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We mostly know Colin Farrell by his boyish good looks.

He used to have a goatee and a small mustache but as the years have gone by, he started rocking a full beard.

He has recently been spotted rocking a long beard that makes him almost unrecognizable.

But he still looks awesome with it.

By now you probably want to know how to get this disheveled look.

Not everyone is capable of pulling it off the same way Colin Farrell does.

You’ll most likely end up looking foolish if you try to trim it by yourself.

We analyzed the exquisite Colin Farrell beard and came up with a few quick and simple tips on how you can copy it too.

Don’t stop reading now as here come some of the tricks to creating a very nice Colin Farrell beard.

Biggest Career Achievements

Colin Farrell started with small TV roles before making his debut in Tim Roth’s directorial debut – The War Zone, where veteran actors Tilda Swinton and Ray Winstone also starred.

He then appeared in Ordinary Decent Criminal with Kevin Spacey.

His first movie with the director Joel Schumacher at the helm was Tigerland where he played the lead, a role which he reportedly landed solely because of his charm.

His performance in this movie, no doubt, exposed him to other heavy roles, such as American Outlaws and Hart’s War.

Biggest Career Achievements

In the following years, Farell played more lead roles in movies such as The Recruit, Phone Booth, and S.W.A.T.

Later that decade, Farell also starred in many indie movies, such as Intermission, which became the highest grossing Irish Indie movie in the Irish box office for three years.

He mixed things up by playing in big-budget roles such as Alexander the Great in Alexander, and The New World which was nominated for an Oscar.

Other notable movies under his belt include Total Recall with Kate Beckinsale, Seven Psychopaths and Saving Mr. Banks.

He also appeared in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a Harry Potter spin-off.

Colin Farrell’s Ever-Changing Fashion Style

Colin Farrell was the quintessential style-challenged hunk who is taking his time to transform into a sharp, well-dressed man-about-town right.

First off, he was not afraid to try on all fashion trends which didn’t always turn out too well for him. This was the case with his all-leather ensembles and bleached spiky hair in the early part of 2000.

He was also spotted wearing Cuban mobster polos, beanies paired with V-neck sweaters and greasy hair which could be his take on the laid-back young Hollywood actor look.

On the red carpet, over-sized blazer and jackets were a staple, and one time he even dared to wear a navy blue pinstripe number over a denim button-down shirt, a faux pas that definitely had fashion gods roll over in their graves.

Colin Farrell's Ever-Changing Fashion Style

Today, Farrell still bravely flaunts all fashion conventions, but he does so with better-fitting suits, vests, or shirts.

On the red carpet, toned-down, more mature 3-piece wardrobes that are sharp and sleek prove that Farrell can dress well when he wants to.

How to Grow Colin Farrell’s Beard

Colin Farrell plays a more mature and serious role in The Killing of a Sacred Deer, for which he had grown a full, salt and pepper beard.

He plays the part of a surgeon Steven Murphy, who was accused of killing a patient on the operating table.

Here is how you can achieve this exact beard style:


First off, it is important to know the best beard type for your face shape before committing to a full beard since you’ll be spending several weeks growing one out.

The full beard looks good on almost anyone, but not if you have an elongated face and you want to minimize this feature as much as possible.

The inherent length of a full beard is bound to make a long face even longer.

This is a full beard, so you will need 3 weeks to 1 month to achieve a beard that is dense and thick enough to work with.

Speed up your beard’s growth with regular brushing to exfoliate and promote circulation, which feeds the follicles and promotes faster growth.

It is important as you grow your beard to have a beard grooming kit ready.

Basic items include a quality beard brush, grooming clippers or trimmers, a good pair of beard scissors, beard oil or balm and a beard shaper.

Boar bristle beard brushes are effective for smoothing out an unruly beard hair while massaging the skin underneath for improved circulation.

You will have to work with the mustache too, so know that the best mustache combs are also made of wood.

That’s why you should look for natural wooden combs made especially for beard and mustache grooming and trimming.

Trimming and Shaping

Once you have a full beard, get down to trimming and shaping your facial hair.

Cut back any neck hairs and stray cheek hairs using a low-guard number on your clippers.

If you have not invested in a good trimmer, make sure to look for top electric beard trimmers that are worth an investment.

For the cheeks, you should shave the hair around the area for a completely clean look, including the beard neckline. Beard neckline is the line that goes down from the ear and just over Adam’s apple.

Farrell keeps this area on the unkempt side so you won’t see a sharp edge where the beard meets the skin.

A good razor can help you clean up the surrounding areas without actually creating neat edges if you want to copy this look.

Comb the hairs down, following the grain. Use your beard scissors to trim and shape the facial hair, removing excessively long hairs to create the rectangular shape.

Trimming and Shaping

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Trim under the chin and do the same over the upper lip for a neat mustache.

Again, there are no sharp edges here, perhaps because the beard is for the role of a surgeon who is probably too busy to do some serious, OCD grooming so you can relax if you can’t achieve ruler-straight edges.

Comb the sideburns, and trim them to reduce strays and flyaways that tend to stick out.

If you want to keep this beard style neat, use a good beard oil to make your beard softer.

The best beard oil is one that is made with essential oils that soften and prevent redness and beard itch, useful if you are prone to irritation after every shave.

An organic beard balm can also help keep your beard’s shape for longer.


A full beard tends to grow wild and bushy if you go a few days without a trim, so regular trims can ensure that the shape stays and you won’t get stray hairs flying off in different directions.

A good beard brushing, washing your facial hair twice a week at most and the use of quality beard balms and oils can help keep your beard neat and healthy, making it look just as Colin Farrell’s beard.