“Van Man” Daniel Norris Has the Beard of all Beards

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Daniel Norris certainly is one of the more interesting baseball players of modern day.

Despite landing contracts over $2 million with MLB teams the Toronto Blue Jays and Detroit Tigers, Norris spends just $800 a month and lives in a Volkswagen van during offseason.

His unique lifestyle has drawn national attention, and while some criticize his choices, it hasn’t gotten in the way of his professional reputation or skills.

How You Know Him

If not for his incredible skills on the field, you know him for his extracurricular, personal life, or famous beard. Before he was drafted, eh was ranked as the best high school pitcher in the country.

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In his first time at bat for a major league team, Norris hit a home run, joining the rankings of other baseball greats before him.

Despite a catalog of injuries and disabilities during his years on the field, Norris has continued to perform well, break personal records, and lead his teams to victory.

When not hitting fastballs with his left hand, Norris is adventuring around, living a nomadic and minimalistic lifestyle.

He lives in a custom outfitted 1978 Volkswagen Westfalla that he nicknamed “Shaggy” during offseason. He lives up to his free-spirited stereotype with his love of Patagonia sweaters, surfing, and photography.

He also loudly professes his faith in God; Norris was baptized in his baseball uniform as a “thank you” to the big man upstairs for the talents and opportunities he was given.

Another most notable aspect about Norris is his ever-growing, often-changing, always-manly beard. He’s even shaved it with an ax for an advertisement. If that doesn’t scream lumbersexual, then what does?

Daniel Norris Style and Facial Hair Style

This laid-back guy embodies cool with his minimalist style. When you only live off $800 a month, you can’t afford to buy too many fancy new clothing items.


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Norris sticks to what he knows and loves instead. You can find him sporting Patagonia, a surfer’s wetsuit, a flannel, or t-shirt and jeans. He embodies natural sex appeal because it’s obvious that he doesn’t try but still looks good regardless.

Daniel Norris might still be a newcomer to the rankings of famous bearded men, but he is slowly making his mark and earning his spot every time he lets it grow out.

Depending on the time of year, his facial hair style will fluctuate. Catch him during offseason to watch his beard slowly grow over time.

Before the games begin, however, he usually chops it shorts into a thin layer of fuzz on the bottom half of that chiseled face.

When Norris means business, he means business. He won’t let his beard get in the way of a fastball. But when it’s time to kick back and enjoy his free time, Norris lets his heart and facial hair run wild.

How to Grow a Daniel Norris Beard

The first key to growing a Daniel Norris beard is having a go-with-the-flow kind of attitude. Without this easygoing perspective, it would be easy to get impatient with the growing process.

But Daniel Norris doesn’t stress about things like that. He’s too cool to worry about something as cosmetic as facial hair. He lets his inner wild man out and allows the hair to grow how it pleases.

To get that big beard Norris sports, it’s imperative to give your face a few solid months to grow. There’s no way to grow a beard faster, so time must do its job.

But while you’re growing it out, you can be sure to take care of the hair that you do have. Using beard oil will help it grow long and healthy.

Use it every day for best results. Since connecting the sideburns to the beard is an important aspect to Norris’ beard, you should also use the beard oil on sideburns as well.

Brushing your beard and growing hairs will help to both stimulate the hair follicles and train the hair to grow in the direction of your liking. Brush daily after distributing beard oil for a luxurious self-care treatment. Your beard will thank you.

Grooming and Styling Tips for a Daniel Norris Beard

If your goal is to grow a thicker beard, a healthier beard, or a more stylized beard, then there a few tips and tricks you can put in place to achieve them.


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To grow a thicker beard, be sure not to shave or trim for a minimum of four weeks. Usually at this point, the beard will begin filling in patches. If the beard even gets trimmed before this, it could stunt the potential growth.

To keep healthy skin and facial hair as a beard grows out, maintaining proper moisture in the skin will keep the beard area from getting itchy or flaky. Use a moisturizer and beard oil to help the skin deal as new hair follicles break through the skin.

A stylized lumberjack beard like Daniel Norris’ comes from time and careful trimming. He only trims the ends to get nice clean edges.

He also maintains the edges of his sideburns and top edges of his bears so it creates a contoured outline on the face.

Keep in mind that not all beard styles look good on everyone, so if this look doesn’t work on you, don’t fret. There’s a handlebar mustache or goatee out there that will fit you like a glove.

Tools Needed to Maintain the Daniel Norris Beard

To get and keep that stylized look we mentioned above, you’ll need a few tools in your arsenal.

  • Get yourself a new beard shaper if you don’t already have one. This will essentially act as a stencil for an attractive beard shape.
  • Look at a few reviews to find the best beard combs for your kind of facial hair. Once you figure out which will work best for you, buy it and use it religiously.
  • Invest in a quality beard shampoo and conditioner. Just like the thick hair on your head, the hair on your face should be kept clean and conditioned.

If you’re unhappy with the color of your facial hair, you can easily find out how to dye your beard by visiting our beard dye guide.