Best Silk Boxers

Silk boxers are a luxurious option for men’s underwear.

Their high-quality silk material is soft against the delicate areas of skin and provides comfort under clothes or worn as pajamas.

Women often like the look and feel of men’s silk boxers, but the delicate nature of the fabric doesn’t hold up well after long periods of time, so their popularity in the market has decreased.

Top 5 Silk Boxers (Summary)

Image Product Details  
sample-table__image Most ComfortableTexereSilk
  • Elastic waistband
  • Strongest and most durable
  • For sensitive or allergy prone skin
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sample-table__image SoftestAlexander Del Rossa Solid
  • Premium satin fabric
  • Easy to wash
  • Elastic waist
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sample-table__image Most AffordableCYZ Collection
  • Never slip off the waist
  • Fully elastic
  • Come as a pack of two pairs
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sample-table__image Alexander Del Rossa Printed
  • Elastic waist prevents slipping
  • Color doesn’t fade over time
  • Comes as a pack of 5
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sample-table__image Tony & Candice
  • Lightweight and silky feel
  • Soft, smooth and comfortable
  • Elastic waist and button fly for convenience
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For more detailed and complete product reviews on benefits and features, keep reading.

Even still, the best silk boxers are a great option for the man who likes to treat himself.

Let’s get into the basics of silk boxers, so you can find a great pair for you!

Best 5 Silk Boxers Reviewed

1. TexereSilk Men’s Silk Boxers

As they are made with 100% silk, luxury and comfort are what you can expect when choosing TexereSilk Men’s Boxers. French seams give a feeling of higher quality and ultimate luxury.

Elasticized waistband is yet another feature of these 100% silk boxers that provides a comfy and adjustable fit.

However, most men recommend that you buy one size smaller because they tend to be somewhat large. To prevent twisting, the manufacturer decided to stitch the elastic into the fabric.

Functionality is even more improved with a double fly with discreet single-button closure.

All these characteristics make these 100% silk boxers stronger and more durable than other similar items currently in the market.

In case you have sensitive skin or are more prone to allergies, this product should be your go-to because it is naturally hypoallergenic and won’t cause you skin problems.

TexereSilk Men's Silk Boxers



  • Utterly made of silk to be more durable and stronger
  • Elasticized waistband
  • French seams to provide the more comfortable finish
  • Double fly with discreet single-button closure
  • Suitable for men with allergies or sensitive skin

  • A bit large, so it’s recommendable to purchase one size smaller than usually
  • Higher priced than most other boxers

2. Alexander Del Rossa Solid Color Mens Satin Boxer Shorts

Besides being soft and comfortable, silk boxers have to easy to wash without the colors bleeding or running. Alexander Del Rossa Satin Boxer Shorts tick all the boxes.

The dyes are inactive and chemical-free, so you can safely wash them with your other clothes without worries. Coming in a pack of five, these boxers are super sleek and fashionable.

The silk-feel comes from the premium satin fabric from which they are made. Satin is made from 100% polyester and woven into a tight weave.

Slipping off or digging into the skin are two of the most common problems men have with boxers.

Fortunately, this satin underwear has an elastic waist that provides the delicate fit.

Last but not least, each pair in the pack has a classic button fly for extra comfort and convenience.

Alexander Del Rossa Solid Color Mens Satin Boxer Shorts



  • Premium satin fabric
  • Elastic waist
  • Button fly for ease and convenience
  • Simple to wash

  • Tend to shrink after washing, so buying a larger size is better
  • Have zero stretch

3. CYZ 2-PK Men’s Satin Boxers

Although made of satin polyester and not from silk, CYZ 2-PK Men’s Satin Boxers look very elegant and luxurious. Best of all, they are also extremely affordable.

The package contains 2 satin boxers, one of which is a solid color and another that is patterned color. Functional fly with single button closure is an excellent addition too.

The waistband is covered with elastic completely. This and center back seam ensure that your boxers fit nicely around your waist without slipping off.

The satin fabric from which these products are made is to some extent more on the stiff side than some other brands boxers.

Washing is pretty easy. However, don’t expect that the boxers become silkier after the wash because that’s not going to happen.

Other than slightly stiffened fabric, these 2 pack satin boxers fit as expected and are extremely great value for the money.

CYZ 2-PK Men's Satin Boxers



  • Full elastic covered waistband
  • Two pack with one solid and one patterned color
  • Functional fly with single button closure
  • Pretty affordable price

  • Very stiff
  • Bigger than normal size boxers

4. Alexander Del Rossa Printed Mens Satin Boxer Shorts

The feel of silk is what every man hopes for to find it his boxer shorts and with Alexander Del Rossa Printed Men’s Satin Boxer Shorts this is what you get.

Satin is made from 100% polyester and later woven into a tight weave.

A must-have feature on any pair of boxers is an elastic waist that will prevent them from slipping off or digging into the skin.

This item has that, and also a button fly that gives more convenience. Especially suitable for the print lovers, the boxers come in a pack of 5.

You can wash them with ease, without having to worry about difficult washing instructions other similar products come with.

Simply wash them in the machine on cold and then dry on low heat in the dryer. And don’t worry, the colors won’t fade over time.

Alexander Del Rossa Printed Mens Satin Boxer Shorts



  • High-quality silky satin polyester fabric
  • Elastic waistband and button fly
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Comes in a pack of 5 print colors combo

  • Tend to shrink after washing, so buying a larger size is better
  • Too expensive

5. Tony & Candice Men’s Satin Boxers 3-Pack

If the color of your silk boxers is important to you, you will enjoy the Tony & Candice Men’s Satin Boxers, as they come in a 3 pack combo in navy blue, black and burgundy color.

Premium, high-quality satin polyester looks luxurious and gives that silky feel, although it’s not silk by default.

When wearing these boxer shorts, you will feel how soft, smooth and lightweight they are. There are one front button fly and the elastic waist that provide the easy-to-wear feeling.

Elastic waistband is made to fit almost every body shape. This is excellent news for you because the possibility to choose the wrong size is significantly reduced.

Before wearing the boxer shorts for the first time, make sure to wash them with a neutral detergent.

Never use a soap or alkaline detergent for this purpose because they can cause fading to the material. Another great tip is to wash them inside out to protect the fabric color.

Tony & Candice Men's Satin Boxers 3-Pack



  • High-quality satin polyester fabric
  • Elastic waist and one front button fly
  • Lightweight and silky feel
  • Comes as a pack of three boxer shorts combo

  • Too long, sometimes past your knees
  • More expensive than some other silk boxers

What Are Silk Boxers

What Are Silk Boxers

Men’s silk boxers are exactly as they appear to be by the name. They are typical men’s boxer shorts made of silk material rather than cotton, a cotton blend, microfiber, polyester, or other material.

The silk fabric is soft and breathable. Silk boxers add an air of luxury to the men’s underwear department, but they are not wildly popular due to their delicate nature.

Benefits of Wearing Silk Boxers

The benefits of wearing the best silk boxers are many. From the look to function, there’s something good about these boxers from every angle.

Here are the biggest silk boxers benefits:

Temperature Comfort

Silk is a fabric that naturally adapts to the temperature of the environment surrounding it. That means when you are wearing silk boxers in a chilly environment, they will help to keep your body heat insulated.

On the other hand, when you are wearing them during hotter times, they become cooler and breathable. An underwear that adapts to the temperature of your current environment is a benefit that should definitely not be overlooked.

Belt Freedom

An issue that many men face when getting dressed in the morning is the extra fabric that bunches around their leather belt area due to a thick and bulky underwear waistline.

Silk fabric is so thin that it will allow for extra room in this area, for better-fitting pants and a waistline that will appear slimmer.

Balance of Modest and Sexy

One of the greatest benefits to silk boxers is their marriage of both a modest and sexy look. They are modest in that they look more like outerwear shorts than underwear and fit looser on the body.

However, they are still sexy because of the thin fabric that hangs on the body. The lightness of the fabric is both covering and revealing.

Fabric Quality

Silk is highly regarded as one of the best fabrics. Silk resists wrinkles, repels odors, and is resilient.

While silk boxers may require a bit more care when washing, the effort will pay off by lengthening their lifespan.

How to Choose the Best Ones

Boxers are great for anyone looking for more breathability, more modesty, and less constriction.

While some boxer shorts are baggy and bunched, perhaps with an uncomfortable elastic waistband, silk boxer shorts present a great alternative to these common boxer snafus.

When choosing silk boxers, look for options that are shorter than normal boxers. This means less fabric to be bunched underneath your pants.

Also consider a slimmer-cut option, which again will reduce fabric used. A stretch-band waist will not be as tight and will allow for more room along your waistline for pants and belt.

Types of Men’s Boxers

Within the realm of men’s boxers, there are a couple different types.


Relaxed fit is baggier and works better with pajama pants, baggy pants, or loose shorts.


Slim-fit boxers work better under slim-fit pants, dress pants, or tighter pants.

Fabric Types

Boxers can be available in cotton, cotton-blend, microfiber, nylon, modal, polyester, rayon, and of course, silk.

While other fabric types may perform better under certain circumstances, silk is regarded as the most elegant fabric type.

It’s low-support and high-absorbency makes a loose and comfortable pair.

Difference Between Cotton and Silk Boxers

Cotton is a natural fiber, arguably the most popular fiber used for fabric. Cotton is soft, comfortable, and breathable.

Difference Between Cotton and Silk Boxers

On the other hand, silk is a fiber created by silkworm-secreted proteins. It is known for its high breathability, strength, and ultimate softness.

Neither cotton nor silk is better than the other, but their distinct characteristics make each one better suited for certain needs and situations.

Silk boxers are more absorbent than cotton and wick away moisture better. This makes silk boxers a great option to sleep in when it’s easy to get sweaty under the covers.

Cotton is a cheaper fabric, so cotton boxers are available at lower prices. Cotton boxers are soft, but not smooth, and are just average at insulating.

On the other hand, silk is extremely insulating, adaptive to temperature, and smooth to the touch.

All these aspects make them a great breathable and sexy option for pajamas or lounging at the house.

While you have your own opinions on cotton vs. silk boxers, you may be asking, “Do women like cotton or silk more?”

Women often prefer silk, as the material is smoother and tends to show off a bit more than cotton fabric would.

Some women are even the instigators in getting their male partner to invest in a couple pairs of silk boxers.

Women seem to love a man who is comfortable in his masculinity, and silk boxers show that.

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Embrace your manliness with silk boxers that show off your body and a handsome beard to show off your face!

How to Clean Silk Boxers/ How to Care for Silk Boxers

While it’s possible to machine wash and maintain the integrity of your silk boxers, it is not recommended.

For best results and longevity, use a mild cleanser and hand-wash your silk boxers in a tub or sink. Soak in a solution of water and detergent for at least one hour and then wash and rinse in cold water. Simply hang to dry!

Equipped with knowledge about everything there is to know about silk boxers, you can now choose the ones that fulfill all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you iron press your silk boxers?

You can, but it is best to iron while still damp after washing.

Iron on the backside of the fabric and use a sheet of cotton between the ironing board and fabric to keep color from bleeding.

Set the iron on the lowest setting and iron delicately section by section.

How long do silk boxers last?

Depending on how well you take care of your silk boxers, they can last for years!

Make sure to always hand wash and take good care of them to increase their lifespan.

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