DOVO Straight Razor Review

A straight razor is one of the best beard shaving tools you can own and the DOVO straight razor is no different. If you’ve reached a point where getting a reliable razor for your beard is difficult, then it’s time to try wet shaving with a good straight or safety razor.

The DOVO straight razor is one of the best on the market and for good reasons that we will look at it.

What Is DOVO Straight Razor

DOVO straight razor is a straight razor manufactured by DOVO Solingen. The company is an industry leader when it comes to manicure tools as well as hair clippers.

They are, however, well known for their straight razors. With over a hundred years of experience behind them, it’s clear why their straight razors are the most used.

Compared to other straight razor manufacturers, the company prides itself on producing some of the sharpest straight razors on the market. This can be tied to the quality of the steel that they use to manufacture their straight razors.

Benefits of Using DOVO Straight Razor

While electric razors work faster than regular razors, straight razors have found their way into the grooming industry as more and more men embrace this grooming tool.

Have a Longer Edge

A longer edge means fewer passes when you are shaving hence reducing the risk of developing irritations thereafter.

Clean Shave

Just like when using the most high-quality straight razors, the DOVO straight razor provides a clean shave. This is because, with straight razors, there is no buildup of gunk to clog the head.

What this means is that a clean razor means less infection in case you have nicks and cuts.

High Quality

DOVO Solingen is best known for its sharp razors. They use high-quality steel that is not only durable but does the job very well.

How Do DOVO Straight Razors Work

How Do DOVO Straight Razors Work

Nothing beats shaving with a straight razor which is why seasoned barbers use it and we have no option but to sit comfortably on that chair and let them work their magic.

A straight razor takes time to master. It also takes more time to shave than shaving your beard with an electric razor or a blade.

If you have the patience to learn the process, it will become one of your best shaving tools in no time. When using the DOVO straight razor, most people should be okay with it since it also doubles up as a premium razor for sensitive skin.

The only thing you need to ensure is that you prepare your skin, work slowly before conditioning it after the shave to avoid irritations.

Short History of DOVO Straight Razors

Founded in Solingen, Germany, DOVO Solingen has been in existence for over a hundred years. Known for their sharp and hand-crafted straight razor blades, DOVO Solingen is a favorite of many wet shaving enthusiasts worldwide.

DOVO was established in 1906 by Messrs. Dorp and Voos, who forded their very first instruments in a razor-only factory. After that, they would add manicure items and scissors, creating a legacy that has lasted for years and continues to transform lives in the grooming industry.

During the ’50s, the company came to the limelight after manufacturing their iconic Bismarck straight razor.

That was just the beginning because in the 80’s they came up with a shavette razor with interchangeable blades that would only be the beginning of their collection of high-quality straight razors.

Pros and Cons of DOVO Straight Razors

When you are buying anything, including the world’s best cologne, you need to consider the pros and cons before you make a purchase.


  • DOVO straight razors are built to last thanks to the high-quality steel that the company uses.
  • The design of the blade means that you will use fewer strokes when you are shaving as compared to when you are using any other type of razor, which translates to fewer irritations.
  • The razor blade, when cared for, can last for a lifetime. When you have a DOVO straight razor, you no longer have to make your choice between Mach3 and Fusion, for instance, since the razor will not need replacing in a long time.
  • The blade of a DOVO straight razor is sharp, only requiring sharpening twice a year.
  • The DOVO straight razor also gives you a close and clean shave every time.


  • Shaving with a DOVO straight razor is a skill that you need to learn. It takes patience to achieve the perfect shave. A beginner will therefore have a hard time and you are likely to get cuts and nicks along the way.
  • Just like other straight razors, you only have one blade to work with. If anything happens and gets damaged, you will have to replace the entire unit, which is expensive. DOVO straight razors are, however, made of high-quality steel that should last you a lifetime.

How to Choose The Best DOVO Straight Razor

How to Choose The Best DOVO Straight Razor


DOVO straight razors are usually sold shave-ready, which means that you can start shaving with yours as soon as you take it out of the box.

While they are shave-ready, the sharpness is not as it should be, but it will still get the job done. Therefore, one of the things you need to consider is how sharp the blade is when buying it.

You want to go with the straight razor that has the sharpest blade such that you don’t have to worry about sharpening it until after months of use.


DOVO Solingen produces high-quality straight razors that can last you a lifetime. However, not all DOVO straight razors are the same.

Considering how much you will be spending, the last thing you want is to buy a razor that will get damaged after a few years and force you to go back to the shop.

You need to consider the durability of the straight razor you are buying and one way you can do that is to go through reviews of people who have used the grooming tool before.

When you get your straight razor, you need to make sure that you take care of it to extend the life cycle. You can do that by making sure that you clean yours and dry it well after every use.

Ease of Use

Generally, straight razors are not easy to use and they take some learning and getting used to before you can master the technique.

If you are a beginner, you don’t want to go with the most advanced DOVO straight razor that will be a headache to use. You want to choose a straight razor that will be easy to use from the word go before you graduate to the more advanced models.

The DOVO classic, for instance, seems easier to use than other models, so it’s worth looking into before you make a purchase that you will regret in a few months.


DOVO straight razors are usually some of the best in the market, which only means one thing – they don’t come cheap! Costing as much as $200, it’s a worthwhile investment, but it’s money that you may not have at the moment.

Worry not because DOVO Solingen also makes cheaper straight razors that are of high quality as well.

If you don’t have the budget for a very expensive straight razor, there is no shame going for a cheaper model like the DOVO classic that only costs about $120 and will still get the job done.

Features of DOVO Straight Razors

Features of DOVO Straight Razors


The grind is usually the shape of the cross-section of any straight razor. This is one of the areas that DOVO Solingen excels at.

Not many companies have been able to get the straight razor to that extra hollow state that results in a light and easy-to-maintain razor.


The height of a straight razor is calculated from the bottom of the edge to its spine. The most common blades are 5/8th and 6/8th in height. Generally, the taller a blade is, the heavier it will be and the harder it will be when using.


One of the features that make straight razors stand out is the scales. The scales are where the blade and the razor’s personality reside. DOVO straight razor scales come in a variety of materials, colors as well as price points.

Blade Materials

DOVO straight razors are made of either carbon steel or stainless steel.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is usually a much softer metal that helps the straight razor take its shape. Carbon steel is also easier to hone and doesn’t require much stropping to get it shave-ready.

If you have a carbon steel straight razor, to prevent the razor from rusting, always ensure that you keep the razor dry.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is much harder and, as such, takes more time to hone and requires more stropping to get it shave-ready.

Stainless steel razors, however, hold their edges for a longer time than their carbon steel counterparts. With a stainless-steel straight razor also, you need not worry about your blade or razor rusting.

How to Use DOVO Straight Razor

How to Use DOVO Straight Razor

Step 1 – Prepare your beard and face

The first step is to jump in the shower and run hot water through your beard for a few minutes.

This helps soften your beard while opening the pores making the shaving process much easier. You can also wrap a hot towel around your face if you don’t want to shower.

To soften your beard, you might also want to consider taming your beard with a beard relaxer a few weeks before.

Step 2 – Apply pre-shave oil

When you are shaving with a straight razor, consider moisturizing skin by using pre-shave oil to help ease the shaving process.

Step 3 – Apply shaving cream or soap

Shaving cream, soap, or gel area are a must-have if you want a clean shave free of irritations. Prepare your cream in a shaving bowl or mug using hot water and apply generously to your beard.

Step 4 – Start shaving

A straight razor is hard to use, but only if you don’t hold it well. Grip your DOVO razor shank between the thumb and your three fingers. Holding your blade at a 30-degree angle and ensuring that the blade is not flat against the skin, start shaving.

For a clean shave, you need to shave with the grain starting at the top of the cheek, working your way towards the jaw and chin, and finally, the neck.

Use gentle downward strokes, making sure that your motion is smooth and controlled. When you are shaving, rinse the blade in between strokes.

Step 5 – Repeat the process

The first shave should take care of the long hair. Apply shaving cream again and repeat the process making sure that you are holding the blade at the right angle throughout.

Step 6 – Rinse your face with cold water

Coldwater is necessary to help moisturize the skin and close the pores. Go ahead and also apply aftershave to prevent any irritation that may occur afterward.

While at it, it is worth noting that if you have a straight razor, beard butter and beard balm are must-have products if you would like to style a beard with a straight razor in case you don’t shave everything off.

How to Maintain DOVO Straight Razor

Step 1 – Pre-shave care

Before you begin shaving, you must make sure that the razor performs well, which means stropping it.

But first, run your hands over the belt to get rid of any dust or dirt that may have accumulated, and then place it on the tensioned belt and pull in the direction of the back of the blade.

Repeat the process with the other side. Usually, 10 to 15 turns should get your straight razor shave-ready.

Step 2 – Post-shave care

After every shave, you need to rinse your razor with warm water and then dab it with a clean and dry cloth. Store the razor in a dry place to prevent rusting.

Step 3 – Sharpening your razor

If your straight razor gets dull as it will after some time, you need to re-sharpen it. If you don’t know what you are doing, you are better off taking it to a professional or contacting the company for assistance.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

DOVO straight razors are not cheap and you may need to part with as much as $200 for a razor. Their quality is, however, worth every dime.

While DOVO also produces cheaper straight razors, they are not of the same quality as the expensive models.

Just like buying most grooming tools, you get what you pay for, and sometimes spending a little more could mean getting a higher quality straight razor.

Dos and Don’ts With DOVO Straight Razor

  • Do ensure that you prepare your skin and beard before using a DOVO straight razor. Your beard needs to be soft for a better shave and your pores also need to be open.
  • Do use shaving cream or gel even when you are using a straight razor.
  • Do ensure that you go to a professional if you don’t know how to use a straight razor. It is a steep learning curve until you fully master how to use a straight razor perfectly.
  • Do ensure that you clean and dry your DOVO straight razor after every shave to prevent rusting.
  • Do ensure that the blade of your DOVO straight razor is sharp enough before you begin shaving.
  • Do not continue using a DOVO straight razor if the blade is damaged in any way, as this could cause injuries.

FAQ About DOVO Straight Razors

Are DOVO razors shave ready?

Yes, DOVO straight razors are usually shave-ready and don’t need to be sharpened before use.

How do you sharpen a DOVO straight razor?

Sharpening a DOVO straight razor is no different from how you sharpen other straight razors. Run your razor gently on a wet whetstone several times.

What does DOVO mean?

DOVO was coined by the founders of the company Messrs. Dorp and Voos.

Where are DOVO razors made?

DOVO straight razors are made entirely in Solingen, Germany.

Are DOVO straight razors good?

Yes, DOVO straight razors are among the best straight razors on the market. It is a brand that is trusted by wet shavers worldwide because the company is backed by more than 100 years of producing high-quality straight razors.


If you love the precision and clean shave that only a straight razor can achieve, then a DOVO straight razor is a must-have in your grooming kit. The razors are made by DOVO Solingen and consist of high-quality steel that ensures that the razors last for years. While it may take you a while to master using a DOVO straight razor, there is no going back to shaving with other tools once you do.