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Best Slippers for Men

Having a pair of slippers to slide your feet into on a cold winter morning is one of the simple pleasures in life.

Almost nothing can beat the feeling of content you’ll feel when you have a good pair of warm slippers.

Every man should have at least one pair at their disposal, and a backup pair wouldn’t hurt either.

Whether you’re shopping for your own pair or looking for a gift, you just can’t go wrong with cozy slippers.

To say that all men’s slippers are the same couldn’t be farther from the truth. It would be like saying that the best beard kit has the same quality of supplies as a dollar store kit.

There is quite a range of styles to choose from when you’re shopping for slippers – more than you might expect.

When shopping for a pair, you have to consider many things. The number of factors to consider can make your search challenging.

But when you know what to look for, it’s easy. So, what factors make a good pair of slippers?

Slippers Vs Other Shoes

Slippers have quite a few advantages over other kinds of shoes. They offer comfort and coziness where others fail.

There are plenty of reasons slippers are better than other shoes, especially when considering home use.

Slippers keep you healthy. There have been studies that have shown that cold feet can increase your chances of catching a cold or the flu.

Slippers help prevent this by keeping your toes toasty.

Moreover, slippers protect your feet from infection, which you can get from simply walking barefoot in your home.

Wear slippers, keep your home clean. The soles of the shoes you wear outdoor are teaming with grime, bacteria, and dirt.

When you take your shoes off at the door and change into a pair of nearby slippers, you’re keeping your house cleaner.

Slippers can prevent accidents. Some people would argue that socks can work just as well as slippers to keep your feet warm.

That may be true, but socks lack style and present a risk. You can easily slip and fall on linoleum, tile, and wood in socks.

Most slippers are designed with a sole that is at least somewhat slip resistant.

Comfort = productivity. When you’re freezing cold, you’re going to want to tuck your feet and entire body underneath some nice warm covers.

You’re not going to want to get any task done around the house with cold feet.

Slippers help you warm up and relax so that you can get to work on some household chores.

They help preserve your socks. When you wear socks around the house instead of slippers, you’re wearing down the material of your socks.

The constant wear means holes will develop, and you’re going to have to make more trips to the store than you’d like.

Slippers, even if you wear socks with them, give your socks a break. The soft inner lining of the slippers will help prevent wear if you choose to wear them together.

What Features Should the Best Men’s House Slippers Have?

What Features Should the Best Men’s House Slippers Have?


The main function of slippers is to keep your feet warm. However, they wouldn’t be as great as they are without being comfortable.

The level of comfort is dependent on other aspects of the shoes, such as their fit, material, and style. If they’re too small, they may pinch the toes.

The wrong material could be scratchy. The last thing you want is your slippers to be uncomfortable.

Like with choosing the best beard conditioners, you want to ensure that the product works for you before committing to it.


The most popular type of material for men’s house slippers is suede. Suede wears well over time and provides an immense amount of comfort and durability.

Other types of materials that work just as well are animal skins and leather.

However, these types of materials can get a little warmer than some people would like and may not breathe well.

Cotton is another material that can provide comfort. It’s also probably one of the easiest materials to clean.

Thanks to their availability, they’re more affordable than leather or suede.

When choosing materials, think of what you like to wear and what makes sense for where you live.

If you live in a rainy climate, perhaps get a pair that has water-resistant material so they’re not soaked through if you step outside.


Getting the right fit can depend on the material and style. Plus, it plays into the comfort factor.

Getting the right fit can be tricky if you plan to buy your slippers on the internet.

If you find a pair of footwear you like online but are unsure of the sizing, you have two options to guide you in your purchase.

Many sites have sizing guides that can assist you in determining your fit. Another option is to visit your favorite shoe store.

Try on slippers that are of a similar style and material to find the best size for you.

Be sure not to just trust your regular shoe size – slippers and sneakers aren’t necessarily the same when it comes to fit.

The Hardness of Your Floors

Another big factor in buying slippers isn’t a feature of the shoes themselves, but rather is a feature of the home.

The harder the floors you have, the thicker the soles you’ll need for your slippers.

If you have hardwood, then you’ll want to opt for a pair with thicker soles. You might also want to look into anti-slip soles if you don’t have any carpet.

You don’t want to be slipping and sliding as you walk around your home. If your home has carpeting, then a thinner sole will do just fine.

If you have a mixture of floors, then you should perhaps get a sole that isn’t too thick, but not too thin either.

Types of Slippers for Men

One other factor that you should consider while you’re on the search for the best slippers for men is the style.

The following are some of the most popular styles you can choose from.

1. Loafers and Slip-On Slippers

The loafer is a leather slipper that was originally designed for men in the 1800s. The loafer shoe was first designed in London for King George VI as a casual shoe to be worn around the home.

These slippers are some of the most recognizable shoes around.

They’re slip-ons that cover your whole foot, from heel to toe; although, in some designs, your upper foot is partially or fully exposed.

They’re never designed with laces and are meant for your foot to easily slip in and out.

Since their creation, the shoes have undergone just a few redesigns. However, the name of these slippers has gone through a lot of change.

You may know them simply by the name loafer, but you may also have heard them called penny loafers or the harrow.

Loafers didn’t become popular until 1966 when Gucci featured it in go-to shows.

They were made of leather, and marketed to laborers and businessmen.

Now, the leather design is still seen as stylish. Often, men will wear a pair of loafers with tuxedos and suits.

However, there are those meant for casual wear around the house.

2. Moccasin Slippers

Moccasins are traditionally created from animal hide. They’re a lightweight and durable slipper that is super comfortable for indoor use as well as brief outdoor use.

The moccasin slipper was originally a shoe worn by Native Americans tribes in North America.

This history is why you can sometimes find pairs that are intricately beaded or embroidered around the upper part of the shoe.

Since this time, the slippers have gone through many reinterpretations.

Some are still designed to be worn outside, while others are best kept to indoor spaces.

Moccasins are often made from suede or soft leather. The inside of the shoe is often lined with an even softer material, such as fleece or faux fur.

You can find these shoes in a wide variety of colors, from subtle browns and tans to loud greens and blues.

3. Mules and Clogs

Clogs and mules have a long history, much like other shoes on this list. The earliest form of a mule was seen in ancient Rome.

However, the style didn’t become popular until the sixteenth century in Europe. Back then, they were exclusively bedroom wear.

Today, they are still used around the house, but they’re also a fashionable piece to wear out.

Mules and clogs are much different than moccasins and loafers. For one, they don’t fully cover your heel, but they do cover your upper foot and toes.

They also aren’t known for being made from leather. The materials you’ll most often find these slipper in is cotton or suede.

These shoes are great for those who want to lounge around in one of their undershirts for men and just literally slip into their slippers.

4. Boot Slippers

Boot slippers tend to become super popular around winter and are great for keeping your feet warm.

Some iterations of them have been around just as long as the others on this list.

The shoe fully covers your feet and rises to your ankles, ensuring that your feet are fully enveloped in warmth. These slippers are often made with cotton or fleece.

The inside is often lined with shearling, which makes them comfortable in cold weather, but can be itchy for some.

You’ll rarely see men try to style these boots for outdoor wear. While guaranteed to be comfortable, they’re not seen as stylish.

Plus, the fabric won’t fare well in the outdoor elements. The best style option for these is a pair of your best pajamas for men.

5. Orthopedic Slippers

Orthopedic slippers are often mules designed with the purpose to help those who suffer from heel or back pain.

They’re manufactured to have a built-in support in the insole. The insoles are often made of some padded material or gel and are meant to provide comfort and support.

If you’re someone who suffers from plantar fasciitis or heel spurs, a pair of orthopedic slippers is the way to go.

How to Choose the Best One

While you have to consider the comfort of the shoe, the main concern for many is your personal style.

For those who are a little more traditional, a simple pair of leather shell slippers with a padded interior will do.

Leather works well with many colors, meaning you can easily style it with your pajamas or bathrobe.

They’re a simple but elegant option. For an extra level of comfort and style, you may want to consider adding a pair of silk socks for men.

Whether you’re interested in a traditional pair of slippers or some cutting-edge style, you want to keep in mind all of the practical elements.

Know that padding and lining will affect comfort. Ensure that the fit gives you enough room but is still snug.

Your slippers should also be a high enough quality that you have adequate support for your arches.

Comfort and style combined are what really makes the slipper worth anything.

After all, the most important thing for a man on his feet all day is having a pair of slippers that allow him to rest his feet in the evening.

How to Wash and Maintain Your House Slippers

Once you’ve found the best slippers for you, you’ll get to experience all the benefits.

Along with those benefits, you have to take care of them. Proper cleaning and maintenance are what makes your pair of slippers last.

While durability should be a factor you consider in your buying process, that doesn’t mean they need less care.

It’s like your beard. Just because it has a good natural shape doesn’t mean you don’t take your one of your best wooden beard combs and brush through it each day.

It’s important for you to take a proactive approach when caring for your shoes. Proper care will ensure that your slippers have a long, happy life.

The following are tips for caring for slippers made from some of the most popular materials: leather, suede, and cotton.


Cleaning the outside of your leather slippers regularly can help to extend their life.

However, you want to be careful of the cleaning products you use. It’s like looking for effective shampoos for getting rid of dandruff in your beard.

Some products will seem like they work, but they don’t have the ingredients they should like natural shampoos for beards.

The effect of these harsh shampoos could ruin your hair.

When cleaning your shoes, go with non-enzyme liquid soap to ensure the leather isn’t discolored or ruined.

You’ll also want to shine your leather slippers after cleaning them.

Make sure you let them air dry for at least five minutes before shining them with a cotton cloth.

To keep the exterior soft and supple, you should use shoe conditioner. This extra step will also help ensure that your slippers age better.

Baby wipes will work well for cleaning the insides of your shoes and can work well for those lined with fleece.


Suede is a complicated material to care for. The most important thing to note about taking care of your suede slippers is that they cannot be hand washed or machine washed. They cannot be submerged in water at all.

If you spill something on suede, you should take a towel and blot it until the spill is gone. Do not rub it!

If your suede shoes are waterproof, then you can use a damp towel if you wish to wipe up any spills.

If you have a stubborn stain, consider investing in a suede cleaning kit. These kits come with a stiff suede brush and a stain eraser.

If you get any scuffs or mud on them, you can remove them with some soft-textured sandpaper. Using the right tools are essential to getting the most out of your suede slippers.

Compare it to taking care of your beard. While you may like the look of your beard now, without the proper care and the use of some top-rated beard oils to keep it nourished, your hair will become damaged.

To clean the interior of these types of slippers, use a baby wipe. Baby wipes work well to remove dirt and debris from both fleece and cotton-lined interiors.


Cotton is one of the easiest materials to clean. You can toss your cotton slippers into the wash with warm water to get them clean.

If you’re still a little wary about using a machine, you can easily hand wash them as well in a sink filled with warm, soapy water.

If you go with the sink approach, you’ll want to let your slippers soak.

Leave them in the water for about 10 minutes and then rinse them out. Let your slippers air dry once you’ve thoroughly rinsed them.

Wrap Up

While you may be considering investing in a new pair of slippers for the winter, know that this footwear can be worn throughout the year.

Different styles and materials lend themselves to be used during different seasons.

When you’re on your search, be sure to consider both comfort and practicality.

Most importantly, buy something that you feel will fit you and your style.

After all, you wouldn’t trim your beard in a shape you didn’t like just for practicality sake. You would shape it into a style you like and that’s practical.

This is the way you should think when shopping for the best men’s house slippers.

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