Big and Tall Gaming Chair

In an age where amazing games come out every single month, you definitely want to find a great chair that is comfortable and durable, no matter your size or how long you sit in it.

For those bigger guys out there, that might seem like an insurmountable task.

Chairs tend to come in similar sizes, and rarely are they made to withstand higher weight limits, right?

Top 5 Big and Tall Gaming Chairs (Summary)

Image Product Details  
sample-table__image Most ComfortableGTRACING
  • Ergonomic and adapts to any body shape
  • Adjustable height, arm and backrest
  • Removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion
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sample-table__image Most DurableHomall
  • Adaptable height and lumbar cushion
  • Tilt locking mechanism with angle adjuster
  • Quiet rubber casters
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sample-table__image Fully AdjustableKILLABEE
  • Removable memory foam seat cushion
  • Detachable headrest and lumbar cushion
  • Adjustable back pressure and height
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sample-table__image Kinsal
  • Lumbar cushion with massage function
  • Headrest and footrest pillow
  • Fade resistant and easy to clean
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sample-table__image E-WIN
  • Multifunctional tilt mechanism
  • High-density foam and durable leather
  • Adaptable back and armrest
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Not true! With the rise of gaming as an enterprise and a hobby, the market has had to expand its horizons and cover new ground, including creating chairs designed specifically for big and tall men, chairs for gaming, and chairs for big and tall gamers!

You can play games for hours on end, all while dressed in your best men’s pajamas and seated comfortably in your gaming chair.

7 Best Big and Tall Gaming Chairs

1. Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Practicality, comfort and creativity are three adjectives that perfectly describe the Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair.

What separates this gaming chair from the others is the USB electric massage function in lumbar cushion that effectively relieves any lumbar fatigue or pain.

Another thing that not all chairs for gamers have is an explosion-proof gas spring that provides extra security.

Armrests are wider and thicker with ergonomic shape and you can adjust them both up and down. The seat height and footrest is also adjustable.

While at the footrest, it’s worthwhile mentioning that is also retractable. The headrest pillow and lumbar cushion can be removed if you find that they bother you.

Integrated metal frame, heavy duty chair base with casters makes a superb stable structure that supports the weight up to 300 lb.

Gaming is not the only activity for which you can use the chair. You can also work, read or sleep in it, thanks to the 360-degree swivel or 90 to 180-degree tilt mechanism.

Seat cushion is a larger size, and the chair back is wider, so it will fit your body shape flawlessly.

The covering is made with a high-quality PU leather that is easily cleaned and fade resistant. Ergonomic high-density thicker foam padding is great and high resilient.

Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair



  • Adjustable headrest, armrest and seat height
  • Adjustable massage lumbar cushion
  • Retractable footrest
  • Wider and thicker armrest and easily cleaned high-quality PU leather
  • Sway function with 90-180 degree tilt

  • Could be a bit softer
  • After some time it may start creaking/squeaking

2. GTRACING Black/Red Gaming Chair

Finding an awesome looking, but at the same time, ergonomic and comfortable gaming chair doesn’t happen every day. Luckily, GTRACING Gaming Chair has it all.

It can withstand  330 pounds, and this is also its maximum weight capacity.

Sitting in this chair the whole day is very comfortable because of its many practical features. First of all, it adjusts to all body shapes.

The wheels roll effortlessly, while the seat reclines back and forth to help you find the best position and make you feel even cozier.

Armrest, backrest and seat height are all adaptable. The backrest can be adjusted with a 90-170 degrees safety angle.

You will probably be sitting hours and hours in your gaming chair (obviously, right?), so your neck and spine may start hurting after some time.

When this happens or to avoid the pain in the first place, removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion on this chair will help a huge deal.

Assembly instructions, along with detailed pictures also come in the package to help you set your chair in no time. The easy-to-clean artificial leather is the material of this product.

GTRACING BlackRed Gaming Chair



  • Ergonomic and comfortable design that meets all body shapes
  • Adjustable seat height, armrest and backrest
  • Removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion
  • Easy-to-clean artificial leather

  • The width of the chair makes it uncomfortable for people with thick thighs
  • Has a chemical smell that some find too strong

3. Homall High Back Gaming Chair

Extending the full length of the back with support for the shoulders, head and neck, Homall Gaming Chair is designed to adapt to body’s natural shape.

Supporting the weight capacity of 300 lbs max, this chair is very durable and resilient.

This is possible due to the materials from which is made, and those are the high-density foam and 1.8mm thick steel frame with anti-oxidation protection and wear resistant, premium PU leather.

Headrest pillow and lumbar cushion are also part of the package. You can adjust the lumbar cushion until you find the most comfortable position.

Recline function allows you to tilt the chair back and fort using the knob under the seat.

The height of the seat itself can be adjusted because it’s attached to the gas spring cylinder that allows height changing.

The tilt locking mechanism can go from 90 to 180 degrees depending on the angle you find the most suitable.

Beside the recline function, you can also rotate the seat 360 degrees. Casters are upgraded and the manufacturer claims they have passed the 1000-mile rolling test.

They are made of rubber, which makes them easy to move and extremely quiet, without any squeaky noises.

Homall High Back Gaming Chair



  • Adjustable lumbar cushion and seat height
  • Tilt locking mechanism with 90-180 degrees angle adjuster
  • Resilient and durable premium PU leather material
  • Easy-to-move and quiet rubber casters

  • The armrests aren’t adjustable
  • Doesn’t have the footrest

4. KILLABEE Big and Tall Memory Foam Gaming Chair

If you want a big and tall gaming chair that is designed to look exactly like a racing car seat, look no more because seating on the KILLABEE Gaming Chair will make you feel like you are the Formula 1 driver.

Not only passionate gamers but also office workers who want to be more comfortable while working should get it.

There are many features in this chair that are the reason why you will love it.

For starters, its high-density memory foam seating cushion will make you feel like you are seating on the cloud.

High backrest has a removable padded headrest and lumbar pillow will adjust to your body shape and support your neck and spine.

Every part of this gaming chair is adjustable, starting from the seat height, to the tilt of the backrest, to the back pressure and the armrest.

Actually, the armrests are one of the best things about this item. They are 3D, which means you can move them up and down, back and forth, right and left.

The chair is very large (can handle up to 400 lbs), all the materials are sturdy, stable and durable, and will never bend or break.

It’s made with an integrated frame, a heavy duty metal base, an explosion-proof gas spring and smooth rolling wheels.

KILLABEE Big and Tall Memory Foam Gaming Chair



  • Removable, high density, memory foam seat cushion
  • High backrest with detachable padded headrest and lumbar cushion
  • Wide 3D adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable seat height, the tilt of the backrest and back pressure

  • Doesn’t have the footrest
  • Doesn’t lean back very much

5. Kinsal High Back Black Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Would you like a big and tall gaming chair that’s not only comfortable but also makes you feel like you are sitting in a luxury car? Then you need to try the Kinsal Gaming Chair.

Its diamond pattern is something you don’t meet on other gaming chairs, which makes it really unique.

With headrest and lumbar cushions, you will have full support for your shoulders, head and neck. Like that’s not enough, the lumbar pillow has a massage function for extra relaxation.

If you get tired of playing your favorite game (like that’s even possible), just use the 90-180 degree tilting mechanism.

Your chair will adjust to lowered angled position to help you take a quick nap. There is also a convenient footrest that you can move backward when you don’t need it.

Armrests are somewhat comfortable but are not adjustable. Also, you may want to look for some other gaming chair if your weight exceeds 280 lbs.

Tubular steel frame and a star base will give you superb stability, and you won’t have to deal with the noise coming from casters because they are smooth and silent.

To help you install the product, you will get an install instruction paper in the package. The cover is made of high-quality PU leather that won’t fade over time and is easily cleaned.

Kinsal High Back Black Ergonomic Gaming Chair



  • Comfortable lumbar cushion with massage function
  • Has a headrest and footrest pillow
  • High-quality PU leather cover that is fade resistant and easy to clean
  • Tilt locking mechanism and smooth and silent casters

  • No real height or armrest adjustment
  • Maximum weight capacity is only 280 lbs

6. HAPPYGAME Blue Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Sitting on a gaming chair whose wheels continuously move can be pretty annoying. However, with HAPPYGAME Ergonomic Gaming Chair, you won’t have this problem.

Its wheels are lockable and extremely easy to move to offer you better support.

Add to that a sturdy five-star base, integrated metal frame, explosion-proof gas spring and a heavy duty base, and you’ve got a gaming chair with superiorly stable structure.

Because it is so strong, this chair has a load capacity of maximum 400 lbs, although it’s better not to purchase it if you are heavier than 330 lbs, just in case.

One of the most important things on any chair, especially the gaming one is support for the neck and spine.

High widen backrest with detachable padded headrest and lumbar pillow will give you just that.

The armrest is also easy to control and can be adjusted up and down and right and left. Tilt locking mechanism allows you to move the chair backward to about 90-155 degrees.

You can also adapt and move all the other parts of this item, including its height, the tilt of the backrest and the back pressure.

HAPPYGAME Blue High Back Ergonomic Swivel Gaming Chair



  • High-density resilience foam
  • Detachable headrest and lumbar cushions
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy-to-move and lockable casters

  • No footrest
  • Not wide enough

7. EWIN Ergonomic Leather Gaming Chair

A big and tall gaming chair has to be high end, and that’s what EWIN Gaming Chair precisely is thanks to the premium material it is made of.

Metal frame, integrated high-density foam and durable, environment-friendly PU leather and explosion-proof gas spring make this product extremely safe, durable and stable.

The manufacturer uses his own machine to develop high-density sponge that prevents oxidation and provides more comfort and resilience.

PU leather used on this chair is 1.2mm thick and provides the feeling of flexible fullness.

Of course, there are also headrest and lumbar cushion included in the package because they prevent neck, shoulder and spine fatigue.

In case you find that they bother you, simply remove them for some time and bring them back when you need them again.

Swiveling and rocking are smooth without the usual squeaking and other annoying noises. The backrest can be adjusted to recline at the angle of 85-155 degrees.

Armrests are also moveable and can be adjusted, but only vertically. The installation process doesn’t take long and is made even easier with instructions you get in the package.

EWIN Ergonomic Leather Gaming Chair



  • High-density foam and durable PU leather
  • Headrest pillow and lumbar cushion can be removed
  • Adjustable backrest and armrests
  • Multifunctional tilt mechanism

  • There is no footrest feature
  • Pretty expensive

What Does “Big and Tall Gaming Chair” Mean?

What Does “Big and Tall Gaming Chair” Mean?

For larger men – both in terms of weight and height – it is not easy to find a chair that can seat you comfortably in order to play through games for hours in a row.

Big and tall gaming chairs are designed for men who are in this category, be it weight, height, or even simply more leg room to stretch out.

Gaming chairs, including the “big and tall” ones, are padded in specifically targeted areas to reduce fatigue while staying seated for lengthy amounts of time.

The pain and strain you would feel from being stationary in an average chair is all but eliminated by the design of gaming chairs.

Big and tall gaming chairs are just as strategic in padding placement, but they are also larger, denser, and can withstand more weight than typical chairs or even gaming chairs.

Benefits of Using One

As stated above, gaming chairs are padded and designed specifically to provide extra support and comfort in areas that usually begin to ache or cramp when you are seated for long periods of time.

This allows for maximized comfort without unnecessary strain on the body.

Gaming chairs typically have higher backrests than average office chairs, which are more supportive and better for your spine in the long run as it means your body does not have to do any extra work to support you while you play.

This is especially true of “big and tall” gaming chairs which are, of course, even taller than the average gaming chair.

Aesthetically speaking, gaming chairs (including big and tall ones) are even more eye-catching than the average chair.

There is no need to sacrifice style for comfort with the right gaming chair.

Benefits of Using a Gaming Chair

What to Look For When Buying It

As with any purchase, there are some key factors to consider in your search for the right big and tall gaming chair for you.

Some of these characteristics include weight capacity, width, height, adjustable armrests, materials, and warranty.

Weight Capacity

This is exactly what it sounds like. For bigger men, weight capacity is important in order to ensure that you will feel comfortable and safe in your new big and tall gaming chair.

Whether you are using your new gaming chair for gaming or watching movies, you want maximum comfort and security.

Average office chairs and even average gaming chairs tend to have weight capacities of of around 200-250 pounds.

For a gaming chair, you want something that will comfortably hold your weight, particularly over long periods of time.

Big and tall gaming chairs are usually designed for people more in the range of 300-400 pounds, which is fantastic for larger men.

Whatever your weight is, particularly if you are on the heavier side, you want to be sure to check out the weight capacities of the big and tall gaming chairs you are interested in. If possible, you should even try to test them out in person in a store.


For big and tall men, being able to adequately sit on a chair without feeling squished or cramped is necessary for maximum comfort. Big and tall gaming chairs should have wide seats and backrests for optimal comfort and space.

Whether you have a larger backside or broad shoulders, big and tall gaming chairs are designed to fit larger men the way the average chair fits an “average” person.

You should not feel cramped or unable to easily fit into your gaming chair. Again, where possible, if there are stores near you that sell the chair you are interested in, you should try it out to make sure you fit onto the seat without struggle.


Tall men know how hard it is to find a seat that does not feel too small or unsupportive. Big and tall gaming chairs, as the name indicates, are designed with the tall man in mind.

They have higher backrests with adequate padding, and some are even tall enough to have a headrest for taller men.

When you are seated for long periods of time, you want something that can support your back. Gaming leads to slouching or putting unnecessary strain on your back in order to hold yourself up while playing.

With the right gaming chair, you can have a backrest that reaches all the way up to your head and neck, which can ease a significant amount of strain from your body.

With more support, you can play games for even longer and still be comfortable.

Adjustable Armrests

Some gamers view armrests as restrictive, and some feel like it makes the chair smaller so you cannot fit in the seat.

Sometimes, though, having arms on your chair can be beneficial, be it for relaxing or doing desk work. Even if you do not plan on using your big and tall gaming chair for “everyday” work, it still is worth considering getting a chair with adjustable arms.

When you need to rest your arms, or when you need them higher, having adjustable arms is a great advantage.

However, when the time comes and you need the freedom to move around, having arms that can drop or be removed can give you a tactical advantage while playing and even allow you to spread out on your chair.

When looking for the right “big and tall” chair for your needs, consider ones with adjustable armrests, particularly ones with “4D” capabilities.

“4D” adjustable arms can move almost any way and anywhere you need them to, be it up high for easy arm support, or out of the way completely for maximum range of motion.

A lot of gaming chairs, including big and tall ones, now feature 4D armrests, so consider those models.


Being a larger man means needing more support. Gaming chairs also tend to be a bit of an investment, so you will definitely want something that is hardy and durable. That is where finding a chair with the right materials comes in.

Typically, the strongest and sturdiest chairs will have metal frames, as that is a strong base material for a chair with a high weight capacity. Keep an eye out for metal, or at least metal frames.

You will also want to find comfortable but durable padding, as well as fabrics and materials that keep air circulating.

Some big and tall gaming chairs do not “breathe” very well as a sacrifice for durability, but air flow through the material will keep you from getting sweaty and sticking to your chair even while seated for hours.

That is definitely something you will want to consider, no matter how comfortable the chair may be.


Like any long-term investment, you should absolutely understand the warranty on any big and tall gaming chair you purchase.

Know how long it lasts and under what conditions you can exchange or return it if need be.

Always know what you are purchasing, especially when it is something that you plan on using for a long time.

You want to be sure you are getting the best deal you can.

How to Take Care of Your Gaming Chair

You will probably be using your gaming chair a lot. Big and tall chairs, like any furniture, need proper maintenance and cleaning to maintain their strength and comfort.

Part of knowing how to clean and care for your chair includes knowing the materials of the chair.

No matter who you are, you will sweat if you stay seated in one place for a long time. Gaming is not an exception, particularly with the strain of the game.

Keep your chair clean with whatever materials are safe to use on the chair, polish the frames, keep the hardware itself in good condition, and your chair will last you for years to come.

Big and tall gamers deserve to be just as comfortable as anyone else while enjoying their favorite games.

Finding the right big and tall gaming chair for you will revolutionize your whole gaming experience.

The ideal situation would be that you find the one gaming chair that has all the things listed here. If you have already found it, stick to it.