Chest Hair Removal

As a hairy man, you sometimes can’t keep but wonder how would it be like if you had less body hair.

You see all the athletes on TV and models with smooth bodies and chests and keep asking yourself – how do they manage it?

The fact is that most of them do also have chest hair. Some even in a high margin.

But all of them use different chest removal methods to make their bosom as smooth as a baby’s butt.

There are actually several ways of removing chest hair.

However, some of them can be painless while others are not permanent.

So, one actually has to choose wisely before doubling down on the method they are going to use to remove chest hair.

To remove any confusion and to help you learn the right ways of doing away with chest hair, we devised our ultimate guide that is sure to help any man.

Chest hair is not going to be a problem anymore as long as you stick to these.

Should Men Remove Chest Hair

In the past, men’s chest shaving or any form of chest hair removal is a somewhat unpopular concept. The process of shaving chest hair for men is only limited to athletes who are into sports requiring it, such as swimming. It is also designed for bodybuilders.

Recently, though, chest hair removal using various methods is now a welcome process. In fact, you can now find a lot of men who show off their clean and freshly shaven belly and chest. You can also see a lot of women preferring men who are hairless in the chest.

Now the question is, should you follow suit? Well, the answer should be based on your personal preference. If you feel like you will look good in it, then give it a try. Just make sure that similar to when you shave your balls carefully, you exercise extreme caution when removing hair from your chest, particularly if you do it through shaving.

Benefits of Chest Hair Removal

Chest hair removal can be beneficial for a lot of men. Here are just some positive things that men can get from this procedure – whether they do it through shaving or other effective methods of chest hair removal:

Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence

One positive thing that chest hair removal can do for you is that it can boost your self-esteem. It can raise your confidence since it can prevent you from being too self-conscious. Note that there are several instances when the unsightly and excessive hair around your chest can cause discomfort.

It is often true if you are in a public setting, specifically that which requires swimming. By keeping your chest free of unwanted hair, you can bring yourself out there confidently. Pair it up with a sensual and masculine body spray scent, and you will feel even better about yourself.

Improves Sports and Athletic Performance

If you are into sports or you are an athlete, then you can significantly improve your performance on the field through chest hair removal. Note that as an athlete or someone who performs sports, you need to remove everything that may negatively affect your game.

Excess hair in the chest, for instance, may create a drag, whether you are biking, running, or swimming. With that said, you should try to remove it. A lot of male athletes also noticed an improvement in their speed by removing chest hair. It is because doing is a big help in boosting their athletic performance.  

Can Make Your Muscles Appear Bigger

If you have been trying to build some muscles for a while now, then you can happily show off your progress by shaving off your chest hair. You can also pair it up with the removal of your hair from your arms and back. Doing that can contribute to making your muscles appear bigger.

You can even see several bodybuilders and gym-goers shaving various parts of their body, including their chest, to make their muscles look more pronounced. Just be extra careful during shaving, so you can stay away from the troublesome razor bumps and burns. As much as possible, use something, like the best body lotion for men, to moisturize your chest after shaving and prevent possible issues.

How Does Chest Hair Removal Work

How Does Chest Hair Removal Work

Chest hair removal works depending on your chosen method. Note that you have several choices when it comes to keeping your chest area well-shaved – one of which is shaving. If you want to shave, then you have to gather all those tools and products to make the process easier.

For instance, sandalwood is great for the skin, so you might as well look for products you can use for shaving or the hair removal process containing it. Shaving also requires you to use the correct razor with the correct type and number of blades. Also, do your best to get a close shave with either cream or shaving gel. That way, you can immediately identify whether your chosen chest hair removal method works in your favor.

Pros and Cons


  • Makes you look more attractive. Various hair removal methods can get rid of the unsightly mass of hair on your chest. It is a good thing, especially if the hair is already too excessive. It can make you look more attractive by making the area look clean and smooth.
  • Good for your hygiene. Excessive hair on various parts of your body, including the chest, is bad for your hygiene. By having too much chest hair, sweat and bacteria may build-up, causing not only discomfort but unwanted odor. You can prevent that through chest hair removal.
  • Helps unclog pores. Note that similar to other body parts, your chest also comes with pores. It is crucial to keep them open to maintain fresh and healthy skin. By getting rid of chest hair, you can clear up and unclog the pores in the area. It produces good results on your skin when you start applying the toner for firmer skin and remove dead skin cells with an exfoliator.
  • Makes your tattoo more visible. Do you have tattoo/s on your chest? Or are you planning to have one? Then chest hair removal is the best way to display them confidently. It can help you show off this amazing work of art.
  • Displays muscle definition. Removing excess hair from your chest also contributes to displaying more of your defined muscles. If you are an elite triathlete, then keeping your chest hair-free can also raise your resistance when swimming or biking, thereby further boosting your performance.


  • May cause redness and irritation. This may result from shaving, but you can prevent this problem by applying a premium oil-free moisturizer for men. In other words, moisturizing the skin on your chest after hair removal can soothe the redness and irritation.
  • May not look good in others. The reason is that some men don’t look too good without hair on their chest. In such a case, it would still be better for them to leave their chest hair as is.

Tools Needed

Several of the ear hair removing methods and tools are also applicable when it comes to dealing with chest hair. That said, it helps to understand the different tools that you can use for removing hair on your ears and find out if any of them is useful for the ones on your chest. Among these tools are:


A trimmer is one of the essential tools for removing ear hair. Go for a specially designed one – that is, it should be specifically designed to trim and remove hairs from delicate and tiny parts of your face, such as the nose and ears. This is important to prevent yourself from experiencing pain during the process.


A lot of hair trimming razors nowadays are also useful when it comes to removing ear hair. It is better to use this type of razor instead of the tweezer as it can prevent damage to your ear canals. Go for an electric razor and make sure to position it in a spot that is not too close nor too far from your skin.

Tools for Chest Hair Removal - Razor

Hair Wax

You may also want to use hair wax. It can help a lot in getting rid of hair from inside and around your ear canal. The use of wax is better, especially if you are dealing with protruding hair around the surface. With that, you no longer have to fill the inner part of your ear with too much wax.

Hair Removal Cream

There are also plenty of hair removal creams on the market that you can safely use for your ears. This cream usually has chemical substances capable of dissolving hair proteins. You just have to put cream on your ear and wait for around five to ten minutes. You can then wipe it off. It is a painless approach but makes sure to do it correctly to prevent burns.

Methods of Removal

If you want methods that specifically target chest hair, then this section can help you out. Here, you will learn some of the most effective chest hair removal methods, namely the following:


If you are looking for an inexpensive and somewhat effortless way of removing chest hair, then shaving is a viable method. You can do the shaving with the help of a wet razor. It can get rid of all the hair on your chest. However, the result is only short-term, probably only two to three days.

If tidying up or cleaning up a bit of your chest hair is your goal, then go for an electric trimmer. This tool is more effective in that case, plus it can lower the risk of suffering from burns, ingrown hairs, and other possible nasty effects of shaving.


Another effective method is waxing. The whole process involves the application of a cream or lotion to the area. After that, you have to put on cloth strips and allow them to dry. Pull off the strips to pull out the excess hair along with them.

The good thing about waxing is that even just one session can guarantee a hair-free chest for around three to six weeks. This will still depend on the speed of your body’s hair growth, though. Also, keep in mind that there are also potential side effects to waxing, including pimples, burns, and bruises.


If you want a permanent result, then consider going for electrolysis. It is a permanent hair removal technique approved by the FDA, which makes it an even safer and more effective approach. It uses an extremely slim needle, which works by transmitting small electric shocks to your skin’s hair follicles.

With that, expect it to be effective in killing those cells that produce hair around the area. The entire process only takes around ten to twenty minutes, but you may need several sessions before you can get the permanent results you want. The process is also quite painful.


Depilatories that often come in the form of cream and spray may be the most viable choice for you if you are prone to getting ingrown hairs from removing excess hair. These depilatory creams and sprays have chemicals that target your hair’s keratin protein. This can lead to hair loss.

Just ensure that you do a skin patch test first before applying and using any of the depilatories in the market. You need to test it out in a tiny part of your skin first to find out if it will not react negatively to the product.

Laser Hair Removal

Methods of Chest Hair Removal - Laser Hair Removal

If you are searching for a hair removal method that produces permanent results, then go for laser therapy. It uses laser lights that can damage hair follicles in the area, thereby preventing them from growing again. Go for this route if you truly want to have a smooth and bare chest permanently.

Aside from producing permanent results, laser hair removal is also beneficial with its ability to treat large areas at once. The problem is that it is also quite costly as it often requires more than just one session. It may also cause some skin pigmentations, burns, scars, and blisters.

How to Shave Your Chest With a Razor

Step 1 – Prepare your skin

This should involve taking a bath or showering. It should help prepare your skin and soften the hair in the area. With that, it will be ready to accept the razor blade. You can use soap and hot water to soften the hair in the chest that tends to get wiry sometimes. It promotes ease in shaving and lowers the risk of getting nicks and cuts.

Another important part of the preparation is the exfoliation of the skin. This should help get rid of oil, dead skin cells, and dirt that might block the path of the razor. With that, ingrown hairs can be prevented, resulting in a comfortable and smooth finish.

Step 2 – Trim the hair

Instead of going directly to getting a close shave, trim the hair first. This step helps you prevent dealing with too much pain during the shaving process and the tangling linked to clogged hairs. As much as possible, use a highly precise trimmer – one that can make even hairs that are a bit longer easier to manage.

Step 3 – Apply a shaving gel or cream

If you are unsatisfied with just a trim, then continue with shaving. In this case, you have to form a lather with the help of a shaving gel or cream you need to apply over the remaining hair on your chest. This product can moisturize your skin even further and promote ease in making the razor glide through. It also helps you avoid razor bumps, resulting in a smooth finish.

Step 4 – Begin shaving

Use the right razor for shaving your chest hair. Begin on one of your chest’s exterior edges. Pull your skin tightly, then shave in using the razor against the grain. Doing that is the key to preventing ingrown hairs and irritation. Work to the central part of the chest. Be extra cautious on the part surrounding your nipples.

Once you have made several strokes on your razor, run your blades gently, specifically the front and back, beneath the tap. Make sure to shake all excess water every time you finish doing this.

Step 5 – Rinse your chest

Once you feel like you have shaved enough of the hair on your chest, rinse the area. This is crucial in cleaning all lingering hairs as well as any remaining gel or cream. Use a towel to dry yourself gently. Give your skin a few minutes to recover, then put on some moisturizer. You may also want to put on a sunscreen resistant to water and sweat before going out.

How to Shave Your Chest With a Trimmer

Step 1 – Prepare your skin

Again, it should involve taking a shower to prepare the area and make it clean. Scrub the area clean before starting to trim. Pat yourself dry.

Step 2 – Trim

Once your skin is dry enough, start trimming and shaving. It would be best to use an electric trimmer for this purpose. It should also be specifically designed to remove body hair. Note that a lot of trimmers feature several guards. You may start using a long guard and switch to a short one until you get the correct length.

Step 3 – Shave

Shave in a similar direction as your hair’s grain. You should then let the electric trimmer run against it. Observe for any irritation, though. If that happens, it would be best to stop doing the routine for several days.

Step 4 – Moisturize

Put on a moisturizer or aftershave. This may be an unnecessary step for some, but it is a big help in soothing your skin after shaving it using a trimmer.

How to Remove Chest Hair With a Wax

If you choose to remove chest hair using wax on your own, then here are the usual steps:

Step 1 – Preparation 

Prepare by moisturizing and exfoliating your skin. You have to take care of your skin prior to DIY waxing to lessen the time it needs to recover. It would be best to exfoliate one day before. This type of preparation is also a big help in preventing redness and other signs of damage and irritation to the skin due to the procedure.

Step 2 – Put on the wax

Heat the wax if your chosen product requires this procedure. Make sure to check and follow the instructions thoroughly. You can further improve the results of this procedure by laying the wax in the direction of hair growth. You can find products with all-in-one applicator wax strips. Others, on the other hand, feature a tool that resembles a spatula. You can make your choice based on which one you think is convenient for you to spread on.

Step 3 – Taking off strips

Take off the applied wax strip. Once you have spread the strips enough, you can remove them. If what you are using is a hard wax, it would be more convenient to pull it off quickly upon hardening. That way, it will be firm while remaining flexible. Ensure that you remove the strips based on the opposite direction of hair growth.

How to Remove Chest Hair Depilatories

Step 1 – Choosing the right form of depilatory

Choose from any of the forms of depilatories currently in the market. Note that depilatories come in various forms – among which are creams, gels, powders, aerosols, and lotions. Find out which one is very convenient for you to use.

Step 2 – Perform a skin reaction test

This is necessary for figuring out if you are allergic to any of the chemicals used in your chosen depilatory. To perform the test, dab a bit of the product inside your elbow or any other discreet body part. You should then wash or rinse the area. Observe for redness, swelling, or irritation. If any of those negative reactions happen on your skin, then it could be that you are allergic to it, so it would be best to stop using the product.

Step 3 – Put on the product

Make sure that you strictly follow the directions in the product, though. Apply the cream, roll-on applicator, cream, or any other form of a depilatory to your chest based on what is instructed on its label.

Step 4 – Leave it on your skin for a while

This means waiting for a few minutes, often five minutes, to let the depilatory perform its chemical processes before scraping the area. You will know that it is working if your hair comes with the cream once you remove it.

Step 5 – Rinse

After scraping off the product and the hair on your chest, rinse it or wash it up. You will notice your chest hair finally being removed, making you feel more confident about the way the area looks.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts With Chest Hair Removal


  • Shave using a sharp blade only after showering. This is necessary for preparing the area and ensuring a clean and smooth result.
  • Put on a shaving oil, cream or gel. This product is recommended for preventing irritation, among many other possible effects of shaving or any other hair removal method.


  • Use the right trimmer. Make sure that the trimmer you are using is body-friendly. It should be able to deal with thick hair.
  • Do not go for laser chest hair removal if you are not sure about getting permanent results. You have to ask yourself first if being hairless on the chest is truly what you want since the result of the laser can be forever.
  • Do not use a tweezer. If you are thinking of using a tweezer to remove hair from your chest, then think twice. Keep in mind that your chest is a large area. With that said, tweezing is not that effective, especially because it can take so much of your time.


Does shaving chest hair make it thicker?

Yes, it could. Every time you shave the hair in the area, it grows back, appearing thicker. The reason is that shaving tends to slice off the hair’s thin tips. This results in blunt ends that are more visible and noticeable when your hair begins to grow. At first, you will notice the area having some stubbles. It may happen until your chest hair grows to several millimeters.

Will my shaved chest hair grow back again?

Yes, it will since shaving only has short-term results. It does not have permanent results, unlike laser hair removal. It is the reason why you have to do the shaving and regularly trimming if you intend to go this route.

How can I permanently get rid of my chest hair?

If you want the result of your chest hair removal to be permanent, then it would be best to go for laser or electrolysis. These two methods are the most viable solutions for permanent hair removal. Laser treatment is less painful. Moreover, it is also an easy-to-access treatment, making a lot of men prefer to go through this treatment.

How much can it cost me to get laser chest hair removal?

Several factors may affect how much you will most likely spend on laser chest hair removal. Among these factors are your provider’s expertise and location, as well as how big the area that requires treatment is. In most cases, though, most of those who undergo this approach spend around $350 to $600. This price range varies from one location or state to another, though.


Your decision to remove chest hair should be based on your personal preference. You have to weigh first whether this solution is indeed ideal for you. Find out if you will look good with a hair-free and clean-shaven chest. If you have decided to give chest hair removal a go, then research all your choices and pick one based on what can give you the best results. 

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