarantee a close and clean shave.

Even those that are powerful enough and have an advanced feature can make them power through even the thickest facial hair and cut them just the way you want. The result is a much cleaner shave.

Can I dry shave with an electric shaver?

Yes, you are allowed to dry shave if you use an electric shaver. Most electric shavers are even meant for dry shaving.
Despite that, you can now find newer models that you can also apply for wet shaving.

If you want one that you can use for wet shaving, then be prepared to pay a bit more as it is costlier than the one specifically designed for dry shaving.

How often should you replace razor blades?

The answer to this depends on the specific razor blade you are using. In most cases you have to use it for around 5 to 10 shaves before you need to make the replacement. This will also depend on what is recommended by the manufacturer.

The razor blade also warrants a replacement based on its wear and tear. Find out if it is already showing signs that it has been worn out.
If yes, then maybe it is time to replace it.

How should I store my blade?

Look for a well-ventilated and dry spot where you can store your razor blade. You should position it upright in your chosen storage area. Avoid tucking the razor you have just used in a dirty kit. Do not put it under the shower too.

It is because doing so may cause it to build up germs and bacteria. Let it dry completely first before the actual storage to prevent moisture that may cause the bacteria to thrive.

How should I dispose of razor blades?

Disposing of a razor blade is simple. All it takes is to get a paper or a couple of cardboard and use either of the two to wrap the blade in a few folds. Bind it thoroughly using tape. This will prevent the blades from coming out.

After that you can put the wrapped blade inside your usual trash can.


The electric razor and razor blade have their individual strengths and weaknesses. Both of them can help you every time you need to shave your facial hair and excess hair in other body parts.

You have to study the capabilities and the limitations of these two shaving tools to decide better which suits your requirements the most.