Best Toner for Men

Women are not the only ones who should make it a habit to use gentle skincare products. Men also need to give their skin proper care by using the right products, like a deep cleansing face wash.

Using the best toner for men is also essential if you want to give your skin a generous and healthy dose of everything it needs to remain smooth, fresh, and youthful.

Top 5 Toners for Men (Summary)

Image Product Details  
sample-table__image Alcohol FreeThayers
  • Has soothing and healing properties
  • The formula has a soft rose fragrance
  • Has vitamin C aids collagen formation, improving skin cell growth
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sample-table__image All OrganicPoppy Austin
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Reduces excess oil without causing dryness
  • Helps to even out the skin tone
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sample-table__image Made of Natural IngredientsBeauty by Earth
  • Helps to shrink the pores
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Nourishes the skin and soothe sunburn
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sample-table__image Proactiv
  • Retains the natural moisture of the skin
  • Helps to soothe skin irritation
  • Removes excess oil and dead cells from the skin
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sample-table__image TreeActiv Balancing
  • Helps to tighten the skin
  • Reduces acne spots and other blemishes
  • Helps to kill bacteria on the skin
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For more detailed and complete product reviews on benefits and features, keep reading.

15 Best Toners for Men on the Market

1. Thayers

Thayers Toner is an alcohol-free formulation that contains rose water, witch hazel and aloe vera. The organic ingredients combine to give your skin a healthy and hydrated look.

The rose water has rehydrating properties and helps to make dry skin look moisturized and glowing. The vitamin C aids collagen formation, improving skin cell growth and eliminating dark spots.

The organic witch hazel extract retains high tannin levels, which provide a mild antioxidant that helps to heal the skin. It also helps to tighten pores and control oil production, thereby reducing acne.

The formula has a soft rose fragrance and helps to reduce redness or inflammation. It is free from all forms of alcohol, which might be detrimental to the skin.




  • Made of mostly organic ingredients
  • Has soothing and healing properties
  • Doesn’t contain any alcohol

  • Might cause a reaction on sensitive skin

2. InstaNatural

InstaNatural is composed of anti-aging ingredients that help to keep the skin looking fresh and wrinkle-free. It is made of witch hazel, vitamin C, essential oils and other plant-based materials.

The mist penetrates the skin through the pores and increases the elasticity. The skin will be more open to formulas, serums and moisturizers, allowing it to get absorbed easily.

The toner is formulated with components that work together to reduce the production of excess oil. It contains essential oils that help to maintain a balanced pH level.

It can be used by all skin types as it is not harsh on the skin. The vitamin C component helps to stimulate the production of collagen and ensures clear and tight skin.




  • Opens up the pores and aids absorption quality
  • Helps to combat the production of excess oil
  • Has anti-aging properties

  • Might have an unpleasant smell for some

3. Poppy Austin

Poppy Austin Toner is made of pure and organic rose water and is suitable for all skin types. The components are carefully sourced in order to retain its natural healing properties.

The toner contains natural anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce skin irritation and redness. It produces a hydrating effect on the skin, making it look soft and glowing.

The product works by lifting excess oil from the skin, thereby reducing breakouts. It soothes the skin and helps to even out the skin complexion. It can tighten and minimize the appearance of pores on the face.

It helps to restore the proper pH level of the skin and keep it balanced. It does not cause dryness and can be mixed with a cleanser or shampoo.

Poppy Austin



  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Reduces excess oil without causing dryness
  • Helps to even out the skin tone

  • Might take a long time before effects become visible

4. Neutrogena

Neutrogena Toner is made to give your skin the soothing and hydrating qualities without the occurrence of any adverse effect. It cleanses and refreshes the skin without removing the natural oils and moisture.

It contains mild purifiers that help to remove dirt and gently heal the skin. After applying, it leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh without causing itching or stinging.

It does not contain alcohol, therefore, it soothes the skin without causing dryness or stripping the skin of its natural oils. It works gently, thereby making it suitable for all skin types.

The product will not clog the skin pores and contains few allergens. It is an oil-free toner that gets absorbed into the skin easily.




  • Formulated with mild purifiers that clean the skin
  • Does not cause dryness and itching
  • Hypoallergenic

  • Might leave a sticky residue on the skin after use

5. Beauty by Earth

Beauty by Earth Men’s Toner is a product that helps to remove residues, dirt, oil and dead skin from the face. It helps to nourish the skin and soothe sunburn and razor burn.

It is made of aloe vera juice, witch hazel extract, cucumber fruit extract and rose water, which are all pure and organic. The all-natural ingredients help to regenerate your skin without the use of alcohol.

The product shrinks the pores and helps to balance the pH level of the skin. It can be used as a base on your face before using moisturizer.

It does not contain artificial fragrances that might affect the skin. It can be used to combat the effects of aging on the skin.

Beauty by Earth



  • Mostly made of natural ingredients
  • Helps to shrink the pores
  • Contains no artificial scents

  • Might make a face feel sticky after use

6. Maple Holistics

Maple Holistics is an alcohol-free toner that is formulated to revive the skin. The combination of witch hazel, aloe vera and lavender provides a premium solution to dry or oily skin.

It is infused with antioxidants and vitamins A and E, which serve to nourish and protect the skin. It is a mild toner that helps to reduce inflammation and clear the pores.

It helps to control excess oil and remove dirt and impurities from the skin to make it clearer. The toner helps to clear acne and also correct an uneven skin tone.

It can be used as an aftershave as it soothes and hydrates the skin and can be a good addition to your anti-aging regimen as it prepares the skin to absorb other serums and creams.

Maple Holistics



  • Contains antioxidants and vitamins
  • Helps to clear acne
  • Can be used as an aftershave

  • Might cause a hot, burning sensation on the skin after use

7. Proactiv

Proactiv Toner is an alcohol-free product and it is specially formulated to remove dead cells from the skin and remove hyperpigmentation for an evener skin complexion.

It prevents the pores from clogging by clearing excess oil and removing dead cells. It contains extracts from plants like chamomile, witch hazel and allantoin, which help to minimize the appearance of pores.

The product helps to soothe skin irritation, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple. It stimulates the growth of healthy tissue, thereby helping to heal the skin.

It helps to provide a balance for the skin’s natural moisture and oils. A consistent application can make the skin look brighter and fresher.




  • Removes excess oil and dead cells from the skin
  • Helps to soothe skin irritation
  • Retains the natural moisture of the skin

  • Might cause itching and irritation on sensitive skin

8. Neutrogena Pore Refining

Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner helps to reduce the appearance of pores and makes your skin clearer and smooth. It removes dead cells and penetrates into the pores to loosen dirt.

It contains alpha and beta hydroxy acids, which help to minimize pores. In combination with witch hazel, it helps to soften the skin and provide an even skin tone.

It penetrates deep into the layers of the skin without causing irritation and can be used by all skin types as it does not cause dryness.

It is a non-comedogenic and oil-free product that will not clog the pores. With consistent usage, the hypoallergenic toner will deliver obvious results.

Neutrogena Pore Refining



  • Helps to minimize the appearance of pores
  • Doesn’t cause irritation or dryness
  • Oil-free and does not clog the pores

  • Contains chemicals that might not be compatible with all skin types

9. TreeActiv Balancing

TreeActiv Balancing Toner for Men loosens and removes all dirt and oil that have been embedded in your skin. It can be used throughout the day as a base for moisturizer.

It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce acne spots and other blemishes. It also helps to strengthen the protective layer of the skin.

The product contains witch hazel, rose water, clary sage and tea tree water, all of which serve to provide smooth and clearer skin. It helps to remove bags under the eyes and further tighten the skin.

It helps to prevent the presence of bacteria on the skin as it has antimicrobial properties. It helps the skin to maintain an optimal pH balance and controls excess oil.

TreeActiv Balancing



  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps to tighten the skin
  • Helps to kill bacteria on the skin

  • Might have a foul smell

10. Bella Jade

Bella Jade Toner contains antioxidants which help to reduce inflammation and increase collagen production. It helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

The alcohol-free toner contains tea tree oil and white willow bark extract, which helps to cleanse the skin and tighten pores. Its vitamin C content helps to reduce the effects of aging and gives the skin a younger look.

It contains aloe vera, which helps to hydrate the skin without clogging the pores. It has good anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce redness and irritation.

It helps the skin’s pH level to achieve an optimal balance. It makes the skin more receptive and aids in the absorption of serums and moisturizers.

Bella Jade




  • Increases collagen production for a younger look
  • Has moisturizing properties
  • Helps the skin to absorb oils, serum and moisturizers readily

  • Might have a bad smell

11. Brickell

Brickell Toner contains antiseptic, anti-inflammatory components and ingredients that promote skin healing. It is an organic product that can be used for normal, oily or combination skin.

It helps to remove excess oil, unclog the pores and minimize its appearance. It can be used as part of your grooming routine in the morning or during the day to reduce shine and rejuvenate the skin.

It contains cucumber extract, which helps to soothe irritated skin and reduce pores. Its peppermint component provides an antiseptic effect and aloe vera helps to hydrate the skin.

It can be used by men with oily skin as it helps to reduce the buildup of oil. You can apply it directly on the skin or indirectly with the use of a cotton ball.




  • Helps to reduce shine and buildup of oil
  • Helps to soothe irritated skin
  • Contains ingredients that promote skin healing

  • Might cause a burning sensation after use

12. Geneva Naturals

Geneva Naturals is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients. It is composed of lavender, black cumin and cranberry, along with other organic components that provide optimum nourishment for the skin.

The formulation stimulates cell regeneration and helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It evens out the complexion and makes the skin tighter and more radiant.

The cruelty-free toner contains no harmful chemicals that might cause adverse skin reactions. It can be used for both dry and oily skin.

It produces a lush moisturizing effect on the skin and keeps it hydrated for a long time. It can be used as a base before applying your normal skin regimen.

Geneva Naturals



  • Helps to reduce the effects of aging
  • Doesn’t contain harmful chemicals
  • Keeps the skin hydrated

  • Might cause breakouts on the skin during the first few times of use

13. Anthony

Anthony Men’s Toner can be inculcated into your regular skincare routine for healthier and better-looking skin. It can be used as an aftershave or before applying a moisturizer.

It helps to remove impurities, tighten the pores and control excess oil. It is gentle on the skin and begins to show obvious results after a few days of constant use.

It contains aloe, witch hazel, citrus and mint extract and essential oils. It leaves the skin oil-free and helps to improve hydration.

It helps to refresh and rejuvenate the skin for a smoother and younger look. The product is easy to use and does not contain allergenic ingredients.




  • Removes all the impurities
  • Tightens the pores
  • Rejuvenates skin

  • Might leave an unpleasant residue on the skin

14. Elemis

Elemis is a gentle product that effectively tones the skin and helps to achieve an optimum balance of the pH level. It is an alcohol-free product that produces a fresh and clear complexion.

It contains extracts of lavender and sweet Betty flower that help to hydrate the skin. It penetrates the skin deeply and prepares it to absorb other serums and moisturizers readily.

It helps to soothe the skin and soften it for a younger look. The item cleans dead cells and residues from the skin and unclogs the pores.

This product helps to combat excess oil production and reduces acne. It does not cause inflammation or irritation.




  • Alcohol-free product
  • Helps to soothe the skin and unclog the pores
  • Helps to reduce excess oil production

  • Might have an unpleasant odor

15. Baxter of California

Baxter of California is designed to provide optimum rejuvenation for the skin. It can be used for dry, oily or combination skin.

It cleanses dirt and oil buildup from the skin, leaving it cleaner and fresher. It reduces dark spots and helps to even out the skin tone.

The product does not contain alcohol or other harmful chemicals. It penetrates deep into the pores to remove dirt and reduce their appearance.

It contains antioxidants, herbal extracts and vitamin E, which help to protect the skin from cell damage. It does not cause inflammation on sensitive skin.

Baxter of California



  • Cleanses and purifies the skin
  • Unclogs the pores
  • Can be used on all types of skin

  • Might cause a mild stinging sensation after use

What Is a Toner for Men

Toners for men are among the products that men should include in their regular skincare routines. One thing to take note of about toners is that they are not anti-aging solutions, nor are they bronzers.

Good skin toner for men is actually designed to improve the skin by regulating oil production and balancing pH levels. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best skincare products for men who have oily skin.

Apart from that, a skin toner is also designed in a way that it gets rid of any remaining grime on the skin. It tightens pores, improves the skin’s texture, and provides proper pH balance. Moreover, you can use it together with a premium face moisturizer. It is because the toner can help the moisturizer penetrate more deeply into your skin.

Benefits of Using Toners for Men

Toners for men are created in a way that they can improve the skin health of their users. Here are just some of the positive effects or benefits of using this product, especially if you use it together with other premium skin care products, as a hydrating face mask for men:

Balanced Skin Tone and pH Level

Note that an imbalanced pH level of your skin has negative effects – among which are inflamed skin and increased likelihood of having wrinkles and blemishes. Your pH level will become even more unbalanced if you use harsh detergents and chemical soaps.

It is because these products tend to damage the acid mantle of the skin. Men who have oily skin are among those who have a higher chance of experiencing problems in terms of maintaining the proper balance of their skin’s pH level. Fortunately, there are now skin toners for men that can help solve that problem.

Reduced Oil Production

Another positive effect of using the best toner for men is reduced oil production. It can, therefore, prevent some of the most common effects of having excess oil production, like acne breakouts. With the help of these toners, oil production will be limited, making your skin sport a matte and healthy look.

Improves the Effects of Other Skincare Products

Toner for Men - Improves the Effects of Other Skincare Products

In other words, the toner can make other skin care products, like a serum, anti-aging cream for every skin type, and moisturizer work even more effectively. It is because after balancing your skin’s pH and getting rid of excess oil, the products you use will be absorbed by your skin better, thus making them work even more effectively.

Lessens Pores

You will also love using skin toners for men because of their ability to get rid of redness, inflammation, and other impurities that might clog pores. This results in less noticeable pores. Furthermore, it lowers your risk of experiencing acne breakouts.

How Does Toner for Men Work

Toners for men work by controlling excess shine and oil. It does so by ensuring that your skin does not get overly dry along the process. It also functions in lessening the look of pores. Moreover, it can exfoliate your skin gently, thereby lessening blackheads.

Due to the ability of this product to get rid of excess oil, you can also expect it to function well in ensuring that your pores stay clean. It also does a pretty good job of preventing acne breakouts caused by excess oil production.

Types of Toners for Men

Toners for men come in various kinds. This is beneficial for those who want to pick a specific kind of toner that is truly the most convenient for them to use. Here are the most commonly used types of this skincare product:


A men’s toner, which is categorized as astringent, often has isopropyl or rubbing alcohol for its component. However, not all of these astringents are based on alcohol. You can still find those in botanical form. Others are free of any form of alcohol.

It would be best to avoid the one with alcohol as this might cause skin dryness. Provided you picked the right kind of astringent, it would be a big help in cleansing your skin and tightening your pores. It also comes with antibacterial properties while being effective in minimizing inflammation and acne.

A toner in the astringent category can be expected to work even more effectively for oily skin prone to acne. It is because this product is formulated in a way that it can unclog pores and get rid of excess oil.


You can also choose the non-alcohol toner if you notice that your skin tends to react negatively to products containing alcohol. One sign of negative reactions to alcohol-based toner is if your skin hurts when you apply it. Having alcohol in the product can also result in dryness, breakouts, and irritation.

With a toner devoid of alcohol, you can expect the skincare product to do its intended job of restoring the natural pH balance of your skin. This can result in less irritation. The non-alcohol toner is also a big help in keeping your skin energized and rejuvenated. This can lead to your skin being smoother and younger-looking.

Facial Water/Face Mists

You may also choose the face mist, which has the main role of hydrating your skin. Once it properly and fully hydrates your skin, moisturizing products and serums will be better absorbed. The good thing about a face mist is that it also works in soothing irritated and inflamed skin.

A face mist with the main goal of hydrating the skin often contains humectants, like propylene glycol and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid contributes to retaining moisture in the skin while the propylene glycol is famous for its water-attracting capabilities.

Another reason why a face mist is popular for men is that it contains botanical oils. Most users of this product also agree that it is indeed capable of developing a protective barrier over one’s skin, which is helpful in preventing the evaporation of moisture.

Functioning similarly to face mists, you can also pick facial water. It contains minerals, like magnesium, copper, and selenium – all of which soothe and protect the skin. This results in softer and suppler skin.

Face Spritzer

Lastly, there is what we call the face spritzer. It is another solution for those who would like to increase the moisture of facial skin in case it gets too dry. It is convenient to use the entire day as it allows you to get a cooling and soothing relief once it begins to appear and feel dry.

Just like mineral water sprays, most face spritzers in the market today also earned great reviews for their ability to hydrate facial skin. These products also aid women who want to have their makeup properly set.

Ingredients to Look for in Toners for Men

Ingredients to Look for in Toners for Men

The best toners for men are those that contain the safest and most effective ingredients designed to improve the look and health of your skin. You have a higher chance of enjoying positive results and benefits from this skincare product if it contains the following:

Salicylic Acid

This ingredient is known for containing compounds that can remove oil. The presence of salicylic acid is much better compared to alcohol because it works gentler than the latter. Despite being gentle, it is still capable of digging deep into your pores, thereby clearing them. Salicylic acid also does a pretty good job of getting rid of the excess skin oil, making it good for men with excessively oily skin.

Glycolic Acid

Another gentler ingredient compared to alcohol is glycolic acid. Just like salicylic acid, glycolic acid also works efficiently in clearing your pores from debris and dirt. It is safe on the skin because of its gentle properties.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel can be defined as a mild and natural astringent often included in men’s toners. What it does is that it lessens the buildup of oil and prevents inflammation. The astringent properties present in this ingredient come from its bark and leaves.

Compared to alcohol, witch hazel is much gentler. It is also a good ingredient in toners because it does not have the dehydrating effects often produced by alcohol. Furthermore, witch hazel can remove dead skin cells and excess oils from your face. It can make your skin look refreshed. The fact that it is gentle means that it works even for those with sensitive skin.

Cucumber Extract

A men’s toner also has more power to improve the health of your skin if it contains cucumber extract. It is because this ingredient can help in significantly reducing sebum production, thereby making it an effective anti-acne ingredient.

It is also rich in Vitamin K, which is helpful in boosting the elasticity of your skin. Cucumber extract also works in soothing irritated skin and balancing its pH level. Toners containing this extract can be expected to give users a cooling and refreshing effect.

Peppermint Oil

A toner containing peppermint oil is also beneficial because this ingredient lessens inflammation as well as the redness that often results from this problem. If you often experience itchiness, then the presence of this ingredient can also offer immediate relief. It has several antibacterial properties that can prevent acne.


Antioxidants should also be present in a men’s toner. These ingredients can improve the results of the product because of their ability to restore your skin cells’ vitality and overall health. Furthermore, antioxidants are quite effective in fighting free-floating oxygen molecules that might cause damage to your skin cells.


Of course, using a toner with moisturizing properties and ingredients can help make your skin look as healthy as ever. Among the moisturizing ingredients often added in skin toners are hyaluronic acid and Aloe Vera – both of which are effective in retaining moisture and locking it in while applying the product. These moisturizers can guarantee proper hydration, which is good at making your skin look good and healthy.


Several of the skin toners for men that you can access in the market today also contain soothers. Some examples of these soothers are chamomile and any other natural and pure ingredient designed to soothe the skin naturally. Toners with skin-soothing ingredients are ideal for you if you are one of those with sensitive skin.

Ingredients to Avoid in Toners for Men

While there are certain ingredients that should be present in toners, there are also those you have to avoid. As much as possible, stay away from toners containing the following as they might cause further harm and damage to your skin:


Having alcohol in toners is also beneficial because of its exfoliating properties. With that, it works in removing dead skin cells that might cause your pores to get clogged and your skin to look lifeless and dull.

However, this ingredient is also harsh and damaging to the skin, especially if yours is of the sensitive type. If that’s the case, it would be best to choose non-alcohol toners. This can help you prevent the harsh effects that alcohol might have on your sensitive skin, including excessive dryness.


Some essential oils are not also good ingredients for toners. It is because they might cause damage and irritation in the long run. With that in mind, avoid those toners containing oils as much as possible.

How to Choose the Best Toner for Men

How to Choose the Best Toner for Men

Just like when you are shopping for other skincare products, like the world’s best shaving cream for men, it is also essential for you to exercise care and caution when looking for the best toner. Shopping for a safe and reliable one is possible by considering these crucial factors:


The specific ingredients used in manufacturing the toner should be among the things you have to carefully check before buying. Ensure that all the ingredients integrated into the skincare product are safe for your skin. It should not contain anything that might cause harm and damage to your skin. All ingredients should be gentle in the sense that they won’t lead to irritation in the long run.

Skin Type

The best toner for men is also that which perfectly suits your skin type. Note that most toners are formulated based on the skin type of certain users. This is the main reason why you have to determine your skin type first before buying a toner. Find out if the product you intend to buy is indeed safe for your skin.

Here are the different skin types and the most suitable toner for them:

Dry Skin

Some men sport a dry skin type. If yours is dry, then it could be because of aging. In such a case, find a men’s toner containing a reliable and effective moisturizer. The presence of these moisturizing properties can clean your pores and prevent excessive dryness.

Sensitive Skin

Your skin might also fall under the sensitive category. The good news is that even with sensitive skin, you can still access a wide range of toners that are compatible with it.

In this case, go for a toner without alcohol. It is because the harshness of this ingredient might trigger your sensitive skin to experience dryness. Instead of alcohol, pick a toner containing witch hazel.

Witch hazel produces several benefits for your skin, like getting rid of excess oil, providing soothing relief, and lessening inflammation. Toners containing Aloe Vera are also beneficial for those sporting sensitive skin.

Oily Skin

Several toners are also available for those with oily skin. If your skin falls under this category, then toners with alcohol are safe for you. It is because alcohol works in getting rid of excess oil and balancing the pH level. Your oily skin might also require you to choose toning products with acid compounds.

Combination Skin

Combination skin refers to a skin type characterized by having dry parts in some areas of one’s face and oily parts on the others, like the T-zone composed of the chin, forehead, and nose. You will also know that you have combination skin if your pores seem to look bigger than usual and if you have shiny skin or blackheads.

If you have such skin, then go for toners with both oil-absorbing properties and hydrating ingredients. The presence of both can help balance out their benefits and properties, providing the best effect on your skin.


Toner for Men Effects

Choosing the best toner for men also requires you to study the possible effects of each option on your skin. Note that toners vary based on their effects on your skin. Determine its possible effects by checking down its contents and ingredients. One of its effects is reduced oil.

Some toners also have pore cleansing properties and exfoliating capabilities. You can also find toners with moisturizing effects. Determine the specific effect you are hoping to get from this product. That way, you can pick the most suitable toner for you. Read reviews, too, so you will have an idea about the product’s effectiveness based on the effect you want to get.


Toners for men also differ in terms of their fragrance. You can find some products in this category with a unique and distinctive fragrance or smell. The good news is that you can make your choice from the masculine or fresh scents applied in toners today.

You can also go for the refreshing scents based on citrus. Pick a toner with a fragrance that you like, so you will always be motivated to use and apply it.


Of course, how much the toner costs is also a deciding factor for some buyers. Go for a reasonably priced one that is truly effective in providing you the effect you want. If you intend to use this skin care product every day, then consider getting a bottle, which is enough for you to use for a while.

For more occasional users, like those who only apply the toner in case, their skin becomes particularly oily, then a smaller bottle would suffice.


Before starting to shop for a toner, figure out the specific reasons why you intend to use it. It could be because you want to lessen the amount of oil produced by your skin. Another possible reason would be to minimize redness and inflammation when unclogging and exfoliating your pores.

Some also use the toner to improve the effects of other skincare products they are using, like moisturizers and serums. Determine the exact purpose you would like your toner to fulfill. This is the key to finding the most appropriate one for your specific case.

Essential Skincare Routine Process

Toner for Men - Essential Skincare Routine Process

Taking good care of your skin does not just involve the use of a single product. You need to follow a routine composed of various skincare products to get the results you want. For men to have healthy and youthful skin, they must follow skincare routines involving the use of these products:


Before applying a toner, make sure that your face is clean. If you have facial hair, then you may want to wash it before the application of the toner. You can wash facial hair with shampoo regularly or a natural soap made specifically for beards. A gentle and safe cleanser should also be applied to your skin before the application of toner.


Once your face and skin are clean and clear, you may want to start applying the toner. You can do it once every day, particularly in the morning right after you washed, cleansed, and exfoliated your skin.


You can also get better results from your skincare routines, including the use of toners if you apply sunscreen. Note that the sun’s UV rays can be excessively damaging to the skin.

It can cause a lot of problems, like premature signs of aging (dryness, dark spots, redness, and wrinkles, among many others). Keep your skin protected with the help of sunscreen. This product can also maximize the effects of toners.


Your daily skincare routine won’t be complete without the application of a moisturizer. Let your skin dry completely, especially after you applied the toner, then put on your face serum or toner specifically designed for men.

The good thing about using a toner before applying a serum and moisturizer is that your skin will be able to absorb the two even better. It is because the toner resulted in a more balanced pH level and well-regulated oil production.

How to Apply a Toner for Men Properly

Once you have chosen the right toner, you should familiarize yourself with the actual steps for applying it. Here’s how you can properly apply your toner and get the results you desire:

Step 1 – Wash and cleanse your face

Never apply the product if your face is dirty, grimy, or sweaty. Wash and clean your face with a facial wash or cleanser first. Use warm water to scrub your skin gently and remove noticeable grime and dirt. After that, splash it with some cold water.

Step 2 – Let your face dry completely

You may want to use a soft and clean towel for this step. Avoid scrubbing vigorously, though. Patting it gently until it gets fully dry would suffice.

Step 3 – Put on the toner

After completely drying your face, the toner application should come next. Just soak a cotton ball on your chosen toner. Spread the cotton that absorbed the toner across your facial skin evenly. Make sure to use gentle and upward movements. Focus on the T-zone areas because these tend to get more oil than the others.

Step 4 – Let the toner stay on your face for a few minutes

Allow the toner to get absorbed by your skin by letting it air dry. Avoid wiping it off with the towel.

Once your skin is dry and has absorbed the toner, you may want to apply other skincare products, like your usual moisturizer and anti-acne treatment. You may also want to use a toner post-shave, especially if you intend to avoid ingrown hair and clogged pores. You may want to use it in combination with gentle shaving soap.

A safe, effective, and gentle shaving soap allows a closer and more precise shave, which can also help in preventing ingrown hairs. When using a toner, it is also advisable to make it a habit of trimming a beard to avoid irritation and redness.

Do’s and Don’ts With Toners for Men

  • Use the toner only after you cleansed and exfoliated your skin. This will allow the toner to work its wonders and ensure that its properties get absorbed by your skin.
  • If possible, use it only once a day. Avoid the excessive use of the toner (ex. using it too many times in a day). Once a day would suffice. If you use it too many times, then it might lead to redness and excessive dryness. It would be much better to apply it in the morning after you washed and cleansed your face.
  • Use the toner after shaving. You may also want to apply the toner after you have shaved. Just make sure that you use a razor for sensitive skin for comfortable shaving and smoother results afterward. The good thing about using a toner after shaving is that it can help you avoid ingrown hairs. This can also prevent your pores from getting clogged. Beard oil will eliminate beard itch, so you may want to use this product if you often experience itchiness from your facial hair.
  • Do not apply the toner without cleansing your face first. Washing and cleaning should always be the first steps in the process.
  • Do not rinse the toner. Once you have applied it, let your skin absorb it. Never wash, rinse, or wipe it. Allow it to dry on its own.

FAQ About Toners for Men

What does a toner do?

A toner can perform several functions – among which are letting your skin achieve the right pH balance and regulating oil production. It improves your skin tone, too. Furthermore, it significantly reduces the look of pores and maximizes the effects of other skincare products you are currently using.

How often should you apply a toner?

Due to the alcohol content in some toners designed for men, it is advisable to be extra cautious regarding the frequency of use. It would be best to use it only once every day. You can even benefit from applying it only once every 2-3 days. By ensuring that you do not over apply it, you can prevent the product from having adverse effects on the moisture barrier of your skin.

When should you use a toner?

The answer to this varies on a case-to-case basis. There are those who can greatly benefit from applying the toner once only, which is highly recommended by a lot of experts. It could be in the morning after washing or in the evening before bedtime. You may also want to apply it after you have exfoliated your skin or after going through daily activities that might put your skin’s pH level out of balance.

Can you combine toner with other skincare products?

Yes. As a matter of fact, it is highly recommended to combine the use of a toner with gentle and safe cleansers, moisturizers, and other products that can enhance the look and health of one’s skin.

If you have a beard or facial hair and you shave regularly, then you may also want to use a moisturizer for it. A moisturizer for a beard will soften your facial hair, making your skin smoother, especially if you combine it with the right toner.

Who should use a skin toner for men?

Skin toner for men can be used by anyone who has problems with excessive amounts of oil. It is also a big help for those who break out frequently and anyone who wants to bring back the right pH balance of their skin.


The best toner for men can indeed perform a lot of functions that can improve the skin of anyone who uses it. Fortunately, this skincare product is easily accessible in the market. It is also available in different kinds, with each one having a different set of components and ingredients. With that, you can always pick one that suits the type of skin you have and the specific purpose you intend the toner to perform. 

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