Declaration Grooming Shave Soap

Declaration Grooming is a company that sacrificed years of hard work to create some of the best-wet shaving and grooming products for men. Everything is made and operated by a single person named Scott Stewart, who does his work from Ferndale, Michigan. He could bring everything into one and may have come close to creating the world’s best shaving soap with some of his products. 

His products are out of this world, all of them are handcrafted, and the recipe formulations are all made by Scott. Additionally, he does web design, photography, product crafting, and everything else by himself—a real human swiss army knife. 

What Is Declaration Grooming Shave Soap

Declaration Grooming shaving soaps are all created by the owner of the brand Scott Stewart. He incorporated years of research and hard work to create some of the best shaving soaps on the market. If you are a man who wants an organic beard soap or wants to have the best shaving experience possible, look to his products for help. 

All of the shaving soaps on the site are handcrafted and specifically created to match the taste of modern men. There are plenty of scents already available, with new ones constantly being on the way. 

All of the shaving soap products available on the website are Milksteak base. Besides the original version, you can choose from some soaps like Dirtyver, Daemon, Troll Toll, Cerberus, Darkfall, Contemplation, Apogee, Sunrise On Lasalle, and Plenty More. 

Besides shaving soaps, Declaration Grooming also has other products to offer, like aftershaves, colognes, and shaving brushes. So if you are looking for a premium beard brush and want to combine it with nice-smelling shaving soap, this is the place to find it all. 

Benefits of Using Declaration Grooming Shave Soap

Before you decide whether you want to try out using Declaration Grooming shaving soaps, you must know what advantages they bring. This is a bonafide way for you to determine whether these products are actually for you and if you want to give them a go. 

Some positive characteristics of Declaration Grooming products include: 

  • Thick and rich lather
  • A diverse array of smells that you can choose from
  • Made with natural and organic ingredients
  • Unique formulas
  • A rich and exciting shaving experience
  • Excellent results and shaving smoothness

Men who care about their style also know the importance of using beard care products that suit your needs. Declaration Grooming shaving soaps certainly meet the needs of a contemporary man who wants to showcase his style to the people around him. 

How Does Declaration Grooming Shave Soap Work

How Does Declaration Grooming Shave Soap Work

Declaration Grooming shave soaps are handcrafted wet shaving products. They are all designed with specific care and are unique. You can find a quality offering of scents created with particular formulas to suit a variety of person’s needs. 

Deciding on the fly does not work. You have to take careful consideration when choosing a suitable product. You may examine each of them individually to see the ingredients used to create it. At the same time, you can read the creator’s explanation of the scent that you are supposed to get. Studying the ingredients is also essential to prevent you from using a product your skin is sensitive to. 

We suggest starting with the Original. It contains such ingredients as Stearic Acid, Water, Potassium Hydroxide, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Mango Butter, Bison Tallow, Shea Butter, and plenty more. Scott is pretty transparent when it comes to his products and tells them how. His descriptions of the smells are to the point and will say to you precisely what you need to feel with a specific product. 

He describes the Original scent as a pretty simple one as he needed one which is clean and safe to begin with. What he got was a blend between sandalwood and bergamot. He also notes that a quality shaving brush is a must-have shaping tool when using his products. 

After you experience the Original, we suggest experimenting with a few others. The prices are also not as sky-high as you may think. They all loom around $20 to $25, which is not a high price to pay for an excellent shave. 

Pros and Cons of Declaration Grooming Shave Soap


  • Offers unique scents. 
  • Handcrafted products for everyday shaving needs. 
  • Easy lathering.  
  • The Milksteak ingredient base is a definite upgrade compared to the Icarus ingredient-based products. 
  • Provides drama-free shaving. 


  • May not be affordable to all users. 
  • Supplies on certain scents may be limited. 
  • A niche product and not for everyone. 

How to Use Declaration Grooming Shave Soap

How to Use Declaration Grooming Shave Soap

Since every Declaration Grooming shave soap is unique and has different characteristics, you might want to check those out before shaving. Getting its gist on the first go might be challenging, so we suggest doing a few practices runs to correctly moisturize the shaving soap. Also, the soap is not enough to do away with your beard, so a good safety razor can help you improve your shaving skills and allow you to get excellent results.

To prepare a perfect lather with these unique shaving soaps, you should start by: 

Step 1 – Prepare the brush

Fill up your shaving bowl with some warm water. Soak the shaving brush in the water for a few minutes so the bristles loosen slightly. Squeeze the brush to remove some, but not all, of the water. 

Step 2 – Make a perfect lather

Add a few drops of water to your soap. Take the brush and swirl it over the soap to lather it up. Add more water if needed. Swirl your brush in the bowl until you create a rich lather. 

Step 3 – Start to shave

After the lather is all nice and yoghurty, spread it on your face with a brush or with your hands. Grab a disposable razor with sharp blades and start shaving. Get a close shave or remove the facial hairs from excess places to maintain a specific beard style. Use aftershave to provide better moisture after you are done shaving. 

And voila! You are done. By now, you will start to feel the freshness and the smoothness of the skin that Declaration Grooming soaps provide. 

Do’s and Don’ts With Declaration Grooming Shave Soap


  • Experiment with different types of products. 
  • Always check the ingredients used to create the soap. 
  • Use quality and a razor suitable for your skin type. 
  • Be patient and thorough when lathering up. 
  • Be sure to use an appropriate aftershave after you are done shaving. 


  • Start using the soap before checking out the ingredients, susceptible skin. 
  • Using an overused shaving blade.  
  • Not adding enough water to create a good lather. 

FAQ About Declaration Grooming Shave Soap

FAQ About Declaration Grooming Shave Soap

How long does Declaration Grooming shaving soap last?

Usually, a standard shaving soap will last about six months. But it still depends on how often you shave and how much you use for a single shave. 

What’s the best-smelling Declaration Grooming soap?

Everyone has their favorites and it mostly depends on personal preference. But some of the best ones are Opulence, Epiphenomenon, and Chaotic Neutral. 

Is Declaration Grooming shaving soap different from regular soap?

Yes, it is. It is an artisan shaving soap that smells better and provides a richer lather. Speaking, it is a much more quality shaving soap. 

Where can you buy Declaration Grooming?

Declaration Grooming products can be obtained on their website or using our page right here. 

Is Declaration Grooming expensive?

Most Declaration Grooming shaving soaps cost between $20 and $25. 


Once you start using Declaration Grooming shaving soap products, you will immediately begin to notice the difference, mainly if you have been using regular soaps up till now. These are much more quality shave soaps that aim to provide a richer lather with unique smells. The shaving results are also much better as you get smooth skin with minimal or equal to no irritation. You can even use professional toner for men after shaving with these products. 

After you finish shaving, feel the divine smell of an affordable cologne that you can put on, take a good look at yourself in the mirror, and step out into the world knowing that you have just had one of the best shaves in your life.