There are a number of different ways to style facial hair for black men. Although there are a number of unique styles, not every beard will work with your facial structure and body type.

Whether you go for a full beard, goatee, chin strap, or soul patch, we have compiled a list of the top five black man beard styles that should complement your features.

1. The Scruffy Stubble Beard

black men beard styles stubble

For African-American guys who have the ability to pull off the scruffy stubble look, it can really be a game-changer.

Perfect look for that modern and busy lifestyle, and it basically takes a few days to grow.

Simply let the facial hair grow out for three days, trim up areas around the neck, cheeks, and nose, and there you have it.

Of all the black man beard styles, this one is the easiest to maintain and it can help hide patches of the skin where a full beard won’t grow.

2. Soul Patch Variation

black men beard styles soul patch

Photo credit: Philips

Another fast and easy beard black men can grow is the soul patch variation.

This unique style can be as wide or narrow as you prefer, and basically covers the small patch of hair directly under the bottom lip. It will grab attention but requires minimal work.

The soul patch is the small area under the lip, and as the patch gets wider, so do the stylish possibilities.

Wear this fun style with a mustache to really create a stylish facial hair combo.

3. The Full Classic Beard

beard styles for balck men full beard

When the black man has the power to grow thick facial hair, the full beard can really make a statement.

With the full beard, you will have little trouble asserting your dominance, this look is both intimidating and strong, with a hint of mystery under all that facial hair.

One thing to consider is that a full beard will certainly alter the look of your face, so that can either be a good or bad thing.

With the full beard, your jaw will become broader, and will fill out a thin face nicely.

4. The Chinstrap

black men beard styles chinstrap beard

The easiest way to visualize the chinstrap is to imagine the device that secures the helmet to your head.

This is one of those black man beard styles that is easy to grow, simple to maintain, and really will leave a lasting impression.

The chin strap facial hairstyle is nothing more than an extension of your sideburns that will trace the jaw line or outline of your face.

From one of the sideburns, down to the chin and back around to the other of your sideburns, the chinstrap can be sculpted thin or wide, thick or short, popularized by 50 Cent with the addition of a cool mustache.

5. Van Dyke and Goatee

black men beard styles goatee

If you want a better idea of what the Van Dyke and goatee combo look like, give P. Diddy a look over.

These two modern version of two distinct beards are combined to help those black men with a rounded baby face.

The facial hair of the goatee elongates the face and accentuates both the chin and mouth.

Nothing more than a circle of facial hair around the mouth with that soul patch included, this facial hairstyle needs daily maintenance to keep the neck, cheeks, and jaw line shaved.

The right beard for you will depend on your facial features and how much work you are willing to invest to keep up your new look.

The good thing about these beard styles is you can easily experiment with each one until you find the perfect style.

Do you like our list? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments bellow.

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