Dapper Dan Pomade Review

What Is a Dapper Dan Pomade

The Dapper Dan Pomade is a fantastic choice just in case you are in search of the world’s best hair pomade for men. It is a flexible pomade, mainly because it comes in different varieties, allowing you to pick one that suits your needs.

You may find it helpful if you want a pomade to hold your hair the entire day and style it again anytime you want. With this pomade around, you can even consider choosing a modern hairstyle for balding men and wearing it with confidence.

Benefits of Using Dapper Dan Pomades

Guarantees a Strong and Flexible Hold

The Dapper Dan pomade, an excellent premium hair tonic, will never let you down in terms of its hold. The reason is that it can provide your hair with a solid and flexible hold. It can give you that benefit while ensuring that you can apply it smoothly and easily.


Most of the pomades offered by Dapper Dan are water-based. This is a good thing because it can provide the shine and hold provided by other greasy and waxy pomades in the market. It is also less messy, plus you can easily wash it out from your hair. High-quality hair cream gives a more natural look and the Dapper Dan pomades can also provide you that through their water-based and non-messy nature.

Nice Scent

You will also fall in love with the scent and fragrance of Dapper Dan pomades. These products boast of their clean scent or fragrance that perfectly suits men. With that scent, you can expect your hair to smell fresh the entire day.

How Do Dapper Dan Pomades Work

Dapper Dan pomades work by giving you a look you want for your hair. It can give your hair an all-day hold while being easy to apply. It is not also messy, which makes it somewhat similar to a non-messy hair wax that provides a great holding.

Pros and Cons of Using Dapper Dan Pomades


  • Provides a flexible and strong hold.
  • Non-messy – It is not too greasy and waxy, too, thanks to its water-based nature.
  • A nice scent that’s perfect for men.
  • Easy to apply and wash out.
  • Can last the entire day – This means styling your hair with this pomade can assure you that it will last for the whole day.


  • Some find the packaging subpar. Some say that the can is kind of hard to seal.

Types of Dapper Dan Pomades

Types of Dapper Dan Pomades

Medium Hold Deluxe Pomade

This specific variation of the Dapper Dan pomade is ideal for you if you are looking for a flexible pomade. Compared to the most effective hair oils, this medium hold deluxe pomade from Dapper Dan has the advantage of not causing any grease or flakes. This makes it ideal for anyone who wishes to look professionally slick.

A hairspray for men adds volume to the hair and it is also what the Dapper Dan medium hold deluxe pomade can provide. It is water-based, which gives the shine and holds other greasier and waxier products. It is highly versatile, which means that it can quickly adapt to whatever style you want.

Heavy Hold Pomade

One of the most notable qualities of the Dapper Dan heavy hold pomade is its strong hold finish. It is an excellent product because it aims to deliver a great combination of the strong hold and the high shine finish. Many are also fond of using this pomade as it can last the entire day. It can retain the high shine as a means of finishing the look.

Another advantage of this heavy hold pomade is that it is made to be water-soluble. With that, you have an assurance that it will easily wash out. The gentle fragrance of this product is also an advantage. The scent is clean and can make your hair smell fresh the whole day.

Features of Dapper Dan Pomades

Color and Fragrance

Most of the pomades from the Dapper Dan are available in a brown tin, particularly the one designed to give you a medium shine and hold. It also features a thick gel in a yellow shade that you can easily scoop out.

As for the fragrance, expect it to be satisfying. You will notice the bold citrus vanilla scent – the citrus being at the forefront of all the scents and having the ability to last for more than four hours.


A hair loss shampoo helps treat damaged hair, so you may want to be extra cautious when it comes to shopping for one. Your goal is to find that product with the safest and most natural ingredients. The same premise is applicable with the Dapper Dan pomade. You may also want to spend time checking its ingredients, so you will know if it is indeed safe and effective for you.

The Dapper Dan pomade has classic and natural ingredients, including hair nourishing coconut oil, petrolatum, skin-protecting stearic acid, and firming micro-wax. Most of the ingredients used here are also vegan-friendly. Moreover, it is safe to use as it does not have any preservatives or artificial colors.


It will depend on the specific variety of Dapper Dan pomade you decide to buy. If you go for the water-based pomade with a medium hold, expect it to have the typical thickness and gel-like consistency. Note, though, that it could give a bit of an oil feel, but you can easily wash it off with water.


Overall, this pomade boasts of its medium shine. However, some also say that the product has a matte to shine. It could be because of the castor oil that’s also part of the pomade’s list of ingredients. This means that just like when you invest in quality conditioner for men and use it to keep your hair shiny, adding more of the pomade will also give your hair more slickness and shine.

Features of Dapper Dan Pomades


The Dapper Dan pomade also has the advantage of being reasonably priced. The good news is that even with its affordable price, you can’t question its excellent quality and performance. It is a great supplement to use, along with the other hair products you use, including combination supplements for hair growth.

How to Apply a Dapper Dan Pomade

Step 1 – Use warm water to wet your hair

Put on some pomade generously.

Step 2 – Massage the pomade for a couple of minutes

Start styling.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

You don’t need to spend a huge sum of money to get a hold of a high-quality pomade. With the Dapper Dan pomade, you will be able to take advantage of a great product with the kind of quality you are hoping for without spending a fortune.

Do’s and Don’ts With a Dapper Dan Pomade


  • Pick your desired strength of hold. Like the other pomades in the market, the ones from the Dapper Dan are also available in different levels/strengths of hold. You can go for the light hold, medium hold, or strong/heavy hold. Ensure that what you pick is suitable for you and your desired style.
  • Wash your hair before applying the pomade. Note that the pomade tends to work well and stick to clean hair. That said, washing your hair before using the pomade for styling can help.
  • Towel-dry your hair. It is because you can enjoy a much better result if you put on the pomade to your towel-dried hair.


  • Do not forget to comb the pomade through your hair. This is necessary for the full distribution of the product through your entire hair. While most of the pomade will stay at your shaft’s base, combing the excess through every strand can help gain complete control over your style. It can also guarantee an even grip and shine.
  • Do not put too much of the Dapper Dan pomade. It should just be enough to give you the style you want. The excessive application of this pomade may only weigh down your hair and its style.

FAQ About Dapper Dan Pomade

FAQ About Dapper Dan Pomade

What is Dapper Dan famous for?

Dapper Dan is famous for its pomades and other hair styling products. You may want to check out their line of pomades as they are guaranteed to give your hair the kind of life and style that will help bring out your confidence.

What does Dapper Dan pomade smell like?

The Dapper Dan pomade has a nice scent. In most cases, you will notice its bold scent while also having some hints of citrus vanilla. Even better about the Dapper Dan pomade is that its scents tend to last for long hours.

Is Dapper Dan pomade vegan?

Yes, most of its ingredients are vegan-friendly.

Is Dapper Dan pomade good for thin hair?

Yes, the Dapper Dan pomade works for those with thin hair as it is designed so that it is compatible with all hair types. Just make sure that you do not apply too much of this product if your hair is thin. Avoid using the heavy hold variety, too. Go for the light or the medium hold.

How does Dapper Dan pomade feel in your hair?

The Dapper Dan pomade, being water-based, is guaranteed to have a lighter feel on your hair. It is light that you will feel confident and comfortable using it. You will also have an easier time removing it with just water.

Can I use Dapper Dan pomade every day?

Avoid using pomade when styling your hair every day. Even if Dapper Dan pomade is generally safe, you should still be cautious about using it too frequently. The reason is that the excessive use of this pomade may only block the pores on your scalp and your forehead, leading to it breaking out. Begin with just a small amount every time you decide to style your hair with the Dapper Dan pomade.


Overall, the Dapper Dan pomade is a product that continues to earn the satisfaction of most of its users. It is a perfectly balanced product suitable for every pomade lover’s needs. It is a great hair product to invest in as it can provide your hair with a superior shine and hold without the risk of a buildup.